Green Jobs

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  1. RobK

    Ha! Looks like a line of Bankers.

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Ha! Looks like a line of Bankers.

    Looks like a wunch of bankers. FIFY.

  3. Sydney Boy

    Still waiting for those Green jobs to magically appear.

    But it doesn’t look like they ever will:

    While we are talking Adani, it seems amazing that Adani had to just through years’ worth of hoops to get the Carmichael mine approved; yet the SA Tesla battery doesn’t even seem to have an EIS?

  4. Tel

    The lower frame has a sort of cargo-cult aspect to it. People who clearly don’t know what happens in any sort of business, decided to dress up as a businessman because… possibly if it looks like a cargo landing site then the cargo will come.

  5. Howard Hill

    Someone should explain to them what capitalists are.
    Why don’t they start their own business and create the jobs they seek?

  6. Tekweni

    Someone should also explain presentation to them. Visible tattoos, facial piercings and strange hairdos are not going to cut it with employers. With me they don’t get past the first interview, if they even get one. And Facebook is a great insight into their attitudes. I don’t owe them a living and I can’t be bothered to give them a go. I am not a charity.

  7. egg_

    the SA Tesla battery doesn’t even seem to have an EIS?


    World’s biggest concentration of heavy metals anyone?
    The Bhopal model?

  8. C.L.

    They’re all dressed as clerks.
    Why aren’t any of them dressed in khaki or hi-viz – ready for plumbing or landscaping?

  9. RobK

    I know what you mean, but Lithium is not a heavy metal. Some of the minor components are a little more so.

  10. Rob MW

    They should go and ask the coal truck driver (truck in background) if there are any jobs going……………..oh wait !!!!!

  11. Anto

    Zero net immigration and cancel all renewable energy subsidies. Problem solved. Easy.

  12. Splatacrobat

    They’re all dressed as clerks.

    Pox Doctor’s Clerks at that!

  13. Peter

    “One sign reads “No jobs=no growth”.

    While I kind of admire his desire to work, the Einstein carrying that sign has the equation exactly 180 degrees wrong – growth actually produces jobs, not the other way around. But naturally, since growth is the product of evil capitalism the bearer of this sign would no doubt be reluctant to hear this simple truth.

    He would, I suspect, prefer to believe that if the government provides the jobs for them, the magic pudding economy that he no doubt also believes in will produce the growth he believes will follow. But there are a couple of flies in this ointment. The first is that jobs like this (i.e. job creation scheme jobs) will almost certainly be bullshit jobs which produce nothing, and therefore contribute nothing. And secondly, such jobs will of necessity need to be funded from the same public money tree that produces all the other kinds of government provided free shit that they also “deserve”.

    But as surely as night follows day, jobs which produce nothing and which are funded by other people’s money, will destroy growth. Reality is such a bitch.

  14. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Someone should also explain presentation to them. Visible tattoos, facial piercings and strange hairdos are not going to cut it with employers.

    I found out, with few exemptions, the more the tattoos, the bigger the mouth, and the biggest mouths always folded first. Always.

  15. RobK

    “provide jobs”,”we deserve…” These are very assertive demands perhaps best made someone advocating on there behalf. Whilst their tenor could be a bit more humble at least they are advertising their wares. They could do with some tuition….but then that’s probably why they’re in the predicament they’re in.

  16. Tom

    So we have —

    Photo A: a group of unemployable student radicals who’ve never had a job and wouldn’t work in an iron lung demanding jobs they must approve of, which would eliminate 99% of the jobs available in the real world; and,

    Photo B: a staged concept picture put together be a student radical who’s never had a job designed to show the conceptualiser’s prejudice that all jobs are a mindless production line of conformity and creative death.

    Needless to say, the headline “Green Jerbs” is a leftist fantasy supported by the current Australian ruling class, whose preference is Venezuela with a soft landing and better PR.

  17. Rohan

    #2514003, posted on October 3, 2017 at 9:07 pm
    Someone should also explain presentation to them. Visible tattoos, facial piercings and strange hairdos are not going to cut it with employers. With me they don’t get past the first interview, if they even get one. And Facebook is a great insight into their attitudes. I don’t owe them a living and I can’t be bothered to give them a go. I am not a charity.

