Interesting US development. Dem governor jumps ship!

Governor of West Virginia changes sides. The story from Ballotpedia.

Switch makes 26th Republican trifecta and 34th Republican governorship

Citing concerns with the direction of the party, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia announced that he would switch his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican at a rally yesterday evening. The Republican Party now controls 34 governorships, which is the largest number held by the party since 1922. The Democratic Party last held 34 governorships in 1986. No party has held more than 34 governorships for a period of time longer than six months.

Democrats have held the governor’s mansion in Charleston since 2001. Justice’s switch to the Republican Party gives the party trifecta and triplex control of West Virginia, making it the 26th state under a Republican trifecta, the 23rd state under a Republican triplex, and the 21st state under both at the same time. 2013 was the last time a sitting governor changed party affiliation, when Lincoln Chafee (I-RI) joined the Democratic Party.

Justice was registered as a Republican before switching to the Democratic Party in 2015. In the 2016 election, Justice defeated then-state Senate President Bill Cole (R) by a 6.8% margin, winning the seat previously held by term-limited Governor Earl Ray Tomblin (D). That year, Donald Trump secured a 41.7% margin of victory in West Virginia. Justice faces re-election in 2020.

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17 Responses to Interesting US development. Dem governor jumps ship!

  1. Tom

    How was it even possible for a coal billionaire like Big Jim Justice* to run as a Demorat for West Virginia governor in 2016 when Crooked Hillary was boasting that she would shut down coal mines and put miners out of work? Big Jim renounces the Demorats here, where he explains his parents were lifelong Republicans and loved Reagan. At the 5.30 mark, he imagines his late mom telling him: “Jimmy, it’s about damn time you came to your senses!”

  2. Tom

    * At 6 foot 7 inches, Big Jim towers over POTUS45.

  3. It’s a clever ploy by Democrats to infest the Republican Party with Democrat moles, much like they already have and what we can witness in our own Liberal Party (with Labor and Greens moles).

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    Justice was registered as a Republican before switching to the Democratic Party in 2015.

    Don Surber, who is a West Virginia blogger and retired newspaper guy, is quite caustic about Mr Justice.

    I do not want Jim Justice in Our Party, Mister President

    From Metro News on April 13:

    Gov. Jim Justice showed [Republican] state lawmakers what he thought of their $4.1 billion budget, vetoing it with a pile of bull manure Thursday.

    “We don’t have a nothing burger today, and we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich,” Justice said in reference to his previous analogies for Republican budgets. “What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull you-know-what.”

    With that, Justice lifted the silver lid on a tray to reveal animal feces.

    “For that very reason, I’m signing my name on the budget veto,” he said, “and I hope and pray that the silliness will stop and we’ll do the right thing.”

    Republicans worked 82 years to regain control of the Legislature in 2014.

    Rewarding this manure expert, manure smelling, manure sized, manure like governor to our party is an insult to the voters of West Virginia and every Republican in the state.

    So Mr Justice vetoed the Republican state budget in the crudest way imaginable and now wants to be a Republican again? I too think West Virginians might have grounds to feel a little cynical.

  5. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Well he’s trashed the Dem brand. Rolled it in a pile of steaming shit actually. I call that Justice.

    Who cares if he’s a flake. Trump has just picked up another governorship for GOP without requiring an expensive ballot.


  6. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Imagine how the losers at DNC HQ are feeling right about now.

    The old guard are fretting over who will go to prison and now one of their own governors, feeling the unstoppable momentum of popular nationalism, flips his donkey for an elephant.

    So much losing for leftism.

  7. Rafe Champion

    Another trifecta looks good on paper but useless if he keeps voting like a big spender and a crony capitalist.

  8. Marcus

    I’d say the only clever ploy here is Justice’s. The guy’s a lifelong Republican, he switches to a Democrat in a state that only elects Democratic governors, and just seven months later he switches back?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he planned this all along.

  9. Helen

    To all those cheering, I’d love to hear your opinion if Turnbull declared he was switching to Labor, Shorten to Liberal, or Hanson to the Greens.

  10. H B Bear

    Helen exactly. If you want to switch the party that you were elected as a member of, no problem. Just resign from parliament and go to an immediate byelection. If you are in the Senate tough. Either suck it up or try again at the next general election.

  11. Rafe Champion

    I think Turnball has already switched☺

  12. Warty

    As indicated, the sense of rejoicing is a bit misplaced. Unless Trump can make significant headway regarding tax reform, immigration and the replacement of Obamacare, it doesn’t matter how many governorships turn Republican. I seem to recall the swamp related to both Democrats and Republicans. The swamp was to do with the ‘insiders’ being right up that ‘exhaust pipe’.

  13. Tom

    To all those cheering, I’d love to hear your opinion if Turnbull declared he was switching to Labor, Shorten to Liberal, or Hanson to the Greens.

    In the Australian toilet, it would make zero difference to the leftist ruling class’s betrayal of the public interest.

  14. Rafe Champion

    Wyoming is a state with the trifecta and they passed a law to stop compulsory payments to trade unions.

    The teachers lost thousands of “members” and the diminished cash flow made a real difference to the Democrat ground game at the Presidential election.

    That is why so much money flooded in from outside to attempt a recall on the Governor. Did not work.

  15. Tim Neilson

    To all those cheering, I’d love to hear your opinion if Turnbull declared he was switching to Labor, Shorten to Liberal, or Hanson to the Greens.

    You’re implying that the inaptly named “Justice” is doing the wrong thing.

    And I have to agree with you.

    My opinion if the Termite jumped to Labor would be “what took you so long?”.

    My opinion if Hanson jumped to the Greens would be “at least she doesn’t have to change any of her economic views”.

    My opinion if Peanut Head jumped to the Liberals would be “how big is the payoff and which voiceless demographic is it being stolen from?”

  16. Someone that keeps changing sides is someone that you should consider with a degree of caution. In a young person, you would be reasonable to give some leeway, but in an older person and especially a politician, you should look at things with great circumspection.

  17. Crossie

    I think Turnball has already switched☺

    And doing everything in his power to get Shorten elected.

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