Guest Post: Warty Gas Light 1940

‘Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind’. George Orwell.

If you think I’m about to write a review on the 1940 film Gas Light, directed by Thorould Dickinson, starring Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard,  then I’ve managed to confuse you, as the article is more about ‘gaslighting’, or as Trump calls it, ‘fake news’.

Actually the intention is not to confuse you at all, as there is a link. ‘Gaslighting’ is an authentic clinical term derived from the film, in which Paul (played by Anton) attempts to cause his newly wed wife Bella (Diana) to think she is going mad. The subterfuge is part of his plan to track down some the jewels hidden by a murdered former wife, and the gas light he uses to try and find them. For some strange reason, whenever he lights the lamp, the other lamps in the house dim, which along with the mysterious upstairs noises (in truth, Paul moving around trying to find the jewels) all contribute to Bella doubting her sanity, compounded by the husband insisting she is imagining things.

The clinical term is more a description of the process and effect of a form of psychological bombardment designed to deliberately lead the subject to believe he or she is going mad, which is why the term has recently been extended to encompass the machination of the MSM, which Trump less euphemistically called ‘fake news’.

I’d only cottoned onto ‘gaslighting’ a week or two ago (being rather slow on the uptake) realising how much more effective the term was in describing what has been going on in the MSM campaign against Trump; but also, by extension, to media coverage (or the lack) of a number of different events here in Australia, some of it constituting straight out disinformation.

Take the Pauline Hansson burka ‘stunt’ in the senate at the end of last week. Senator Brandis saw what she did as insulting to Australian Muslims, and ultimately endangering us. Senator Hanson Young, who ironically wasn’t there at the time, came out even more strongly, leading Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray of Sky News to suggest she was trying to get political mileage out of an already fraught situation.

Of course our impartial ABC wanted a bit of the action, so the ABC Sunshine Coast Jon Coghill interviewed Haset Sali, former President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies, in the hope of getting a damning Muslim perspective on Pauline wearing her little black burka in the Senate chamber. Instead quite the opposite happened, in that he confirmed that the Qur’an does not in any way require women to cover their faces. But he went a lot, lot further: he clearly stated “the sooner Muslim women get rid of this hideous garb the better’. Here was a golden opportunity for the ABC to throw Pauline Hanson’s own accusation back in her face that the ABC was highly biased. Instead the interview was ‘disappeared’: it never went to air, but appeared as a Facebook post and subsequently went viral, eventually making it a headline article in The Australian.

My point? It’s all about the narrative and the need to preserve it at all costs. It doesn’t matter whether it is right wing or left, nothing must be allowed to get in the way of the message, not even a little thing called truth. As for we the long-suffering public, . . .well, in this era of gender fluidity, we simply have no idea whether we are Arthur or Martha.

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8 Responses to Guest Post: Warty Gas Light 1940

  1. RobK

    Interesting analogy and fair call. Is there a link available to the facebook story of the ABC interview?

  2. Warty

    I’m afraid I don’t use Facebook RobK.

  3. Up The Workers!

    Typical A.L.P.B.C.

    Whenever there is a clash between Leftard dogma and mere facts, the facts MUST be wrong and must therefore be suppressed.

    ‘Facts’ are well known to be merely a conservative stunt – they keep on blatantly ganging-up on Leftard rhetoric and bias, which is why they are totally banned at the A.L.P.B.C., S.B.S., Channels 7, 9 and 10 and the Fauxfacts bird-cage liners.

    The A.L.P. and their intellectual, policy and meteorological advisers in the Brown Movement, have survived in a sustainable totally fact and clue-free environment now for decades.

    And that’s a fact!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    The clinical term is more a description of the process and effect of a form of psychological bombardment designed to deliberately lead the subject to believe he or she is going mad

    MSM journalists are the priests of the Green-Left religion.
    All heretics will be cast out, anathemised, inquisitioned and sent to insane asylums.
    Just like the previous Marxist-Leninist religion did.

    Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union

  5. duncanm

    ABC engages the Media Watch filter reserved for itself.

    Nothing to see here

    Apparently a facebook post and tweet constitute ‘publishing’ these days for the ABC.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    The way the gangrene fascists are behaving in Yarra city/Darebin shows there true colours ,they should wear brownshirts ,in homage to poofter brown the modern day Trotsky . It proves. Where you find fascists you find ,violence and oppression . The US fascists are identical ,thugs who don’t work ,the u.n.communist international is still alive . Deprive them of welfare let that nazi soros and his gang keep the useless bastards.I reckon shooting a few might encourage the others ,the spoilt brats need a flogging .works with smaller kids.

  7. Kneel

    What, you’re only just now noticing?
    If you don’t take a persons aboriginality into account, you’re being racist.
    Antifa, the so-called anti-facists, won’t let you speak if you don’t agree with their world-view.
    You can disrespect the pope as a matter of free speech, but never the grand mufti as that is racism.
    Democrats, a movement born in and supported by the US South (confederates), is anti-racist, while the GOP, born in and supported by the US North (the Union), is racist.
    “never in a government I lead…” said during an election campaign and doing the opposite when elected is “political reality”.
    Donald Trump hasn’t achieved anything. No reduction in regulations, no increase in blue-collar jobs, no improvement in outcomes from dictators etc – can’t have, because these have never been reported as Trump victories in the MSM.
    Maybe my gas is already lit…

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