    Yep. Last full timer I employed for an unskilled manufacturing role was long term unemployed, but had a solid work history. Was well presented, no tats or piercings but very nervous in the interview. He’s turned out very well. Solid worker and super reliable.

    Appearance more often than not, matches attitude.

  18. manalive

    ‘Green jobs’, they would be more productively employed cleaning up neglected bushland in preparation for the next fire season.

    The suppliers involved in the renewable energies industry advertise their capability to create many new jobs …

    “…the best forms of energy use as little labour as possible. At the point where ERoEI reaches 1, everyone is engaged in gathering energy and society as we know it collapses! ..”.
    Economically, ‘green jobs’ are worse than useless.

  19. Mother Lode


    At Wollstonecraft station Telstra has a billboard promising wonderful things at their North Sydney shop.

    Until last week it was ornamented by a couple of guys who looked as if they dressed up for the photo shoot.

    This week it has one guy who makes a limited impression as he is standing next to a vast woman withgaudily coloured hair and a ring through her bottom lip.

    I am not sure that is the look for North Sydney unless you are a barista. And who would get telephony advice with their flat white?

  20. overburdened

    I remember standing in the pre-dawn bull run when I was 15 waiting for the manager of the abattoir to come along the fence and randomly point, saying, ‘You, you and you. The rest of yas [email protected] off’. If you were lucky you got a shift in the paunch room or picking up fat in the boning room. If you were one of the 50 give or take who missed out, you would then walk around building sites looking for a days hard yakka.
    Not complaining. You only know what you know and that was how it was. No one from my world in those days thought they deserved a job. You got a job, sometimes a different one every day.

  21. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    People have to have basic skills to sell. Who in the first photo could fix awnings, put up scaffolding, screed some concrete, wash high windows on a rope, or turn their hand to garden maintenance? Periods of rotation in different sorts of work experience could show and teach young school leavers some skills that would give them a clue and start them thinking about ways to get employment. Often families used to teach these things generationally. Now they often don’t. Another feature of the absent dad syndrome.

  22. Dr Fred Lenin

    Green “jobs”? . When the bricks socialist government closed the timber industry in Orbost Victoria, to get gangrene preferences which kept 16 of the career comrades I their seats , over 200 jobs were lost . Of course the comrades bullshitted about “green jobs” to replace those lost , tgey eventually supplied 16 jobs , 14 were summer only firefighting ,about 6 months work <the others were with the envirocommos department ,all of them paid for by the Victorian taxpayers . “Green Jobs “ , another fabrication. Like global warming,green energy. Open borders ,cultimulturism , radicalisation ,and others ,figments of the u.n.communist world domination plan .

  23. struth

    The funny thing is that I was going to make comment on the fact there are plenty of toilet cleaning jobs in Truck stops available, yet I realised I did actually clean the toilets of diesel mechanics when I started.

    I started out as a general cleaner and dogsbody/lacky at a workshop and service @ cleaning depot for heavy vehicles, with about 12 mechanics and a few vehicle cleaning staff.
    The “boy”
    I had previously worked for a few months in a factory as a seem welder operator and never saw the sun, staying on the same machine in the line all day.
    So I thought It was a step up.
    I did the usual stuff young lads did from helping mechanics to cleaning the toots and everything else.
    Worked my butt off.
    I also had a job cleaning a fleet of trucks every Saturday morning at another place.
    I remember cleaning the bosses office and seeing all these applications for apprenticeships on his table, from people with more qualifications than me.
    I had a bit of shit in my early life and had to go to work earlier than most.
    One day, not long after that, the bosses were all gathered in the office and brought me in.
    They offered me that year’s apprenticeship.
    I held back the emotion that washed over me.
    I couldn’t believe it.
    That day changed my life.
    I look back now and realise I made that day happen.
    I don’t take kindly to these wankers in that photo.

