Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ Unit Guide Amended

Reader Jason has noticed that the All of Us unit guide appears to have changed:

It seems they have changed the exercise on Page 20. Possibly others. Is it possible to put it up here to compare the differences?

The short answer is: YES! Yes it is!!!

(Hold for applause).

For those not familiar, allow me to introduce to you the Wayback Machine. This site is an essential resource for many different purposes – including when leftists try to play funny buggers with the truth and what they’ve really been up to in the past.

Simply type in the name of the website you want to review (in this case: and you will be given a calendar showing all the review dates for that site. From there, all you have to do is pick the time you want to go back to and… voila!

In this particular case, reader Jason is spot on: page 20 of the All of Us unit guide has indeed been amended to remove the activity where children as young as 11 years old are asked to role play as 16 year old homosexuals.

I suspect that the amended material was the result of the Federal Government’s review of the Safe Schools program.

As small a win as it may be, that’s a good thing.

Of course, the next question is: how much of the rest is left over and how much did the Federal Government’s review last year really achieve?

(H/T to readers Jason and Michael S).


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18 Responses to Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ Unit Guide Amended

  1. stackja

    Father’s Day ad deemed ‘too political’ for TV
    Updated: 10:12 am, Saturday, 2 September 2017

    Free TV Australia is being criticised for pulling a television advertisement celebrating Father’s Day, deeming it to be too ‘political’ ahead of the same-sex marriage vote.

    The commercial, by non-for-profit group Dads4Kids, promotes the role of fathers in the lives of their children.

    Free TV Australia says the ad cannot be put to air because it ‘potentially contains political matter’.

    Dads4Kids has released a statement expressing its disappointment its message had been misinterpreted and it had never been its intention to enter the same sex marriage debate.

    Australian free to air networks have been running ads by Dads4Kids for the past 15 years.

  2. a happy little debunker


    Sarah Hanson Young celebrates, disappointing 2 dads!

  3. egg_

    On The Drum last Friday Dr Chris Pepin-Neff boiled it down to essentially a ‘safe place’ for Queer guys to piss, unharassed.
    Unisex/disabled dunnies?

  4. Perfidious Albino

    If one was cynical one might expect that the change might be reversed post SSM plebiscite…

  5. vicki

    Australian free to air networks have been running ads by Dads4Kids for the past 15 years.

    Too right it has! We live part of our life in a rural area & this ad must receive free space, because it is rerun continuously during the day and night. It is a lovely ad, but it does get a bit monotonous – as do the Angel Flight & Reclink ads.

  6. Had a look at the link, i would never want my children taught this material

  7. Marcus Classis

    That safe schools site really is sickening. It’s blatant sexual grooming of small children to make them even more vulnerable to the front bench of the ALP, Victorian judiciary, Australian Greens and other peddo-files.

    Homosexuals are 1.6% of the Australian population FFS, part of the furniture yes, but it’s anything but normal.

  8. Haidee

    ‘role-playing as homosexuals’

    No one should be surprised.
    These people have always been avid recruiters.

  9. Confused Old Misfit

    That this material exists is a testimony to the lack of integrity of politicians. They are totally self serving. They have not even put up token resistance to this tragic attempt at social engineering.
    Are they so blind and/or insensitive or simply stupid, greedy, avaricious pigs with their snouts deeply buried in the taxpayer funded trough?

  10. Entropy

    The politicans made the calculation that there would be less personal grief to go along rather than try and stop it. Gutless worms betraying those that elected them.

  11. Gbees

    I’ve used Wayback Machine a lot. On a similar track. Does anyone know where I can find past archived recordings of the APAC-TV channel? There’s a great episode of Turnbull praising the Chinese approach to capitalism favoring it over the US version.

  12. Gbees

    FreeTV Australia pulls Dads4Kids TV advert. You can complain here. [email protected]

  13. Blind Freddie

    So far I have worked out out that safe spaces will theoretically stop the bullying of a relatively miniscule percentage of children who are labled transgender.
    I assume the overwhelming number of kids subjected to bullying are not quoted and therefore will be bullied in the same old way in the same old numbers.

  14. Boambee John

    Misfit at 1514

    Are they so blind and/or insensitive or simply stupid, greedy, avaricious pigs with their snouts deeply buried in the taxpayer funded trough?

    All of the above.

  15. J.H.

    What a scam…. “Safe Schools” is nothing but a Socialist deception using language that pretends to be one thing but is actually propaganda pushing a political agenda which is anything but “safe”. Socialism is the ideology of deceit.

    These mob are grooming young children and the Taxpaying parents are forced to watch and pay for it. Evil bunch of extremists who’s attraction to children’s sexuality is decidedly unhealthy and criminal in my opinion.

  16. Aussie school teachers: so good at advocating for left wing politics, SSM, safe schools, multiculturalism, feather bedding their own nest by creating lots of looonnnggg weekends, (otherwise known as Monday or Friday student free days), climate change, or whatever the current left-wing cause celebre happens to be, sticking their nose in stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with what I send my son to school for, like telling his year 10 class that 20% of kids his age have had sex. Nothing like getting a carefree fun loving kid to start to think he may be a little slow.
    Teaching them the stuff they are there for, like maths, english, real history, sport, even decent hand-writing….forget it.
    World wide, where are we on the money we spend on schools? At or near the top, where are we on the academic scale, way down and heading South, fast.

  17. JohnA

    Stats there say (top of p8):
    a) 80% of children (= all students) experienced abuse at school
    b) 75% of LGBTI students experienced abuse or discrimination.

    Which means that there is LESS experience of abuse directed towards LGBTI students than towards the general school population.

    So why does the so-called Safe Schools program exist AT ALL?

  18. Baldrick

    In an ideal world, Safe Schools would be taught in a psychiatrists office, not an education campus.

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