Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Martin Ferguson and Jennifer Hewett at the Sydney Institute. The podcast.

See Bill Hutt in Revivalist 4 for some historical background on the role of trade unions in relation to wage fixing, law and order and productivity.

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  1. Jessie

    Economic arguments…….and human labour needed or not …………….leads to all manner of myths and lies.

    Blade vs Machine
    Washing vs greasy wool

    Entrepreneurs : Frederick York Wolseley

    Much the same as the development of turkey nest dams which eventuated in the centre/drylands.

  2. Jessie

    Rafe’s paper on Bill Hutt
    which refers to

    These views are deeply entrenched in the mythology and the ethos of the labour
    movement and in the community at large because they have been propagated in standard histories and in works of fiction (novels, films, songs, plays, and other works of art) and in folklore generally. As a result, most of them, if not all, would gain practically universal assent, even among people who deplore the abuses of trade union power and influence in modern times.

    *bold added

    The Origin of Click Go The Shears

    For over sixty years it has been thought that the first published version of this iconic song was in and article by Percy Jones titled “Australia’s Folk-Songs” in 1946 with no attribution of authorship or information about where he found it. Now we know for certain it was first published in the year of the Shearers’ Strike in Queensland, this opens up a whole new arena for rethinking the provenance of the song, which seems likely to have entered oral tradition post 1891 and maybe even earlier.

    And much of the art, ‘history’ books on the outback. Now termed ‘remote’ in the various collections adorning city buildings, universities and walls of public/private work areas.

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