Wednesday Forum: September 6, 2017

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  1. OldOzzie

    Same-sex marriage: Doctors in open conflict over ‘racism’ call in letter

    A petition backed by the AMA and signed by more than 2000 doctors accuses medical practitioners who oppose same-sex marriage of acting like racists and exposing gay people to increased risks of ­depression and suicide.

    Divisions within the medical profession over support for same-sex marriage have deepened, as a leading dissident doctor claimed he had been personally attacked and linked to racism in an open letter signed by doctors and medical students.

    An open letter, written by Perth third-year medical student Carolyn O’Neil and attached to the petition, accused doctors such as former Tasmanian president of the Australian Medical Association Chris Middleton and 400 others opposed to the AMA position on same-sex marriage, of contributing to “increased depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicidal behaviour”.

    “To speak out against one sector of the community for wanting access to what everyone else can claim freely is discrimination in line with that historically practiced (sic) against non-white ­people throughout the Western world,” the letter said.

    Dr Middleton, who resigned from the AMA over its support for same-sex marriage, told The Australian he had been “abused” and “smeared” as a racist in an “astonishing and intemperate” attack. He said the open letter, which was distributed as part of the AMA’s newsletter, was the sort of personal attack on any doctor who questioned LGBQTI orthodoxy that “repulsed” the public.

    The row over the open letter follows revelations of another petition that sought to deregister Sydney GP Pansy Lai for appearing in a No campaign television advertisement. Concerns have also been raised by Greens leader Richard Di ­Natale about ­“conservative doctors” treating same-sex patients.

    The petition against Dr Lai, facil­itated and later withdrawn by GetUp!, called on the AMA and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority to deregister Dr Lai for a breach of medical ethics and the Geneva Conventions through her ­participation in the recent No campaign.

    The bitter medical dispute is taking place as the Coalition, Labor Party, Greens and marriage groups try to agree on rules for the postal survey debate that will now go ahead, following the High Court’s dismissal of Yes campaign activists’ challenges.

    Ms O’Neil stood by the references to racism in the open letter, which she said she drafted with input from other doctors, as being “valid historical parallels with previous experience”. “I don’t shy back from that, I stand by that and if you can’t see the parallels there is something wrong,” she told The Australian. Ms O’Neil said there were extreme arguments on both sides involving hurtful abuse that damaged the campaigns but said there was a focus on the racist ­references in the letter which there “shouldn’t have been”. “I think part of the problem is that there is discomfort with the fact that we have been racist,” she said. “On both sides there has been quite vocal and nasty abuse, which makes both sides look bad.”

    AMA president Michael Gannon has said he respected the right of Dr Middleton and his group, which includes former AMA state presidents and members, to have a different view. Dr Gannon has cited the open letter as evidence that not all the 30,000 AMA members agree with Dr Middleton.

    Dr Middleton said last night: “May we suggest that such ad hominem attacks on any who question the LGBT orthodoxy is precisely what the public is repulsed by. We have made no such attacks, and we advise the authors and signatories of the rival document to reconsider their words.”

    He said his group’s criticism of the AMA’s support for the Yes campaign was focused on the “scholarly integrity” of the AMA’s argument but the letter was an emotive attack. “It is emotive, indeed abusive, to equate opposition to same-sex marriage with the ­racism of an earlier era. Any reasonable person who has read our measured critique of the research on same-sex parenting will be ­astonished at the intemperate ­attempt by this document to smear us as ­little different to racists.”

  2. Farmer Gez

    “We work really hard to get a person off the street, (but) very quickly their place is filled by somebody else.”

    Drugs will do that.

  3. Given that nobody is planning to build a base load power station any time soon, do we have a list of businesses that can function without electricity?

    An interested share buyer wants to know.

  4. candy

    It’s surprising this group of doctors did not use the word “Nazis” instead of racists.

    LOL. perhaps they thought would be a bit over the top.

  5. OldOzzie

    Scientist fraudster spent thousands on antique books

    A RENOWNED marine scientist has been jailed for fraudulently claiming half a million dollars in reimbursements from his employer.

