How quickly people forget. After the disaster that was Helen Clark (who finished as Prime Minister of New Zealand on 19 November 2008), New Zealand has benefited from strong governments under John Key and now Bill English who have helped turn around NZ’s fortunes with sensible policies including tax cuts.

Until recently the polls showed that the English government would be easily re-elected at the 23 September 2017 election.

And then comes along a new opposition leader, Jacinda Ardern (37 years old compared to Bill English’s 55 years) who has a degree in public relations, joined Labour quite young and has worked mostly in Labour parliamentary offices (including in the UK in Tony Blair’s office). She has also been president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

And for some reason she is popular and has a good chance of defeating the English Government. That’s weird, why throw out a decent government for some inexperienced socialist who has no experience outside politics? Don’t they study history – how Clark’s policies damaged NZ’s economy which had been set up well by Roger Douglas?

The political cycle seems to be:

  • sensible limited government, good policies, sound budgetary position
  • new bright thing comes along promising to spend other people’s money and we have got complacent so let’s elect the bring new thing
  • economy goes backwards, budget deficits and debt
  • ultimately a new sensible limited government gets elected and repairs the budgetary position with some tough measures; OR become Greece

I’ve used this quote before, but H.L. Mencken has it spot on

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.
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26 Responses to Jacindamania

  1. stackja

    Jacinda is the latest socialist ‘saviour’

  2. zyconoclast

    ABC interviewed a NZ political journalist. He would have to be a lefty, but he gave her a very poor score.
    He said she was young and inexperienced (naïve any one?).
    She had a degree in communication but is a very unimpressive parliamentary performer.
    She did a poor job of handling the NZ/Wong/Barnaby Joyce incident but she seems to get the tick of approval every time.
    He did not know why.

  3. John Constantine

    But it is her turn.

  4. John Constantine

    The New Zealand voteherds will give her a pony, and everybody will feel so happy they will just have to squeal.

  5. Pete of Perth

    Helen Clarke made it to the top 10 ugliest celebrities at listverse That must count for something.

  6. duncanm

    we’re normally stuck in the same loop, except we seem to be heading for the Greece option at step 4

  7. Mr Black

    People are greedy and lazy and will take other peoples stuff if they can get away with it. The purpose of government is to stop other people taking your stuff, or at least punishing them for doing so. Instead government is the facilitator. I think that after the revolution, advocating for any kind of socialism should warrant execution by the nearest armed citizen. It is a conduit for many of the evils of man.

  8. Jannie

    Turnbull and co worked out that political cycle a while back. The meaninglessness of being a centre right government doomed to unpopularity for trying to repair the socialists reckless spending. Its hard and pointless because as soon as you fix it, the socialists have more plans to spend it. They have gamed the cycle and now aim to waste other peoples money before the socialists get their hands on it.

  9. Norman Church

    Don’t they study history?

    No. None of the young do. At least not history of the empirical variety that you and I would recognise.

    And that leaves the you with little ability to recognise the perverse incentives and unintended adverse consequences that flow from feel good policies. Like fools, they assume that policies are to be judged simply by the ‘worthy’ intentions of their prononents.

    There is a litmus test here. If the current madness doesn’t remind you of the 1970s, however young you may have been at the time, you are just not getting it.

    Still, nothing will change until popular culture applauds attacks on loopy lefties. Only when we see contemporary comedians rattling off lines equivalent to the “its symbolic of his struggle against reality” line from the People’s Front of Judea sketch in Monty Python ‘s Life of Brian will we know that the worm has turned.

    In the meantime, gird your loins.

  10. Norman Church

    Young not you. Bugger.

  11. Louis Hissink

    People forgetting – spot on, and coupled with the belief in miracles, or the free lunch meme, results in a cycle that could also be part of the business cycle. After all central banks print money only in response to political decisions which are ultimately driven by common people and their electoral preferences, or gullibility.

  12. cui bono

    Jannie’s onto something. Pollies want the easy life: why have ‘I’m here to clean up the mess’ as your mission statement?

  13. struth

    It goes deeper.

    New Zealand has for sometime flown under the radar of the U.N.

    They would be dealt with when needed.

    It seems it’s now needed.

    This plus all the usual reasons (generations through public education/indoctrination etc), the past forgotten and don’t be surprised that with as much help as the U.N. can muster, this young little shit gets put into power.

  14. John Constantine

    Their left is the new colonial power.

    Because left people are the best people in the world, the more of the world’s people ruled over by their left, the better off the planet is.

    No base or refuge for non left thinking will be left.

    No turning back, no source of reinfection of non left thought , eternal leftness forever, Comrades, nowhere for them to run.

  15. And then comes along a new ………… 37 years old …………. has a degree in public relations, joined Labour quite young ………. worked mostly in Labour parliamentary offices (including in the UK in Tony Blair’s office). ………… been president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

    Yep: new, shiny, pert, female, young, public relations “degree”, joined labour young, “worked” mostly in labour offices, Tony Blair, International Union of Socialist Youth president – What could possibly go wrong for New Zealand?

  16. Rebel with cause

    Just googled her. For some reason I now feel the need to get my teeth whitened.

  17. Haidee

    Jacinda – a horrible name

  18. Haidee

    It could be one of those combination names

  19. H B Bear

    Anyone with a degree in communications is a laughing stock.

  20. old bloke

    new bright thing comes along promising to spend other people’s money and we have got complacent so let’s elect the bright new thing

    Fidel Trudeau in Canada.

  21. John Constantine

    At least shorten has the jiggling chest thing going on for him/

  22. Paul Farmer

    “we tend to be guided by our biology, and our attention flows effortlessly toward the sensational—not the relevant so much as the sensational.” – Nassim Taleb , the Black Swan .

  23. Oh come on

    Hey, it worked for KRudd. Beazo ’07 had no chance.

  24. Rich

    Complacency because of an illusion of plenty; it’s a temporal fallacy

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