The John Templeton Foundation

Free enterprise people and conservatives might like to be reminded of the John Templeton Foundation grants. The late John Templeton was a religious man and a huge supporter of free enterprise. He made a fortune and that money is being applied to appropriate projects.

Funding Areas. Application.

Current projects in Individual Freedom and Free Enterprise.

More about the Foundation.

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2 Responses to The John Templeton Foundation

  1. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Quantum physics believes in the many-worlds idea. Some scientists like this because it means they can explain things by chance. Our Universe might seem to have been built to allow life to develop, but other universes would have chance values that don’t allow it. It’s like winning the lottery- for every life-friendly universe, there should be millions more dud-ticket universes.
    However, this principle, which implies that everything evolves from chaos, means that one of the Universes must have evolved into a Being which is now beyond time and space- just as life is supposed to evolve from the life-less dust of the world. Since time is tied up with each Universe, it could already have happened, as far as we can tell. Therefore, the endpoint of physics can be used to prove that God, like life arose from Chaos. So who created God? It arose spontaneously from the chaos that physicists believe created all the universes.

  2. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I put that in as an argument for A God, but not for any particular faith. We might all be totally wrong.

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