According to Wikipedia, Antifa is defined as:

a militant political movement of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups.  They focus more on fighting far-right and white supremacist ideology directly than on encouraging pro-left policy. The salient feature of Antifa is to oppose fascism by direct action. Antifa groups are known for militant protest tactics, including property damage and physical violence. They tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist, and are made up of anarchists, communists and socialists. They are predominantly far left and radical left. Antifa’s militant challenge to free speech has been criticized.

Antifa has a representation in Australia, including their own Facebook page.  This is from a post today:

Most of us are individuals working within our own capacity. However we need unions, working class suburbs, minority organisations, and future revolutionary political organisations to organise under the banner of antifascism when the failures of capitalism intensifies.

Their activities were also described in the SMH in 2016 including of one of their representatives:

He’s 28 years old, with neat fingernails, unbrushed brown hair and puffy cheeks. He wants a revolution. He’s gluten intolerant. He advocates the overthrow of capitalism. He’s  studying at the University of Sydney and expects to work in IT.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, there used to be this thing called the cold war.  And the most visible manifestation of the cold war was the Berlin Wall.  The Berlin Wall was opened up in November 1989 and demolition commenced June 1990.

For those who don’t know or can’t remember, the name of the Berlin Wall given by those who put up the wall was Antifaschistische Schutzwall which translates into anti-fascist protection wall.  It was also the propaganda name given to it by the East German Government.

Antifa.  Antifascists.  Yep.  We area heading in the right direction.

  • More debt to deal with too much debt;
  • More regulation to deal with too much regulation;
  • More government to deal with too much government; and now
  • More fascism to deal with fascism.


PS – The Australian Antifa fellow studying at Sydney University.  What a surprise there.  Home to Jake (BDS) Lynch and Pyongyang Tim Ananda MargaAnderson.  Former home to Gillian Triggs.

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27 Responses to Neo-Antifa

  1. Muddy

    They are a modern incarnation of the traditional mercenary. Guns for hire. They may not be paid in the same sense, however they are certainly sponsored to be the ‘muscle.’ The so-called antifascist ideology is merely a cover for those who sponsor them.
    Mercenaries. Call it for what it is: an attempt to destabilise society.

  2. Rabz

    Disgraceful hypocritical totalitarian imbeciles.

  3. Muddy

    Hypocrisy is an inconceivable concept to the morally righteous, Rabz. They simply incapable of acknowledging anything beyond their omnipotence. Which is why rational debate is pointless.

  4. stackja

    Liberty Quote
    When the far Left was a global force, the mainstream liberal Left had to draw dividing lines and defend itself from its attacks. Now that the far Left threatens no one, the borders have gone. The media would hound from public life any conservative who shared platforms with members of a neo-Nazi group. But respectable leftists can now associate with those who would once have been regarded as poisonous extremists — and no one notices.

    — Nick Cohen

  5. stackja

    #2495608, posted on September 12, 2017 at 1:32 pm
    Disgraceful hypocritical totalitarian imbeciles.

    21st century version of 1950s communists.

  6. True Aussie

    Universities need to be defunded and closed immediately.

  7. zyconoclast

    Universities need to be defunded and closed immediately.,

    Just defund. Let them limp along after this. Watch them slowly starve.

  8. As pointed out at XYZ, the Alt-Left is the far left of Socialism and the Alt-Right is the far right of Socialism.

    Both represent Socialism, just the opposite ends, as was the case with the Nazis and Communists. Both represented Socialism.

  9. Tim Neilson

    Portrait of a “revolutionary”:
    28 years old, and a student.
    Neat fingernails i.e. no manual labour.
    Puffy cheeks i.e. not undernourished.
    Quelle surprise.

  10. Universities need to be defunded and closed immediately.,

    Just defund. Let them limp along after this. Watch them slowly starve.

    I reckon quite a few would thrive when funds come from the client.
    Some of the smaller regional schools could transform into low cost vocational colleges, defund TAFE over 3 years and fold them in.

  11. Universities need to be defunded and closed immediately.

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with universities, they are part of civilisation. Unfortunately, they are also like the ABC, completely run by Left leaning ideologues. What needs to be done is to bring back balance.

  12. test pattern

    ‘and Pyongyang Tim “Ananda Marga” Anderson’

    Who supports Assad and appears on the same far right speaking circuit as Windschuttle

    All the nutters together –

    ‘Chaired by Sternhill, the Leura Forum’s panel included alongside Dr Anderson: historian Keith Windschuttle, whose work argues (among other things) that the Stolen Generation of Indigenous children is a myth, that the degree of racism in Australia’s history is exaggerated and that violence perpetrated by British forces during colonialism has been invented by a number of Australian historians; prominent anti-Communist and monarchist Dr Amy McGrath; trade agreement ‘expert’ John Marae; and of course Australia’s most infamous neo-Nazi, Jim Saleam.’

  13. Neenee

    Ban the burka – and word the legislation to include the face-masking of the antifa thugs.

  14. IainC

    I do not want or need one jackbooted squad of violent neo-fascist REVolutionary socialist thugs representing an ideology that murdered 100 million fighting on my behalf another jackbooted squad of violent neo-fascist EVolutionary socialist thugs representing an ideology that murdered 40 million , thankyou very much. In the words of Henry Kissinger on the Iran-Iraq war in the 80s, “why can’t they BOTH lose?”

  15. Boambee John

    From the open thread.

    To be fair to m0nty (yeah, I know, why bother, he isn’t fair to anyone else) the left fascists maintain several groups of thugs, not just antifa.

    There are the pseudo anarchists of the Occupy movement, whose main activities seemed to be defecating in public places and sexually assaulting female members of Occupy. Not sure what m0nty’s attitude to them is.