  24. jonesy

    Years ago, mates of mine got sick of another out of work uni leftie mate spewing about the capitalists destroying WA. They got him a job out in the Hamersley. He went from leftie to a scum sucking capitalist mine worker and damn proud of it in one paycheck!

  25. jonesy

    Struth, shame there isn’t like buttons on this site….way to go, sir!

  26. Perhaps if the business environment was a bit more positive, you know, like, maybe if electricity prices weren’t sky high and rising, maybe if unions didn’t bugger up the relationship between willing employer and willing employee, maybe if red and green tape weren’t strangling any entrepreneurship and willingness to invest – there may just be jobs for all people, not just the yoof. Try getting a job as a 60 yo, kids. Apparently all our years of experience, work ethic and accumulated skills are worthless.

    BTW, weren’t there “green jobs” under Abbott’s “direct action” plan for addressing CO2, the supposed bogey-man of the 21st century?

  27. Tim Neilson

    I found out, with few exemptions, the more the tattoos, the bigger the mouth, and the biggest mouths always folded first. Always.

    Dustin Martin has lots of tatts and he’s superhuman.
    Not disputing your comment, just agreeing that there are a few exceptions.

  28. Diogenes

    My students are gobsmacked when I tell them that I still managed 423/500 in the HSC , and that included losing 1 afternoon a week as a AirTC CdtUO, getting up at 4 to leave for work with dad at 4:30 for a 5am start making mince meat & sausages until 7:30 , had a shower , got dressed for school , and had a nearly 1.5 hour commute to get home (door to door) , and I worked Saturday at the Flemington Markets selling smallgoods.

    For this I was paid the princely sum of $5 a morning & $20 for Saturday (this was 1977- IIRC dad was clearing $250ish a week).

    At uni(the first time) I was in the ARes , and I was still in the ARes when I had no trouble getting a job/traineeship through the ACSs Computer Industry Training prgram

  29. Bruce

    Rob K., posted:

    “Ha! Looks like a line of Bankers.”

    You spelled it wrong.

  30. If you’re dumb enough to think that the Government creates jobs then you’re not worth hiring in the first place.

    If you’re dumb enough to think the Government creates jobs whilst protesting against private companies that do actually provide jobs you should be cut off from all welfare, education, Medicare and public housing and be forced to eat grass and drink goats piss.

  31. Ha ha. I first thought that second picture was from an old Monty Python skit. That bloke third from the right looks a lot like John Cleese, but a bit short….

    Good story Struth, my first job in Oz was working as a cleaner, plenty of that work around in the 70s after the oil crisis. I didn’t know then that cleaning jobs were always available because most Aussies didn’t do that sort of work, Whitlam had just increased the rate of the dole.

    Then I scored a job as a cleaner on NSW Railways. Gold! Got paid for a whole day but only did 90 minutes work. Spent the rest of the day sitting in the humpy studying for my HSC and um, smoking dope with the assemblers on the waterside at Darling Island.

  32. It looks warm in the first photo. I simply cannot understand people wearing beanies and socks on their heads when it’s warm. I especially don’t understand the point of the cranium socks.

  33. Squirrel

    So wonderfully ironic that the same posturing twits who love diversity, and absolutely love “calling out” racism, don’t see any assumptions of racism, cultural superiority etc. in the idea that Straya can close down all its “old economy” industries (and the jobs that go with them) because we are all going to be busy doing “clean, green, high skill, high wage” jobs – and there’s absolutely no chance that the countries which already make most of the stuff that Strayans consume will be cornering those high skill jobs with their lower wages and business-friendly policies.

  34. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I had a bit of shit in my early life and had to go to work earlier than most.

