Is it an emergency or not?

Spartacus is old enough to remember that in 1996, the Hon. Kevin Andrews MP, then a humble back bencher:

introduced the Euthanasia Laws Bill to overrule the NT’s legislation that legalised euthanasia The bill prevented the NT, ACT and Norfolk Island from passing certain laws permitting euthanasia.

How was this possible?  Because the NT, ACT and Norfolk Island are not sovereign.  Their laws and policies can be over-written by Canberra.

It was thus with great bemusement when Spartacus heard today that the Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP:

said he would write to state premiers and the Northern Territory chief minister, asking them to end moratoriums on gas exploration in their states.

Ok.  It’s one thing to write to state premiers.  But if the gas ‘crisis’ is ‘three times bigger’ than thoughtwhy does the Prime Minister not just move legislation to over turn the Northern Territory moratorium?

It should also be remembered that the Northern Territory makes a comfortable living off  east coast citizens by receiving more than $5 for ever $1 of GST paid.  Nice gig if you can it.

When it comes to individuals on unemployment benefits, the Government likes promote mutual obligations.  Developing a job plan.  Undertaking training.  Drug testing now.  Why?  Because welfare is meant to be a safety net and not a hammock.

Why then does not the principle of mutual obligation apply to States and especially non sovereign territories.

Henry Kissinger once said about the spread of communism that “the issues are too important to be left for the voters.”  Well Prime Minister.  Should the virtue signalling of a small clique of green cocktail party attendees hold the rest of the east coast of Australia hostage?  Mutual obligations should apply to those getting Commonwealth Grants Commission welfare as well as to those who receive NewStart.

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17 Responses to Is it an emergency or not?

  1. Just Interested

    They are kinda sovereign.

    Section 6 of the NT Self Government Act 1978 says that:

    Subject to this Act, the Legislative Assembly has power, with the assent of the Administrator or the Governor-General, as provided by this Act, to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the Territory.

    Now it is true that section 50A of the Act reads, in part:

    (1) Subject to this section the power of the Legislative Assembly conferred by section 6 in relation to the making of laws does not extend to the making of laws which permit or have the effect of permitting (whether subject to conditions or not) the form of intentional killing of another called euthanasia (which includes mercy killing) or the assisting of a person to terminate his or her life.

    and (bless) the Fair Work Act is directly applied by section 53:

    Trumbull just can’t override the NT by fiat.

    Parliament can certainly can make laws for a Territory under section 122 of the Constitution (the Territories power) but that’s the point – it would have to go through the Parliament.

    I don’t have a problem with this -betcha the Senate does (because of (derived) ‘sovereignty’), and that Trumbull has the absence of balls to push the issue that is allegedly so important.

    Oh, and isn’t just great how well Federal meddling in energy has turned out, huh????????

  2. I am Spartacus

    Agree not by fiat. An act of the commonwealth parliament, as was in 1996. If it’s an emergency, then play the card rather than the wilted lettuce of a “letter”.

  3. John Constantine

    The ability to get volumes of gas from the northern territory to Queensland is pipeline capacity limited.

    There was gas interconnection planned, but I dunno how far they got.

  4. RobK

    Sparty, Sparty,
    ” hold the rest of the east coast of Australia hostage? “
    T’othersiders know how to rub it in.

    RobK from W.A.

  5. John Constantine

    Went and looked, the northern gas pipeline had been held up by traditional landowners, but hopes to have gas to MT Isa by the end of 2018.

    Lot of gas in the territory, but nothing much for the east coast before it is deindustrialised in the name of Stalin.

  6. The solution is easy. Remove all energy subsidies and let the market decide what is worthwhile to pursue. Every form of profitable and cost-effective energy production will follow.

  7. I am Spartacus

    RobK from W.A.

    Sorry. You are correct. “hold the rest of Australia hostage”

  8. RobK

    And you will note WA has reserved some of it’s gas. (for better or worse). It’s t’othersiders can’t manage their affairs.

  9. RobK

    I do seem to recall one of the NW Shelf gas operations saying they only need to make a phone call and a ship will be on it’s way.(or words to that effect).

  10. RobK

    The hostage bit for WA is the $5 GST for NT to our $0.30.

  11. RobK

    I always worry a bit about Henry Kissinger’s quotes. Not entirely convinced they’re kosher.

  12. RobK

    The hostage bit for WA is the $5 GST for NT to our $0.30.x
    I should the RET is holding us hostage too.

  13. zyconoclast

    While ever Maocolm has interests directly or indirectly in intermittent power he will drag his feet.
    If his main game was winning the next election he would have dumped all the nonsense and gone full coal.

  14. Nerblnob

    I do seem to recall one of the NW Shelf gas operations saying they only need to make a phone call and a ship will be on it’s way.

    To where?

    If you mean to supply east coast with gas then east coast needs to build some regasification plants – over the bodies of a zillion protestors. Metaphorically.

  15. manalive

    Judith Sloan in the OZ asks what’s the difference between the RET and the gas market for potential ‘sovereign risk’, if Turnbull is prepared to interfere in the gas market despite ‘sovereign risk’, why the RET is supposedly sacrosanct.
    It’s because he has too much personally invested in the RET, only nine months ago when Turnbull ratified the Paris Agreement he came out with the ”a watershed and turning point” Rudd-style utter BS.
    I think things have to get much worse before he is given the heave-ho.

  16. manalive

    I meant “personally invested” in a political sense.
    However Turnbull made a lot of money from the rapid growth of the internet and seems to believe that Moore’s Law also applies to renewables, it doesn’t.


    If this hadn’t been held up so long by the usual suspects, then it might have been completed in time to prevent the coming de-industrialisation caused by the gas supply crunch.

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