Mr Shorten Goes to Korea to Achieve World Peace.

Is it just me or does the idea of the leader of the opposition, the Hon. Bill Shorten MP, visiting:

South Korea to address nuclear tensions

send a chill down the spine of others?  And taking the Shadow Foreign Affairs spokesperson, the Hon. Penny Wong also?

If this was the United States, there would be cries of breaches of the Logan Act.  But irrespective, fair dinkum!  What is Mr Shorten going to offer here?  A tax plan?  A spend plan?  A tax and spend plan?   I don’t think the scope of the North Korean government can expand any further?

Perhaps Mr Shorten can offer South Korea a renewable energy target or an NBN.  That way the economy of South Korea can shrink to close the gap with the North; lowest common denominator style.

As reported in the Guardian:

Australia’s opposition leader, Bill Shorten, will meet with South Korea’s prime minister as part of a bid to reassure the region that Australia’s position on North Korea will not change, even if there is a change in government.

The presumption of the man.  The hubris of the man.  Wow!

Breathtaking.  You’d think his name was Rudd.

Don’t fret Australia.  Your taxes are paying for this.

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34 Responses to Mr Shorten Goes to Korea to Achieve World Peace.

  1. cuckoo

    Will he lecture them about SSM while he’s there? Let’s hope no-one offers him an insufficiently warm pie at the state banquet.

  2. mh

    …as part of a bid to reassure the region that Australia’s position on North Korea will not change

    Then why take Penny Wong if that is the message that Shorten wants to send?

  3. stevem

    The media claiming breaches of The Logan Act. What rot. Don’t you know that, to the media, The Logan Act only applies to Republicans?

  4. Leo G

    Penny’s only shopping for a rocket to put under her boss.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Why’s he going to South Korea?
    Surely he should be going to North Korea to talk Mr Kim into a peace deal?
    He’s the one waving the H bomb around, not the South.

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Why’s he going to South Korea?
    Surely he should be going to North Korea to talk Mr Kim into a peace deal?
    He’s the one waving the H bomb around, not the South.

    I would have thought Whinging William would have found an ideological soul mate in Kim whatshisface, surely?

  7. And at the same time Blackout Bill’s better half, Chloe, has taken upon herself the task of re-writing all of the traditional fairy tales, the Brother Grimm etc. to make them politically correct.
    YHOu could not make this stuff up.

  8. Atoms for Peace

    Hmmm. Tricky one for the South Koreans .Red carpet or rainbow carpet ?

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Shortass should go to the North to learn how to cope with lack of electricity .I read that China is stopping oil going to north Korea , Trumps subtle veiled threats of trade with Chins review are paying off ,the last thing the fascist Chinese aparat wants is a huge number of starving unemployed citizens with aspirations for a better life they would go the same way as the Russian fascists under Gorbachev .

  10. Jannie

    Well it makes one point clear. No meaningful difference between Shorten or Turnbull.

  11. Muddy

    This is Bill “NO means YES” Shorten?

  12. iain russell

    The all-encompassing absurdity of The Shorten, the Penny Dreadful and the Filth grows daily.

  13. iain russell

    Sorry, the computer beast corrected ‘Shortman’.

  14. Robber Baron

    With any luck they will shoot them.

  15. Snoopy

    Why is Bill going to South Korea? Simple. He does have form.

  16. rickw

    I would have thought the South Koreans would have more class: “we’ll talk to you when you’re prime minister “.

  17. harry buttle

    Does anyone think that south korea cares what position we might take if we elect that lackwit?

  18. Marcus Classis

    The Koreans will be amazed at the rack on The Accused Rapist ‘Tits’ Shorten.

    He’s got bigger knockers than half the women in Korea.

  19. Caveman

    Scouting for underground gold mine operations. These will collapse first in the event of a missile strike.

  20. Shy Ted

    Dear President Trump, bomb North Korea right now. Only miss and aim a bit South. Australia thanks you.