    Me too. Started at thirteen in a cleaning job in a motel, graduated to waitressing meals for functions there, all of it heavy work (big trays with six dinner plates, the weight gave me intercostal chondritis which still occasionally flares up). That illegal job was a big ask for a smallish adolescent who was underage and underpaid but in a way I loved it – independence! Full time job in a shop at just fourteen and four months, hated it, lasted six weeks, did a number of shit casual jobs, then learned to type and became a receptionist by putting my age up two years to sixteen, a proper formal job, paid for saying hello on the phone and filing an occasional letter (and my nails) and for being nice greeting visitors and typing a few things, including thinking up the words of the letters myself for people who were too lazy or incapable to write them for themselves. After that, I’ve never looked back. Copywriter in an ad agency with my own office by the time I was eighteen. Been typing things I write one way and another almost all of my life. Still typing here. 🙂

    I think credentialism and having to provide proof of your age and education have put an end to such career paths as mine now and maybe that’s not such a bad thing as there is a lot of shady stuff a young girl has to be beware of in just tooling around. I never even thought of the dole. Early work persuaded me that work was where it was at. Hairy tells me there is an aboriginal footballer who when asked to give advice to his ‘communities’ up north said to them ‘get a job’. Fantastic advice, imho.

  35. Faye

    An early lesson in being worth your salt…
    I got the sack on the first day of my first job.
    It was between 4th and 5th year and I thought I’d try for a Christmas holiday office job. Edwards (wish I could remember) , an old established electrical firm in Erskineville seen from the train high on the east side of the Illawarra railway line travelling north from Hurstville into Town, were advertising for a typist. In the interview, somehow my step mum, my funny positive gift, convinced the manager that I could type. I was to start the next day.
    On arrival, I was sat at my desk which happened to be in the same room as the manager who was seated at a right angle just over my right shoulder. My room companion gave me a complicated Table to type. Luckily there was a large waste paper bin because by the end of that sweaty day, it was overflowing, with no sign of a Table. At 5pm, the manager said, “Here are 30 shillings, don’t come back.”

  36. Makka

    I wasn’t 15 when I had my first job and started my apprenticeship 4 months before my 15th Birthday after finishing 4th Year High School.

    First as a labourer and then apprentice I was doing crap jobs of nearly a year. Plus general dogsbody for the tradesmen, sorting laundry, cleaning changerooms, lunches, cleaning parts and tools, broom time , steam cleaning filthy machines etc etc Every crap job available in the workshop. That was normal and while I didn’t like it much, I knew that the better I was at crap jobs the sooner I would get a shot at decent work.

    That was how it was and don’t even bother to complain.

    Those 4 drongos above wouldn’t last a day in a real jerb. They’d probably take off their hand or foot. Who wears a woollen beanie with a T shirt on a warm day?

  37. Robber Baron

    I would not hire any of them.

  38. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Just browsing through some threads. We should call this one ‘the shoebox thread’.
    I don’t think the stories are tall ones, I know mine is true and so I’d guess are all the others, but they are oral history now, the stuff of satire too. And, we shouldn’t forget, also of real life today – my young nephew is fourteen and four months and now legally able to work part-time at Makkas, so he tells me. He’s applied already. He’s done it very tough; somehow he’s turned into a really good kid. Fourteen seems so very young to me when I look at him and think of myself, and all you guys above. What babies we all really were. On the cusp of adult life.

  39. Mundi

    I delivered papers and flyers with my brother when I was 12 and him 14. It was a set rate per suburb that was bid down. We were lucky to make $5 per hour after folding and deliverong, that was in the 90s.

    Most of my jobs as a student were cash in hand. Find someone with a cleaning contract and offer to work for them. Usually got $50 for 4 hours work. That was as late as early 2000’s.

    During uni I worked two 12 hour shifts at a market on sat+sun. Cleaned a bowls club after bingo on every Friday night. Cleaned toilets and floors at 6pm every weekday at two small shopping centres. All for cash.

    The problem is today, such jobs don’t exist because the penalties are to high. It only takes one third party to dob your arrangement in, claim it’s a sham contractor arrangement, and the employer is now having to back pay you to $21/hour, plus super, plus other costs.

    I experienced this first hand. I would man quite market stalls for $10/hr. 70% of the time I would sit there studying. We all liked the job because it was basically money for free. Eventually of course some idiot dobbed them in and the jobs become became instantly uneconomical.

    The best place for youngsters now is companies like McDonald’s who use lobbying to get around minimum wage and conditions through there union deals. They can pay young staff less than a mum and pop Pizza shop can.

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