Monday Forum: August 14, 2017

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  1. OldOzzie

    #2470216, posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:36 am
    Just watched a brief clip of Trump going the media about his “lack of condemnation” of white supremacists.

    Do any Cats have the full presser? I noticed a compilation up thread, but this was markd “Just In”.


    Zero Hedge has Full Presser

    In Angry, Fiery Press Conference, Trump Says “Blame On Both Sides” For Violence

  2. calli

    Event Horizon might work. Like acreage and horses, boats are a black hole into which you throw money.

  3. OldOzzie

    #2470227, posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:45 am

    boats are a black hole into which you throw money.


    Golden Rule – “OPB” – Other peoples Boats” always go out on a boat that belongs to someone else

  4. Fergus

    “We will spare no resource in fighting so that every Amercican child can grow up free from violence and fear”.
    Meanwhile our Greens look away as our Aboriginal children are molested, raped and bashed. Is it because the children are black?

  5. Tom

    OldOzzie at 7.18 am, who wrote that AFR rant?

  6. calli

    Thanks Stacks and Ozzie.

    Ruining America one memorial at a time. It wasn’t enough to conquer the South. The carpetbaggers now want to erase it.

  7. Anthony

    Stop press. Trump’s mob connections put him out of the running for Sydney casino in the 1980s.
    True, true. It was discovered that he had connections with the Kennedy family from Baastn.

  8. Mother Lode

    Thank you, Obambi, thank you, Alinsky, thank you, Stalin, for creating the Trump Train.

    If is like Hegel’s dialectic.

    The one Marx borrowed and still got wrong – he had the antithesis annihilating the thesis (capitalism displacing feudalism etc).

    As usual, the left dressed themselves in something stolen to borrow respectability while they actually sought to do something calamitous.

  9. John Constantine

    Cattle duffing is profitable and continues, even with electronic identification of cattle having been in for a decade.

    Cattle being ten times the price of sheep and moved in a tenth of the numbers, so reading the tags of a mob of a hundred cattle is doable, where reading the tags of a thousand sheep is a big task.

    When the electronic identification of every individual sheep in australia, instead of the mob based system was introduced in southern victoria first, when the logical infection risk was from the north down from asia, the intuitive response was that it was idiotic.

    Now we see that the infection points will not be from accidental disease drift down from asia, but from deliberate bioterrorism infection, coming from balkanised terror cells, [leftist vegan terrorists and theological fundementalist terrorists] that infest the southern cities.

    The yarragrad government will never come out and say that their diversity voteherds and population ponzi schemes and radical leftist vegan indoctrination of the young have a downside, indeed if biosecurity means taxing deplorable clingers to fund diversity jobs in command and control Stalinist roles monitoring obsolete Australia, bioterrorism is a gravy train for the left.

  10. incoherent rambler

    Bruce of Newcastle #2470219, posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:38 am

    The electronic tag system works fine for cattle. The problem is with sheep.
    Differences that the bureaucrats failed to consider include; speed of sheep, numbers of sheep, ear strength.
    RFID readers are relatively slow, a couple of hundred milliseconds per read. The readers can handle cattle (who tend to walk) moving through a race, not always sheep (who tend to run, despite instructions from Dan of the Dead). So 10,000 sheep move through a yard, how do you know if one or more sheep were missing ear tags or their RFID failed to read? You don’t.
    Cost is not insignificant. Consider the numbers of sheep and the number of lambs moving through yards.
    And the final problem is that sheep lose more ear tags because of their softer ear tissue.
    The Victoristan government will probably next try compulsory training of sheep to behave like cattle.

  11. stackja

    #2470231, posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:55 am
    OldOzzie at 7.18 am, who wrote that AFR rant?

    by Laura Tingle

  12. Geriatric Mayfly

    In Angry, Fiery Press Conference, Trump Says “Blame On Both Sides” For Violence

    Don’t know if it’s the same clip, but at one stage the screeching reptiles are drowning out The Donald. He points the finger at one and says, “Just let me finish Fake News.”

  13. Noodles Romanoff

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #2470219, posted on August 16, 2017 at 7:38 am

    The rustlers would have removed the eartags as soon as the cattle were yarded Bruce. We did have an interesting situation where I live a couple of years ago though. Would be rustlers had removed and replaced the tags, but left the discarded tags on the ground in their yards. Enterprising coppers visited the yards and scanned said tags. Convictions followed.