  21. Myrddin Seren

    One assumes that the rationale for this has the phrase ‘focus groups’ in it somewhere.

    Probably, given his continues trailing of Turnbull in Newspoll as preferred PM, to try to make him look ‘presidential’.

    Note sure this is going to work.

    Nein News tonight had a doorstop with him at the airport. I can’t find it at all at the Nein News site – probably because he looked so bad and his observations on the Korean situation were so utterly banal that he looked like a clod.

    And spoke – strangely. Not just his usual ‘wukka’ accent. He has either been on he turps or is showing early signs of cognitive decline.

    The closest I can come up with is this piece from Sky, which omits the most banal of his comments, but you might glean the hollowness of his performance.

    And he doesn’t look well – not well at all.

    Not sure Shorten is going to be in for the long haul.

  22. What’s Korean for “why the hell are we entertaining this dickhead?”.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  23. RobK

    “…as part of a bid to reassure the region that Australia’s position on North Korea will not change
    Given the lack of urgency for this kind of message, surely it could be conveyed by correspondence……unless it is not the message at all.

  24. H B Bear

    Is if wrong even Korean? I guess (s)he is close enough and looks good in a suit.

  25. If shorten looks ill, it could be him remembering the copy of his labor filth clean up squad file they showed him when they gave him the temporary position of taking labor up to a winnable election, then retiring.

  26. Their shorten has destroyed the turnfailure, luring the turnbull debacle rabble way out to the left and shattering the center right vote, then having the woeful turnbullite black hand gang slavishly implement all labor’s policies to stick to the ‘beatable shorten’

    Then we can all see the ‘bait and switch’ of replacing shorten for the winnable election and the flood of australian media ‘jacindamania’ support for the new wymynsys candidate.

  27. Myrddin Seren

    Will the foreign policy punditry establishment ensure their ongoing invites to the CFR by suggesting ‘We’ cede Sudkoreanland to Herr Un in exchange for a guarantee that it will be his final territorial demand ?

  28. Up The Workers!

    This trip will be sure to grab all the toady headlines from the usual grovellers on the A.L.P.B.C. & Fauxfacts.

    “Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men”, are back on the job to save the planet.

    With Benny’s balls and Bonking Billy’s bulging brains, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    Maybe they could persuade their fellow Socialist Kim Jong Un to jump on their SSM bandwagon?

    That could sure turn Bonking Billy’s sex-life completely around. Make a change after the drunken 16-year-olds at Young Labor camps.

    Good to see that Prime Quisling, Quivering Halal Mal the Head-Loppers’ Pal is deeply into succession planning. If he gives them a few squillion borrowed Chinese dollars to toss out the window of the limo at any passing itinerant terrorists or International Centrelink-Seekers, they can both pretend that they are Julie Bishop.

  29. Motelier

    Bill has form here. The Wong Chap was once Weatherdildoe’s girlfriend before she turned to the gay side, so The Wong Chap was once enjoying the benefits of testosterone in her partner.

    I just hope Bill tries to turn the Wong Chap.

    That might be a plus.

  30. Myrddin Seren

    I just hope Bill tries to turn the Wong Chap.

    I slightly vomited in my mouth.

  31. Bob in Castlemaine

    We shouldn’t be dismissive of “Electricity” Bill’s abilities. After all wasn’t it he who single handedly rescued the Beaconsfield miners in Tassie back in 2006?

  32. old bloke

    One of the strange things that happened during the Gillard years was that her approval rating improved every time she was absent overseas. Maybe the ALP are attempting to improve Bill’s approval rating by sending him overseas, he might even become a popular PM soon when the Lodge is relocated to Port Moresby or Brunei, or somewhere distant.

  33. Cold-Hands

    Perfectly understandable…

    Grandee Zip‏ @un_diverted 12 hours ago

    Shorten left red faced as South Korean leader constantly referred to Shorten’s assisting minister as Benny Wong

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