Gallows humour

I suppose it isn’t really that funny, but I did have a chuckle.

(HT: Twitter)

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  1. Muddy

    How about:
    Dad, what’s that bright light?
    That’s Seoul. They were just yellow people not worth saving.

    Or a domestic example:
    Dad, what’s that bright light?
    Well, it sure isn’t South Australia, son.

  2. John Constantine

    As any interchangeable offendosaurus of their left would be triggered to hiss:

    “Thats not funny”

  3. Robber Baron

    The left think the source of all wisdom and light is emitted from their anuses. Turnbulb is exhibit number 1.

  4. billie


    Love your work, keep it up

    Ah, that’s brilliant (see what I did there?)

  5. Tel

    A well armed international community is a polite international community.

  6. Gazman

    No, it’s not funny. It’s hilarious!

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Trump is telling fatboy ,”you touch them and you are dead comrade .very fatally ” dead As if the US armed forces would t have a plan to liquo]idate communist aggression , be good practice for the US forces if they used their anti missile missile gear to destroy every norks rocket at the site it is launched from .” I’ll see your missile and raise you twenty missiles that actually work .

  8. stackja

    Stalin’s legacy lives on.

  9. Marcus Classis

    Glad I was not drinking from my can of 100-Plus when I read that!

    Bloody hilarious, Sinc.

    You, sir, win todays interwebs.

  10. Leo G

    Kim Jong-un jokes that his intercontinental ballistic missile test was a goodwill gesture to the “American b*stards”.
    Get a gift, give a gift, the American responds.
    The kind of reciprocal sensitivity and and tact that NK-USA diplomacy has long needed.

  11. Frank Carter

    I’m shocked at Sinclair’s taking this as being funny, and the commenters for agreeing with him. Disgusting.

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  13. A teletype message just arrived from Iran -“me too please”.

  14. Squirrel

    Thirty-seven (almost years ago), there was a similar bout of gallows humour – “what’s big, and flat and glows in the dark?” – answer “Iran, ten minutes after Ronnie Reagan becomes President”.

    Hopefully there will be a non-catastrophic solution for the Dragon’s Paw Republic of Korea.

  15. RobK

    That little one asking the question would be Australia?

  16. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Thirty-seven (almost years ago), there was a similar bout of gallows humour – “what’s big, and flat and glows in the dark?” – answer “Iran, ten minutes after Ronnie Reagan becomes President”.

    “What’s black and charred and glows at night?” “Downtown Tehran, ten minutes after Ronald Reagan is inaugurated.”

  17. Stimpson J. Cat

    Simba “Dad, what’s that bright light? ”

    Mufasa “North Korea wanted a nuke so we sent them one of ours. ”

    Stimpy “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries…”

  18. Robert Mc

    Amusing, but they do actually have nukes already. They just haven’t put one on an ICBM yet.

  19. Up The Workers!

    There’s an old saying:

    “Be careful what you wish for…”

    Kim Jong Un is too fat, stupid and inbred to bother with old sayings, so his final saying might well be the same one allegedly uttered by the former Mayor of Hiroshima at 8.16am on 6th August, 1945:


    Because another old saying is”

    “Those who do not learn history, are condemned to repeat it”.

  20. Tator

    Wondering if the US could send a message the next time the Norks attempt a launch, surely there would be a couple of dozen subs floating around that neighbourhood with TLAMS, Would need real time satellite data links and everything set to go to at an instant. But they should be able to lob a Tomahawk right onto the missile launcher within 15 minutes of them even setting up.
    Pity the new railgun isn’t operational as that would possibly have the range to take it out without a telltail radar track. bugga.

  21. JohnA

    It’s way better than:
    “That’s what’s left of Guam, son. NK were generous enough to send them a nuke. We should thank them.”

  22. Leo G

    “Those who do not learn history, are condemned to repeat it”.

    Not so old, really. It’s a quote from George Santayana’s The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense, published in 1905.
    It seems to me that we do learn history (we do remember the past) but still we condemn ourselves by repeating variants on the same themes. Perhaps George was right in his view that consciousness is a bystander and conscious behaviour merely reactionary.

  23. Sinclair Davidson

    Simba: What is that dark place that has no light?
    Mufasa: What’s South Australia, Simba. You must never go there.

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