Something else for all Australians to be proud of

Further to Spartacus’ post last week about Australia’s pitiful ranking in the 2017 World Bank Doing Business survey, the World Economic Forum 2016-2017 Competitiveness Index provides more for Australian’s to be proud of.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017:

assesses the competitiveness landscape of 138 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity.

Australia’s ranking out of 138 …. drum roll please ….  22nd.  Down from 21st in 2015-2016.

Coming 22nd is one thing.  Coming 22nd behind such bastions of competitiveness as France (21st) and Belgium (17th).  That’s a highlight then isn’t it.

The report also covers Australia’s “most problematic factors for doing business”.  And what are the top 4?  Government, government, government and government:

  • Restrictive labor regulations
  • Tax rates
  • Inefficient government bureaucracy
  • Tax regulations

It’s a good thing we have a good liberal government here.  Oh wait.

Can someone please turn the lights off on the way out.  Oh wait again.  The lights no longer work.

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13 Responses to Something else for all Australians to be proud of

  1. stackja

    Many Australians have allowed themselves to be misled.

  2. I don’t think anyone in government actually understands the problem. It’s like trying to explain responsibility to a pre-school kid, all they are interested in are toys. Kids and their toys.

  3. H B Bear

    Coming 22nd behind such bastions of competitiveness as France (21st) and Belgium (17th).

    Phew. Lucky we have got those Froggies building our submarines.

  4. Sparkle Motion

    But great to see that we’re doing so well at higher education according to their scoring.

    If only business was more efficient we would rocket up the rankings!

  5. Combine Dave

    In terms of ease of business….

    Beaten by economic giants, Estonia and Latvia.


  6. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Ten years ago we were top 4.

  7. Mother Lode

    And what are the top 4? Government, government, government and government:

    Sorry, but this is utter bollocks.

    It overlooks the rainbow elephant in the room wearing a tutu and high heels – SSM.

    How can things like taxation regime (taxation regime – sounds like a good description of our government) and labour regulations be more important to an economy than that.

    Tell them they are off with the fairies.

    And to take their tutus.

  8. Habib

    I for one can’t work out the loons still investing in this tip; CBS buying 10 is understandable, as they’re insane leftists. Most others though, unless you’re looking for a big loss to offset tax (but where’s a jurisdiction with a worse regime than here?) WTF?

    Lotto is the limit of my portfilio in this soon to be blown popstand.

  9. OldOzzie

    1 1/2 years for Daughter in Melbourne to get council approval for a simple second storey extension to existing Weatherboard Workers Cottage (Heritage listed of course) of which there have been many done in the local area – jumping thorough hoops and paying for multiple “Expert” Reports (no change to the frontal look of the property – one of the Heritage Requirements) but loads of fees and costs for no obvious reason.

    And you wonder how anything gets done in Australia.

    Similarly in Sydney, wanted to put a “supposedly” planning exempt Pool Cabana above our pool (which is infront yard) -still within boundary distance requirements, supplier suggest a quiet check with local council as reputation of being hard to get on with.

    Wife, anonymously, inquired with town planning female nazi at council town hall – was told, even though in theory the cabana was supposed to be able to be done as planning exempt, as in front yard – verboten – when mentioned other properties in Street with similar structures in Front Yards to front boundary – Garages etc, was told they should not be allowed – mentioned Big Trampolines in Front Yards (of which there are many in area) -again verboten – my wife left her with a final insult that the Tall Brick wall on Front Boundary would hide the proposed cabana as slope to pool would put cabana roof below Front Brick Wall Top – was again told that the front brick wall today would be verboten.

    Never mentioned where we lived in conversation.

  10. Mr Black

    Only huge, armed demonstrations in the streets are going to fix this. There doesn’t have to be violence, but the elite have to believe they are only one more stupid regulation away from being hung from lamp posts. Then we will see the desire for a return to small government. Elections are utterly meaningless when both sides represent the same policies, in fact they are worse than meaningless as they direct peoples energy away from actual good into a useless, time wasting exercise meant to do nothing more than distract them.

  11. max

    until we change hearts and mind of people nothing will change for better.

    and this has to start with children.

    as long as we send them to government schools to get brainwashed in socialism,fascism,statism …. nothing will change.

    with revolutions on the streets we are going to get just another bunch of thieves.

  12. Malcolm Thomas

    The World Economic Forum’s index is nonsense on stilts, not given credence by serious policy makers. Its good enough for The Cat though, apparently.

  13. I am Spartacus

    “serious policy makers”

    Are these the same serious policy makers that gave Australia the carbon tax, the mining tax, the renewable energy target, pink bats, school halls, over prices french subs, bank tax, APRA cost recovery, ASIC cost recovery, Austra cost recovery, debt levy, The Remuneration Tribunal, clean energy target, the Finkel Review, VET HELP. There were designed and deployed by “serious policy makers”.

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