  14. Senile Old Guy

    A Melbourne council will stop referring to January 26 as Australia Day, after a controversial motion was passed in a dramatic town hall meeting. Among a raft of measures, the City of Yarra council, which is made up of four Greens party members, voted to stop referring to January 26 as Australia Day, to stop celebrating an annual citizenship ceremony on the day and to hold an Indigenous-themed event “marking the loss of Indigenous culture”. The approved recommendations also include lobbying the Federal Government to change the date of Australia Day and a communications plan which they said “helped people better understand the Indigenous communities experiences around January 26”.

    There is no evidence that rate payers were consulted or approve. Or that rate payers want their council to lobby the federal government about anything. And…

    Labor councillor Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei acknowledged the vote would not be popular, but said many people would come around to the changes.

    In other words, the council is fully aware that most rate payers will not approve and these are moves by activist people — aka scum — on the council.

  15. Tom

    by Laura Tingle

    Thanks, Stackja — I should have known. Jabba the Hut delivered a similar anti-LNP rant on last night’s Nein News.

  16. calli

    Trump had to use words of one syllable for the kindie kiddies. And they still asked the same wuestion over and over. Remarkable.

    Perhaps “infrastructure” was too hard.

  17. C.L.

    On the front page of The Australian is a link to Cut ‘n Paste:

    Andrews needs a lesson on the birds and bees

    It’s about Andrews’ view that two men sodomising one another is not equivalent to a heterosexual relationship. I’m going out on a limb here and suggesting that maybe it’s The Australian that needs a lesson on the birds and the bees.

  18. stackja

    #2470239, posted on August 16, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Meanwhile: Nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.

  19. incoherent rambler

    John Constantine #2470235, posted on August 16, 2017 at 8:00 am

    The Dan of the Dead electronic IDs for sheep is probably just a precursor for the planned electronic tags for humans.

  20. Snoopy

    Alt-left. Love it. That’s going to piss them off no end.

  21. srr

    Epic Presser: President Trump -vs- Arrogant, Disrespectful, Combative and Argumentative U.S. Media…
    Posted on August 15, 2017 by sundance

    The disrespectful, argumentative, arrogant and combative left-wing U.S. media apparatus was on full display today when President Trump concluded his remarks on infrastructure and opened the floor for questions.

    As each media enterprise attempted to one-up the virtue signaling of the prior, the sheer scale of the media’s frenzied hatred and disrespect took center stage. WATCH:

    Continue reading →

  22. Tom

    FFS! Xylophone’s Freelance Filth Party won’t support Hanson’s deal with the Lieborals to pull Their ABC into line in the new media laws “because it disadvantages the ABC”. Hey, SA Lieborals, this idiot is your fault — if you were half-competent, his little protest party wouldn’t exist. Link.

  23. Noodles Romanoff

    #2470250, posted on August 16, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Yep. Trump is a master at turning the swamps language back on themselves.

  24. Snoopy

    So this is what it’s come to? Labor councillor Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei re-defining Australia Day on our behalf.

  25. Geriatric Mayfly

    Meanwhile: Nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.

    Meanwhile there’s a highly qualified outreach worker, and his Missus, who know the area well, currently swanning around holiday resorts, who might be of assistance.

  26. Rabz

    Way to piss off your potential customers (again) you stupid, dangerous smelly sleazy dunderheads:

    Taxi drivers blockading Melbourne airport in protest at UberX have created chaos for travellers.

    Angry airport users started reporting that taxis started blocking roads leading to the terminals about 9.30pm last night.

    UberX has been cleared to start picking up passengers from today.

    What a frigging disgrace – and of course, because it’s stinking bloody Victoriastan, nothing will be done about this arrogant lawless behaviour.

    From the Oz.

  27. stackja

    The University of San Francisco is hosting a black student-only orientation Friday, a day before the school’s general orientation.

    Several universities have held race-specific graduations in 2017. Harvard University and the University of Toronto planned black-only commencement ceremonies and Columbia University held separate ceremonies for black, Latino, and gay students.

