Parliamentarian Swear Jar

Every time a Parliamentarian says the following, they should be required to kick in $10,000 into consolidated revenue:

All of my travel is in parliamentary entitlements.

It seems a bit convenient that they all use the same line, no matter the political party or purpose.  One might think that it is in the Parliamentarians Entitlements Handbook:

If ever challenged on your travel or expenses just say – it is within parliamentary entitlements or within the rules.

The most disgraceful thing about “parliamentary entitlements” is that the parliamentarians write the rules of entitlement.  They show no modesty or decorum in writing or using entitlements.  If these people every had a real job or their own business, they might know what rigour it takes to claim back expenses.  Not to mention the possible fights with the ATO over whether expenses are for genuine purpose or fringe benefits; you know like for family holidays to Uluru or whale watching.

And the other thing, when did attending party political events become party of the job of a parliamentarian?  These people get enough public funding as it is without the rest of us tax paying slobs being hit up for the rest.  The next time one of these parasites advocates for public funding of politics ask them how much more do they want?

How much more do they want?

Writing for Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi described Goldman Sachs as a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

Clearly he has not yet encountered an Australian parliamentarian and their parliamentary entitlements.

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23 Responses to Parliamentarian Swear Jar

  1. zyconoclast

    I don’t know about the accuracy of the Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone article but it was a very good read.

  2. miltonf

    Have they always been this bad or are they being scrutinized more now? Maybe the fact that those of us out in the real world are doing it much tougher than ten years ago is also a factor.

  3. entropy

    That Miltonf and that they are now paid base $200k as a backbencher, plus more if they do actual work on the job, e.g. attend a committee (what other job on the planet does that?). Instant climb into the one percenters’ club on election night. Pretty sweet ay?

    Travel allowances should the same as any other public servant. That they are not is a travesty.

    In fact, to kill politics as a career and restore it as a vocation, a backbencher should only get the average Australian wage. That would tend to focus their activities on the things that really matter.

    I used to think they weren’t paid enough, but after their wages jumped the system now seems to attract the blowflies. Better to go the other way and stop the dark, heavy frame spec wearing, smarmy little poli sci or student union activist going for a seat as soon as possible. Some real work experience, do well in a career outside politics, and then enter politics because you want to make a contribution, not get on the gravy chain.

  4. entropy

    And if anyone says that paying only the average Australian wage would attract less candidates than there are electorates and senate positions, the solution is obvious, dont you think?
    Two senators per state like the yanks would sort out a lot of the problems we have in the upper house.

  5. miltonf

    smarmy little poli sci or student union activist going for a seat as soon as possible.

    Yep I’ve seen a lot of that up close and it ain’t pretty. Or they become advisors.

  6. miltonf

    Or they become advisors and then get a seat. I should have added.

  7. Mak Siccar

    Their sense of importance and self-entitlement to our money makes me extremely angry. Would they spend their own money like this? I doubt it very much! Altruism and honesty in the current crop of politicians is an oxymoron. A pix on the lot of them because they all seem to be the same.

  8. John Constantine

    Cheaper to let skeletor flaunt itself around endless Grand Finals, than to have it rush to Europe to sign surrender documents locking racist Australian proles into crippling war reparation payments.

    No matter what the skeleton that leaks does, Australia bleeds, just got to try and control the depth of the wound.

  9. John Constantine

    What is the best thing Bishop has done for Australia?.

    Seriously, what is the skeletor legacy?.

  10. miltonf

    She has a nice time. Next question- Why do they keep electing her?

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    They should kick in $1,000 for every parliamentary speech and vote that they fail to attend.

    We have to be at work all day and attend OHS meetings, UN human rights training and site inductions for the umpteenth time. So they should earn their pay too.

    Maybe there should be an exam at the end of each speech, like at the end of inductions, just so we know they haven’t nodded off during it.

  12. Cannibal

    How much more do they want?

    Your life – to be served out in bonded servitude under their capricious guidance.
    Your unalloyed joy, if you happen to find yourself in their presence.
    Your total dedication in pursuing their political aims.
    Your willingness to submit to yourself for punishment when said political aims are found to be infeasible.

  13. Howard Hill

    How much more do they want?

    I know what I want to give them. Pb travelling at around 3000 fps would sort them out quick smart. Fooken parasites!

  14. John64

    I actually don’t mind when the reflex defence by a MP to revelations of the latest example of travel rorts is that the travel was “within entitlement”.

    To me it is a bald, unqualified statement to all us proles that our ruling class sees itself as “entitled”.

  15. Really the issue of entitlements is chicken feed when you consider the funds (say around $500 million) they are supposed to manage prudently. Consider the NBN fiasco.

    Why not just pay them $1 million p.a. and limit them to 2 terms. Plus NO entitlements.

    We may just get better applicants, even a conservative or two who would treat their role as managing a $500 billion business with the care that deserves.

  16. Myrddin Seren

    In one of those timely coincidences of the Internet, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links to an article


    Haven’t read the link yet other than Glenn’s extract. However, Glenn’s editorial wrap sums up the whole problem, to my mind:

    And in both places, as the “elite” has grown demonstrably less competent and honest, it has also grown visibly more contemptuous of the people it purports to govern. That contempt is, I think, the most poisonous part of the whole equation.

    When guys like Turnbull and Brandis go out of their way to get briefings on some nobody called Macklemore – who they doubtless never heard of before – so they can sledge the Deplorable Proles who object to a big NRL FU at the grand final over SS’M’, the contempt is palpable.

    This will only get worse as the Protected Classes retreat behind their security cordons and bollards of peace, and join in a Protected Class echo chamber of contempt for the Deplorables.

  17. cynical1

    I actually don’t mind when the reflex defence by a MP to revelations of the latest example of travel rorts is that the travel was “within entitlement”.

    It signifies their knowledge of the outer limits.

    And their determination to get within a cat’s cock hair of them.

    Greedy bastards.

  18. Malcolm

    Why the FOREIGN MINISTER thinks attending an AFL grand final is ‘within parliamentary entitlements’ is bizarre. Even claiming that it has something to do with foreign aid is ridiculous – that’s got NOTHING to do with attending a grand final. I’m sick of politicians and public servants arranging meetings so they can ‘justify’ attending something they want to such as the grand final.

  19. rickw

    These arseholes need a good dose of standard corporate travel policy.

    If any of these pricks had worked a day in the private sector, they would realise how completely out of step with reality their claims are.

  20. Seco

    Politicians, they tell you how underpaid they but just try getting one to resign.

  21. Zatara

    Current funding rate

    Honest question, what exactly is the reasoning behind that windfall?

  22. Awake

    I agree attending political events is not a job of a parliamentarian and should not be paid for by the citizenry.

    If being a parliamentarian is a job or a profession then attending political events can be considered a “business” expense because it’s incurred to earn the income from being a parliamentarian. However, politician should pay for it him/herself.

    Maybe at present, it’s not considered as a professional expense in the ATO legislation so maybe the politician should pass a bill to include that as a legitimate expense. And if that happens then the politicians can claim the expense as a deduction in their Income Tax Return. But that is completely different than the citizens paying for the politicians to attend political events.

  23. Mark M

    A return flight from Sydney to Perth per-person emits about one tonne of CO2, of which 400 kg will still remain in the atmosphere after 100 years,

    Who will think of the children?

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