Minimum Wage Education Video

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8 Responses to Minimum Wage Education Video

  1. Rossini

    At least that wont apply in Australia because no employer can afford the power to run a robot!
    (Joke Helen)

  2. J.H.

    Just raise the Minimum wage to a $1000.00 an hour and we’ll all be rich as fuk.

    My work here is done.

  3. True Aussie

    Spartacus are you a government parasite like Sinc and all the other armchair libertarians or are you someone who actually works in a real industry, not a makework one?

  4. egg_

    Renewball Whale Oil powered robots to the rescue?

    Shorten’s RET promise is likely a threat to the wukkas in the rise of Green non-jerbs.

    They tuk err jerbs!!11!

  5. Sparkle Motion

    It’s the sort of thing only a plebiscite could solve.

  6. I am Spartacus

    Dear True Aussie

    Spartacus does not for government in government or for a contractor to government or a NGO. Spartacus is also a net tax payer!

  7. Howard Hill

    @True Aussie.

    What does it matter? Spartacus has posted more truths and pertinent facts then anyone I’ve read on the net for a long time.

    Keep up the great work Sparty, I and I’m sure plenty of others are right behind ya!

  8. Mitch

    Biggest problem I see with minimum wage is the disincentive to do a trade when hospitality pays so much.

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