Monday Forum: August 7, 2017

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  1. Helen


    It will be regional – because easy, trusting, lack of bollards. Country show or footy game some kind of gathering of innocents. But televised for max impact. I feel like shit writing this.

  2. Infidel Tiger 2.0 (Premium Content Subscribers Only)

    Queer Muslims Sydney, NSW, Muslim, Sydney Queer Muslims (SQM)

    How curious these queer muzzies didn’t put their name to the letter?

    I note that not one of the signatories is any way shape or form a church or religious leader. All are however nutters.

  3. notafan

    Mum! Stop going through my stuff!

    You might be able to post a letter but it is pretty obvious that operating a vacuum cleaner is outside your skill set.

  4. srr


    Mother Lode
    #2463453, posted on August 9, 2017 at 4:06 pm
    I’m a ‘party’ of one here

    I don’t know about the ‘party’ bit – more like an inescapable burden.

    The ‘of one’ bit? Absolutely.

    Very much sui generis*.

    (No that is not code for suicidal and genocidal. Think of it as being like a pizza with only cheese as the topping.)

    What you don’t have a scroll wheel, or you use it to get to things I’ve posted, so you can get on with attacking me (personally, with the same old boring lies your boring old circles made up yonks ago and desperately keep churning), for posting the the same things others post but don’t get attacked for?

    Really, some of you would be very confusing if you weren’t so simple 🙂

    P.S. Are you a mate of “The Great Man” Richardson, do you claim to suffer the same guilt, and is that why you’re obsessed with laughing off that great evil that’s not only getting worse, but being normalized globally by a relentless push from the UN and it’s legions of succubi?

  5. JC

    Everyone is so worried and panicked because of that fat little Nork’s threat .

    Shanghai 3,274.00 -7.87 (-0.24%)
    Nikkei 225 19,738.71 -257.30 (-1.29%)
    Hang Seng Index 27,743.33 -111.58 (-0.40%)

  6. notafan

    I note that not one of the signatories is any way shape or form a church or religious leader. All are however nutters.

    Outrageous lie!

    The Venerable Rod Bowers is on that list.

    He has a display thingy outside his church, it is on the news all the time .

    That makes him a leader, a big one!

  7. Snoopy

    Makarrata stat!

    Two police officers had to “run for their lives” and abandon a patrol car during a violent attack at an Alice Springs town camp on Tuesday night.

    Northern Territory Police Association president Paul McCue said the frequency of serious assaults on police officers around Alice Springs was increasing.

    “It’s going to get to a point where officers are going to need several vehicles to go when there’s an incident of that nature.
    “The last thing we want to see is anyone in the community put at risk simply because of a few fools that take it upon themselves to attack officers doing their job.”

    But Mr McCue said a shortage of police officers was adding to the problem

    No, dickhead, the lack of police is a result of the courts giving license to violence.

    And the violence at this time of the year is aggravated by thousands of dollars of cash from lump sum family tax benefit payments pouring into bank accounts. Sorry kids.

  8. A Lurker

    Google search: More than 500 Religious leaders send Marriage Equality letter to Prime Minister The names are listed at the bottom of the page.

    Relieved to see that our local Minister is not on that list.

  9. Mother Lode

    sr “don’t call me Walter Mitty” r

  10. Neil

    I note that not one of the signatories is any way shape or form a church or religious leader. All are however nutters.

    What about this guy?

    Rev Dr Peter Catt, QLD, Anglican, Dean, St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, President, A Progressive Christian Voice

  11. Baldrick

    #2463446, posted on August 9, 2017 at 3:56 pm
    Baldrick: ever wondered how the ABC manages to find these comedic giants who make Wednesday nights such a mirth-fest? …

    Thanks areff, nothing like keeping it in the family.

  12. Top Ender

    My old mate with postal address “Roadside Mailbox 353, Young, NSW” says he can’t wait to fill in the four postal votes which will arrive his box next month or whenever.

    My other old mate in the Outback doesn’t get mail delivery. Funny thing is his daughter who’s moved into a new city outer suburb where the mail service hasn’t started up yet doesn’t either.

    This bird ain’t gonna fly.

  13. stackja

    Not just lapsed priests:
    Shoshana Kaminsky
    Kim Ettlinger
    Jeffrey B. Kamins
    Shoshana Kaminsky
    Gersh Lazarow

  14. Andrew

    “It’s not just terrorist operations being undertaken by small cells, but rather large groups showing an ability to control territory and expose inadequacy of regional security services.”

    Where’s Philippa?

    Muzzlotto time. Name the city, suburb or town in Australia that will be the first to fall to Islamic State.
    Prize is the usual chaps supplied by Carpe.

    My money is on Broadmeadows.

    Broadmeadows is Madison, Wisconsin compared to
    – Laq’embah
    – Auburnistan
    – al-Punchbowl

    It’s getting to the point where even Vranville is becoming a khalifa.

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