    Over seven years, Australian Institute of Marine Science senior researcher Daniel Michael Alongi lodged 129 claims for fictitious purchases totalling $553,420.

    When police caught up with him in 2015, he told them he had spent the money on rare and antique books.

    One book, about Captain James Cook’s journeys, cost $15,000.

    Alongi, 60, pleaded guilty in Townsville District Court yesterday to defrauding the Federal Government agency.

    Commonwealth prosecutor Chris Moore detailed Alongi’s “carefully executed” offending, which saw him earn far more than his $4000 a fortnight salary.

    “To support the claims he created or modified invoices, receipts and credit card statements, along with drafting fake analysis reports and email trails,” he said.

    “On at least 25 occasions, he forged the signature of his supervisor.”

    Defence barrister Justin Greggery said Alongi had since used superannuation and entitlements to repay the money.

    “Mr Alongi will be punished in another way, and that is the loss of his professional reputation,” he said. “Beyond the period of time that he serves in custody, he will forever be known for this conduct here.”

    Mr Greggery said the Commonwealth prosecution had offered to adjourn the sentencing, as Alongi was writing a textbook for Cambridge University Press, but he declined.

    “That partly reflects his true contrition and the toll that it is taking on him and his family,” he said.

    Judge Kieran Dorney QC said Alongi had bought rare books and his bank statements showed he made a number of online purchases from Amazon and iTunes.

    “What he bought was things that he did not need. It wasn’t an addiction such as gambling, or spending on his own lifestyle, it seemed to be bizarre things — I think you could say ridiculous things,” he said.

    Mr Greggery provided a psychiatric report and Judge Dorney accepted that Alongi’s bipolar disorder had prompted the offending.

    “(The psychiatrist) refers to hyperactive episodes … you’ll write papers for two or three consecutive weeks, stating that you won’t stop,” he said.

    “He indicates that it’s quite typical of bipolar disorder that when the manic condition is engaged, it results in unrestrained buying sprees.”

    Alongi was sentenced to 3½ years jail. He will be eligible for parole in six months.

    Dr Alongi was a prominent scientist and was published in national and international journals.

  6. OldOzzie

    Further to above

    Renowned climate scientist jailed for fraud

    Well, it’s a start…

    Compared to the gross fraud of anthropogenic global warming alarmism (that already has cost Australia dearly), this is small beer, even though the total is over half a million bucks (Australian dollars). Compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars squandered on crony green energy schemes, this is not even a rounding error.

    Alongi is not some minor figure in the Warmist research establishment.

    Eric Worrall comments:

    According to Research Gate, Alongi has helped author 140 publications, and has been cited 5,861 times. All in the last few months has been bad for the image of mainstream climate science. First we had the Shukla 20 scandal, and now we have the Alongi fraud case. I’m not saying climate scientists are just in it for the money. I think there is substantial evidence that many of them truly believe. But clearly there is an awful lot of money on the table, which predominantly seems to go to scientists who support the position favoured by politicians. More than enough money to tempt the unscrupulous.

  7. An open letter, written by Perth third-year medical student Carolyn O’Neil and attached to the petition, 

    Check out the photo of the “young upstart” in the Oz.
    Fifty years old if she’s a day.
    No doubt transitioning from one of the wymminses professions to medicine, probably on some QWERTY grant.

  8. Zatara

    Nothing wrong with the French-made Chauchat. The US-made copies of the French design were garbage as they totally screwed up the production of teh chamber and action.

    There were no “US-made” Chauchats. Chauchats were made in one of two factories, Gladiator or Sidarme, both quite French.

    There was a version produced by the Gladiator plant chambered in 30.06 and provided to the Americans. Its performance was abysmal and it was replaced with the BAR by the US forces as rapidly as possible.

    The French Army abandoned the Chauchat immediately after WWI.

  9. notafan

    No doubt transitioning from one of the wymminses professions to medicine, probably on some QWERTY grant.

    had a squizz on linkedin

    appears you are correct

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