Honi Soit 2017. So much for the cutting edge of student journalism

Idly googling Honi Soit, the weekly student newspaper at the Uni of Sydney it was interesting/shocking/only to be expected that the masthead of the website carries this declaration, framed in black.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. The University of Sydney – where we write, publish and distribute Honi Soit – is on the sovereign land of these people. As students and journalists, we recognise our complicity in the ongoing colonisation of Indigenous land. In recognition of our privilege, we vow to not only include, but to prioritise and centre the experiences of Indigenous people, and to be reflective when we fail to be a counterpoint to the racism that plagues the mainstream media.

A sad decline of a once-honourable student institution. Notable past editors include Lex Banning, Bob Ellis, Verity Firth, Clive James, Laurie Oakes, Kip Williams, and Keith Windschuttle.

They now have an editorial collective. Once with an editor in charge the paper could assume some kind of personality for better or worse from year to year but now it has sunk to the lowest common denominator of political correctness.

In case you were wondering, the name is a short form of the famous motto Honi soit qui mal y pense which is associated with the Order of the Garter.

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15 Responses to Honi Soit 2017. So much for the cutting edge of student journalism

  1. Roger

    The University of Sydney – where we write, publish and distribute Honi Soit – is on the sovereign land of these people.

    No, it’s not.

    Nobody who subscribes to that notion should be studying at the university as they are clearly intellectually deficient and ethically compromised.

    At the very least, let them “put their money where their mouth is” and decline the advantages of studying they believe to be built on stolen land.

    No takers?

  2. Well its not good enough, these rich white hypocrites are not going to get away so easily. They should apologise for what they did in Africa and Asia and the Americas, not to mention the evil Crusades. They are guilty and their obscene privileges are paid for by the blood and suffering of the innocent planet. Its time to give it back.

  3. Pedro the Ignorant

    We are doomed.

  4. RobK

    What a word salad.
    “traditional custodians”….(but for the most part not the current custodians)
    “Is on the sovereign land….”(of Australia)
    Noun: sovereignty
    Government free from external control
    Royal authority; the dominion of a monarch
    = reign
    The authority of a state to govern another state.

  5. Real Deal

    I understand the point you are making, Rafe. But there is no way that the lamentable Verity Firth should be named alongside Clive James. She was the NSW Education Minister that made her successor, Adrian Piccoli look semi-competent. Which he wasn’t.

  6. Habib

    Verity Firth’s name is out of place in that company.

  7. Ellen of Tasmania

    In case you were wondering, the name is a short form of the famous motto Honi soit qui mal y pense

    But it seems okay to think evil of the very people who actually made all their wonderful privileges possible. Ingrates.

  8. Crossie

    Perhaps it should now be called The Camel, only something designed by a committee could be that misshapen.

  9. True Aussie

    More evidence that universities should be shut down.

  10. Des Deskperson

    My understanding is that the use of the term ‘Eora’ is now considered lazy, patronising and offensive in any references to the Indigenous people of the Sydney area. It’s a generic term for ‘people’ that was mistakenly, simplistically and demeaningly applied by whitey ‘invaders’ to the ‘rich and complex’ culture of the region.

    I learnt this rather forcefully few years back when I had to include ‘acknowledgement’ in a speech I was writing for an APS agency head giving a presentation in Sydney.

    Let us hope that Honi Soit’s tardiness, lack of diligence and complacency is not typical of Sydney Uni, although that institution does seem to be slipping down world university rankings of late.

  11. H B Bear

    Undergraduate journalists aren’t a problem. Undergraduate politicians are – as most never progress beyond it.

  12. alexnoaholdmate

    … is on the sovereign land of these people.

    No. No it isn’t.

    That is a claim with a precise legal meaning, and it is false.

    A university should be aware that words have meanings – they don’t mean whatever feelgood interpretation you choose to give them at this particular place and time.

  13. Mother Lode


    Another institution that has been utterly degraded by the left.

    It is (typically) a lie when they use the phrase ‘Long march through the institutions’. A better analogy would be the way swarms of locusts lay waste to farms.

    The left infest an institution, then redirect it from its original purpose. With its new priorities it ceases to perform the role it was set up for in the first place.

    It is not just that they take over institutions, but they vacate the role it originally served, and that has an impact far beyond their taxpayer funded walls with quotas on quotas, and ribbon diversity workshops.

    The ABC is not just a left wing cesspit. It means that regional Australia is no longer served. Departments of Agriculture are not just student politics writ large – but agriculture is being choked.

    Fuck ’em.

  14. cynical1

    … is on the sovereign land of these people.

    We had better do something about it.

    Bulldozer can be there at 7am tomorrow.

    Alternatively, you can all pay 5k compo to the local tribe.

  15. Paridell

    Honi Soit was pretty crook in the 1970s. I don’t suppose it has improved much in the interval.

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