  28. Eyrie

    In other news our wonderful Eurocrap Tiger attack helicopters are grounded after a German one lost the flinging around bits in Mali.
    The Tiger was another of Howard’s stupid unforced errors like the MRH90 PoS.

  29. Tom

    Thanks, Mother Lode. You’re educating me!

  30. Rabz

    Andrews needs a lesson on the birds and bees

    Seems they got the wrong Andrews, sort of like that time in South Park when they got the wrong NAMBLA.

  31. Fergus

    “Lateral violence” isn’t unique to those dispossessed. It happened precolonization, within and between tribes. It happens within and across white and every other colour/creed/culture etc eg the many wars and uprisings of Europe.
    But it shouldn’t be used as an excuse

  32. Snoopy

    Via Bolta

    Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, told Fairfax Media the interview was “clearly poor judgement”.

    “There are no two sides to this story,” he said.

    Somewhere in this country is a Anti-Defamation Commission?

  33. This is from Cwlth v ACT 2013, FRENCH CJ, HAYNE, CRENNAN, KIEFEL, BELL AND KEANE JJ:

    Once it is accepted that “marriage” can include polygamous marriages, it becomes evident that the juristic concept of “marriage” cannot be confined to a union having the characteristics described in Hyde v Hyde and other nineteenth century cases. Rather, “marriage” is to be understood in s 51(xxi) of the Constitution as referring to a consensual union formed between natural persons in accordance with legally prescribed requirements which is not only a union the law recognises as intended to endure and be terminable only in accordance with law but also a union to which the law accords a status affecting and defining mutual rights and obligations.

    This conclusion is so absurd it’s staggering. How do you move from accepting that marriage can include polygamous marriages to marriage is no longer a union between the sexes? I mean, if you are just going to through out the charateristic that was said to ‘found’ such a relationship, why must it still be a ‘consensual union’? Or one formed between ‘natural persons’? It’s just flabbergasting how idiotic is this actual decision.

    It’s as if they were desperate to concede that a same-sex ‘union’ could be a marriage under section 51 (xxi) contrary to all settled law and various legislative acts. There’s even a moment in the judgment where they abjure the necessity of going into the various theories of constitutional interpretation which meant they wanted to completely ignore what the founders meant by marriage during the Federation debates. In other words, a complete and utter clown show.

  34. Entropy

    Sir Humphrey would be proud of that reasoning there Dover.

    The density of lead.

  35. Mother Lode

    Quite so. All they’d have left is John Adams.

    They would like to melt down some statues and make statues of Obambi – except the neck would break every time a stiff breeze caught those gigantic ears.

    Or the Hilderbeest – except no one would be able to see the head since, from the ground level, the upper portion would never be visible past the horizon formed by her great swollen buttocks. It would only be life like when it collapsed, overwrought with gin.

    Or Moochelle offering one carrot to 20 school students while the other hand holds a lobster dipped in chocolate and then rolled in precious gems.

    But all this is academic.

    Everyone knows you cannot melt metal with heat. Only George Bush knows how to melt it.

  36. Robert Mc

    The boat name –


    or Baldrick

    Same same.

  37. Stimpson J. Cat

    Alt Left.
    Trump is God.

  38. Oh come on

    I read upthread that Downs Syndrome has been eliminated in Iceland due to abortion. So this differs from eugenics how, precisely?

  39. Atoms for Peace

    When will the Greens sit down and have makaratta meeting to sort out their problems.?

  40. Cohenite;

    A 113-year-old Confederate statue nicknamed “Old Joe” was removed early Monday from the front of the Alachua County administration building in Gainesville

    I wonder if the geniuses that destroyed that statue realised if you destroy the evidence of oppression, you have no proof of that oppression ever occurring?

  41. Nelson Kidd-Fridges

    For Ms. Dolittle:

    Metung iddle I po

  42. Nelson Kidd-Fridges

    (Try not to smile…)

  43. Elle

    If you truly loved it here you would have renounced your foreign citizenship willingly and proudly.

    Just admit you’ve kept both because you like the idea of being able to leave this extremely (apparently to the point of absurdity) laid back and generous nation if you decide you don’t like it here.

    15 years there and 30 years here – I call Australia home. Am wondering what would all of a sudden make me want to leave. Another Turnbull led govt or a Shorten led one, maybe?

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