Presidential sports round-up

The American media truly is a phenomenon. Are these throw away lines really the big issues of our time?

Then there is this. The vid is by Mark Dice:

A hilarious retweet by President Trump of an animated gif showing him hit Hillary Clinton with a golf ball caused the liberal media to absolutely freak out. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

I’m sure not everyone found it hilarious. And do I have to point out that Hillary was not really hit by a golf ball hit by PDT or anyone else, but fell over by herself?

[My thanks to max for sending the second vid along.]

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9 Responses to Presidential sports round-up

  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    The fascist Soviet Union , fascist East Germany fascist China, Fascist North Korea, Fascist Venezuaela ,fascist Cuba , were all noted for their political comedians , the socialist fascists really love a laugh . Karl Marv was a noted comedy writer .
    Seriously socialism is no laughing matter , that’s why generations of socialists just can’t laugh , unless it is at someone else’s misfortune it is a natural effect from contractin the socialist disease ,it inflicts severe psychological damage ,which is diffficult to treat even with common medications which are usually efficacious .

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    I have only one word in commenting to this story: covfefe!

    Oh all right I’ll add a second comment then: they fell for it hook, line and sinker!

  3. struth

    This is called owning the narrative.

    It may be a difficult concept for right wing types to understand.

    I’ll type it again slowly.

    It’s called owning the narrative.

    They are reacting to him, not the other way around.


  4. mh

    Loud boos during that Alabama speech when Trump mentioned John McCain. McCain’s legacy is disintegrating.

  5. zyconoclast

    Unless Trump sorts out immigration and border control, this stuff is dog and pony show.

  6. Andrew M.

    DJT says “we don’t worship government, we worship god”

    Okayyy, totally loopy wackoville territory, but let’s run with that.
    So Obama had his Change You Can Believe In.
    I guess Trump has Change You can Have Faith In?

  7. GerardO

    This sort of stuff is about Trump’s base, but runs the risk of getting apolitical couch potatoes (of all skin tones) off the couch and into the voting booths, because he attacked their heroes.

  8. jonesy

    …so, fans calling these highly paid bozoes “traitors” doesn’t get a run in the media?

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