    Then there are the black racists of BLM, who have definitely murdered a significant number of police officers in the US. Some of those murdered were black, but I suspect that BLM justified that by saying that they were “acting white”. m0nty has previously expressed support for BLM, so we must assume that he is cool with police being murdered.

    Then there are his current besties in antifa, who parade through the streets dressed in black with their faces masked, assaulting those they designate as fasciscts. I am not aware that antifa has yet murdered anyone, but that is not for lack of trying. One member of antifa assaulted someone with a “D” bicycle lock, a heavy steel object, for the “crime” of wishing to attend a lecture by a “non-approved” (ie non left) speaker. m0nty is an enthusiastic supporter of antifa, so we must assume that he is cool with common assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and grievous bodily harm.

  16. Boambee John

    Also from the open thread.

    So having been given three opportunities today, m0nty has failed to give his position on political violence by the left. He has offered no opinion on murders by BLM or assaults by antifa members. In the case of antifa his defence seems to be that they haven’t actually killed anyone yet.

    I am left with the inescapable conclusion that m0nty supports political violence (including common assault, assault with a deadly weapon, grievous bodily harm, and even murder) as long as it is perpretated by the political left. However, he lacks the moral courage to state this. At least Blair Cottrell is brave enough to state his positions publicly, m0nty is not so brave.

  17. notafan

    TAFE for apprentices should be left alone, they actually learn useful stuff.

  18. overburdened

    Sometimes compared to hyenas that are only efficient in packs, and probably more like ants. Their individual puniness merges into a overwhelming biomass when the numbers hit a tipping point. All the more reason for a forward agenda of stamping on these clowns now. Or some years ago. Unlike crusty types who have an appetite for taking on a situation, these insipid cowards are sneak thieves, snipers and bullies in gangs who crumple under pressure. Speaking for myself only, I am concerned that when blokes with time in the saddle are gone there will be no resistance. It will be a battle of who is less gutless.

  19. Rockdoctor

    He’s 28 years old, with neat fingernails, unbrushed brown hair and puffy cheeks. He wants a revolution. He’s gluten intolerant. He advocates the overthrow of capitalism. He’s studying at the University of Sydney and expects to work in IT.

    Yep and his gluten intolerance, bookish ways are going to be an asset after the revolution… I have worked in some countries where we needed armed types for protection, some of these one step off failed states. Have a friend who has been deployed to failed states. Criminally naive would be the best way to describe these people, from what I have experienced in corrupt hellholes, from my friend who actually has seen anarchy and read of History revolutions aren’t exactly civilised affairs with strong intemperate men running the show shortly after and useful idiots like this will suffer the first.

  20. True Aussie

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with universities, they are part of civilisation.

    Civilization moves on. Universities are outdated. They are daycare centres for adult children, provide makework jobs for ‘academics’ who cannot handle the real world, and work as de facto cartels keeping professions artificially restricted.

    Everything universities teach can be found online. Anything that requires hands on learning can be done through trade skills, apprenticeships, traineeships etc.

  21. Boambee John

    He’s 28 years old, with neat fingernails, unbrushed brown hair and puffy cheeks.

    Apart from the age, I thought they were describing m0nty.

  22. Ainsley

    Fabulous comments everyone.

    In 2007, I was working in international trade and teaching at university in Sydney. I had to attend an Apec event for work. So I also decided to join the Apec protest in Hyde Park to see who and what was going on at what was ostensibly an anti-free trade but really anti-Bush, anti-Capitalist and anti-USA protest. It was a sunny day and a peaceful event by and large. A band was set up. Black bloc was there but not the 1930s double flag yet. Grannies Against War or something was there. They wanted to ‘Disarm America’. Another sign said the Illuminati must be destroyed. Socialist Alliance was there. The Spartacists too. Their poster said ‘North Korea and China need nukes for defence against the imperialist ‘US”. I sat on a bench for a while with a bored cameraman from AP in Singapore. He said he was waiting for something to happen and then he’d get into it. And I thought that’s what the world would see and chaos would be sowed in everyone’s minds.

  23. Tel

    Has anyone seen this article blaming the neo-Antifa on the militant teacher’s unions and their thuggish members?

    BAMN = “By All Means Necessary”. In other words, we get to do what we want regardless, and that includes violence if we feel like it.

  24. duncanm

    I’m all for putting up a wall they can voluntarily live behind.

    Maybe we ring-fence SA or the NT, or just use the natural wall and let them all live in Tassie.

    Without GST compensation from the other evil fascist states, of course.

  25. EvilElvis

    Defund universities, provide funding for only core subjects, science, engineering, medicine.
    Defund tafe and provide funding for what its core function should be, sparkies, plumbers, chippies, hairdressers and average MasterChef wannabes.

    The whole Cert 1-4 bullshit is contributing to the entitlement and resentment in society by giving us dumbarses who have certificates and feel ‘educated’ but will never progress beyond chief burger flipper at Macca’s.

    Leave training to individuals who want it and employees who can provide that benefit.

    Over educated, idle hands at work with these mobs.

  26. EvilElvis

    On another note, there may be an opening here for an inventive type to produce a non lethal, crowd dispersal weapon that launches refined flour bombs…

    GF intolerant, sheesh, I’m fuckwit intolerant.

  27. Jannie

    On current trends defunding universities will be a moot point in 20 years. The government will not have the credit rating to borrow the money required.

    As for Antifa, the more action they undertake, and the more they are publicised, they will create their own nemesis. When the young males work out that the state tolerates and normalises street fighting, they will get in on the act. Ozzie boys may not be armed up like their US counterparts, but running and fighting is in their nature, just another football code.

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