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The media watchdog. The cost, supply and use of power across the states. Check out the Coal Tracker and wonder what we know that all the people building coal-fired power stations don’t know. Check the columns for Units Planned and Under Construction. China 583, India 217, Indonesia 145, Turkey 71, Vietnam 84, Japan 43, Australia 0. To a total exceeding 1500. What was that about China going to wind and solar?

Jo Nova on Australia going for broke on renewables.

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  1. Entropy

    “The greatest moral imperative of our time” Krudd PM

    “It became necessary to burn the town to save it” uS army major

    “Just forget what’s on your mind and call a doctor please? Because I’ve got the feeling that your cure is worse than the disease” Slim Dusty

  2. Roger

    The majority, if not all, of those Chinese plants will be using clean coal technology, something our boffins have repeatedly stated is a chimera.

  3. Rafe

    I suppose for PR purposes it is good to reduce CO2 output but in the real world more CO2 greens the planet and has next to nothing to do with the beneficial warming of the last 150 years or so.

  4. Muddy

    I suppose for PR purposes it is good to artificially inseminate lonely polar bears with communist monkey sperm farmed organically using only recycled socialist offspring under the age of two while pledging allegiance to Brother No.1.

    How can you not vote for that?

  5. Confused Old Misfit

    It seems to me that it might be better, for PR purposes, to INCREASE the CO2 output in the real world in order to increase crop yields to feed the poor and starving of whose plight we are continually being reminded.
    I, for one, welcome our new high temperatures!

  6. Entropy

    Personally I found this winter the most pleasant in memory.

  7. Personally I found this winter the most pleasant in memory.

    For me – Coldest for a few decades

  8. ian3029

    For me – Coldest for a few decades

    Agree for Victoriastan

  9. Bruce in WA

    And Australia rolls along like one of those eternally grinning, nodding dashboard dolls — fat, dumb and oblivious to everything going on around it!

  10. vicki

    There are so many unexpected aspects of “renewable energy”.

    We bought a property with a 10KW solar installation. Although we rely on mains power at night & “when the sun doesn’t shine”, we don’t have a power bill for that property as we sell excess power back to the grid.

    All good. Except that we still suffer frequent power outages. And why would that be? Because the power company argues that the power we feed back into the grid may injure their maintenance workers – and so they are able to disconnect our entire system when they are doing maintenance work.

    Other than going entirely “off grid” with an $11,000 battery installation, we still suffer 24 black outs!

  11. Up The Workers!

    Wise Old Confucius say:

    “It take many hands to make light work,
    and only one Green Weatherdill to make it stop again!”

  12. Nerblnob

    Good post Entropy, but may I respectfully submit that you’ve mixed your Slims Newton and Dusty?

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