Government = Economy

Eryk Bagshaw is apparently an economics reporter.  He writes for the Herald and Age and is based in Canberra at Parliament House.  This is his official bio.

Writing today for one of these “illustrious” papers, Mr Bagshaw wrote:

It is the illicit trade in a legal drug that is becoming as lucrative as cocaine, at a fraction of the risk, and it is costing the economy millions of dollars in missed tax revenue, according to the federal government.

Now perhaps in some countries, a loss of income to the Government equates to a cost to the economy, but these are generally countries where residents don’t really get the option of leaving.  Countries like the Soviet Union or North Korea or Cuba come to mind; countries where the Government is the economy and the people and everything else belong to the state.

Perhaps also this is the kind of country certain members of the Australian Greens aspire for Australia, members of the NSW Greens that is.  But were are not there yet.  On current trajectory, Australia is getting closer, but not there yet.

If Mr Bagshaw is ever in need of a career change, perhaps given he is based in Canberra, he could go to work for Treasury and contribute to the Tax Expenditure Statement.

Fair dinkum.

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13 Responses to Government = Economy

  1. RobK

    The bureaucracy has no sense of proportion on these matters. The tax on tobacco was already very high before the onslaught of plain packaging. Back then one might have argued the tax covered some of the social cost. Now it’s just blatant thieving and a signal to illicit trade. The control freaks could do with a study of the bible and read the bit about !0%. If you can’t run the show on that you shouldn’t be in business. To get more out of people requires coercion of one sort or other and you can expect high costs of compliance.

  2. EvilElvis

    Time for a machete and for the PS to do it hard.

  3. Trader Perth

    ‘It is the illicit trade in a legal drug that is becoming as lucrative as cocaine’
    If its a legal drug hasn’t the tax or taxes been paid on it?

  4. RobK

    “If its a legal drug hasn’t the tax or taxes been paid on it?”
    Not if it’s traded illicitly like chop chop, avoiding the tax, which is illegal.

  5. Tom

    Eryk Bagshawe also dove head first into the fake Australian university “rape epidemic” here, which he won a fake gong. You can be sure that, when Fairfax fails, he’ll turn up at the billion-dollar government media gravy train.

  6. manalive

    I believe that familiar statist mindset started in 1944 with the introduction of withholding taxes viz. PAYE and provisional tax.
    It subtly changed the presumption of rightful ownership as if The State had some prior claim over your earnings.
    In order to get his hands of individual contractors’ earnings before they did, Keating introduced the Prescribed Payments System in 1983.

  7. miltonf

    Eric with a y. Is that like Wil what’s his name?

  8. alexnoaholdmate

    Ross Cameron? Is that you?

  9. Andrew M.

    Of course you cannot control what you cannot see, hence plenty of interest in linking all of Australia’s public data together to achieve… something vague. That might be why they face “legislative, collaborative, and ethical challenges” in their activities.

  10. max

    Robert Nisbet:

    modern man’s commitment to the messianic state
    begins with his commitment to war, not socialism.

    Nisbet understood what World War I had done to this country.

    It is precisely this military imperative of governmental centralization that makes continued warfare, or preparation for war, have so deadly an effect on all other institutions in society. For it is difficult to perform the administrative measures necessary to political and military centralization without drawing in drastic fashion from the functions, the authorities, and the allegiances that normally fall to such institutions as religion, profession, labor union, school, and local community. Quite apart from direct administrative action, the sheer brilliance of the fires of war has the effect of making dim all of the other lights of culture

    No nation in history has ever managed permanent war and a permanent military Leviathan at its heart and been able to maintain a truly representative character. The transformation of the Roman Republic into the dictatorial empire was accomplished solely through war and the military. Is the United States somehow the divinely created exception to this ubiquitous fact of world history?

    The Soviet Union is gone. The American Empire is not.

    War is the health of the state.  It is the reason given for high taxes, internal revenue bureaucracies, pervasive spying, censorship, military conscription, the abolition of civil liberties, heavy debt, an explosive growth of government spending and borrowing, extensive excise taxation, nationalization of industries, socialist central planning, massive public indoctrination campaigns, the punishment and imprisonment of dissenters to the state’s rule, the shooting of deserters from its armies, the conquest of other countries, inflation of the currency, demonization of private enterprise and the civil society for being insufficiently “patriotic,” the growth of a military/industrial complex, a vast expansion of governmental pork barrel spending, the demonization of the ideas of freedom and individualism and those who espouse them, and a never-ending celebration, if not deification, of statism and militarism.

    Thomas DiLorenzo

  11. H B Bear

    Eryk Bagshawe – Doris’s brother?

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