A Must Watch

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  1. stackja

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali: And there are Muslims who say, “No, that’s not enough. It’s not enough to be Muslim in the religious sense only. You have to accept and abide and practice and promote Islam also in its political sense,” and it’s that group. I don’t know how big they are, but in terms of drawing lines, I think that’s where we need to start.

  2. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    There is no right to practice a “religion” that says non-members must be converted, or may be enslaved, mutilated or killed.

  3. Acatfan

    Peter Robinson’s interviews are excellent. Here is a rare one where he is the interviewee. Robinson was speechwriter for Reagan and ‘Mr.Gorbachev, tear down this wall’.
    Interview begins at approx. 29 mins.

  4. Pat Gallagher

    We are committing PC led suicide. We need a Churchill to emerge, sooner than later, to combat the weakness in our society that ‘hates’ our culture. Look at the news today that the DoD is banning the recruitment of males into certain Army roles. Madness!

  5. a happy little debunker

    When, first we practice to appease, the far more easily we are deceived.

    With no apologies to Walter Scott.

  6. closeapproximation

    Ayaan is a hero.

  7. test pattern

    Ayaan is a hero.

    No. She is a lying arsehole.

    As a professed atheist she can have no influence nor claim to being a reformer of Islam.

    She and her hubbie have totally disgraced themselves with their latest faux academic attempt to attack ‘moderate’ Muslims as the root cause of all violence. Their fabrication of a different meaning for Wasatiyyah, the middle path of moderation, to construe it as part of a conspiracy to infiltrate the West and justify their attacks on moderates, is just peddling disinformation and hate. The market for this in the US is very lucrative.

    I don’t for a moment believe she’s a true atheist and will not be surprised when she follows the money trail and takes her next turn.

  8. Tim Neilson

    test pattern
    #2465716, posted on August 11, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Tell me, oh wise and venerated Imam, how, in addition to your profound knowledge of Wasatiyyah, you have encyclopaedic knowledge that no purported devotees of it are using it as a cover to infiltrate the West?

  9. Boambee John

    Our favourite bigot test pattern craps again on a thread.

  10. Thank you for this.
    Rather than showing “An Inconvenient Truth” and sex toys to impressionable young minds, it is this that should be in front of school aged children AND their parents.

  11. Fang

    Test pattern

    Its people like you that are the problem with islam! Get your head out of your ass, and tell everbody that You were wrong and “moderate” Islam is the thin edge of the wedge that needs to be stopped, dead in its tracks!
    As you will be one of the very first infidels lined up to have your head chopped off because of your appeasement to islam!
    I just dont get it! It like tolerating a young teenagers youthful exuberance, that is up to a point! Yep you can throw that sharp knife around right up until, its going to hurt or kill someone!
    Then its time for some major discipline! (Over the knee, strap, or across the hands! They soon learn very quickly, it hurts a shit load if you push the boundaries of our culture!)
    I think if kim or Iran do throw a couple fire crackers around, it will shake the shit out of our appeasement (lefty) crowd some what, and that “might” hopefully! Bring 95% of them back to political center!!!! (Would have been nice if Rudd the dud, had let the GFC wipe through Australia in 08, as Im postive we would have been in so much better shape now! Like a strap across the hands!)

  12. Rohan

    Is it me or does Ayaan look a little drawn in this video. Sunken eye sockets are the giveaway. It must be a terrible thing to live your life under the constant threat that she faces. She has courage out the wazoo.

    Testes, you’re a fucknuckle.

  13. cohenite

    Ayaan says islam and the West are incompatible because Western values of tolerance, compromise, understanding etc simply do not exist in islam. The arrogance of the left is in thinking their moral goodness and willingness to understand and accommodate islam will be reciprocated by islam. But islam does not reciprocate, tolerate or compromise. The West is quite simply losing to islam because the left think their sense of self worth and goodness will be enough to bring islam into the fold. To islam this is just weakness.

  14. Jannie

    What a remarkable person. This black woman is one of the best warriors in the depleted ranks of western civilisation. This skinny Somali girl has true courage, she lives under a fatwa yet she is still fighting where Crusaders have been defeated and Vikings fear to tread. She is smart and attractive and having another baby. What a woman.

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