Muddy: Catictionary Part IV.

Behold! Witness the majesty and power of the Catictionary, a new catalexicon (h/t Rasputin) for those who value the blessing of the English language. Speak ye these words and see thine enemies (or irritating family members) smote with perplexity and wonder! Spread them like you would an infectious disease in a Liberal Party Cabinet meeting.

Translation: Following is the product of the three previous posts seeking original words to introduce to the unsuspecting world.

I’ve slashed and burned a little, so if your suggestion has not appeared here, please do not take it personally. You may not agree with my editorial decisions, but someone has to make them.

Please persist, because this project – which I hope will expand further over time – is nothing without active participation from the clowder.

A number of words as yet have no suitable definition. Even if it isn’t ‘your’ word, you are free to define it and will be acknowledged for doing so.

You might also note that the formatting is a bit average, so feel free to make suggestions there also.



Abbariginal. Someone who is quite fair-skinned, blonde and claiming aboriginality for the money, money, money. Shy Ted.

Acadumic – When the alleged intelligent one states something so incredibly stupid. Shy Ted.

Alternative spelling and definition: “Acadumbic – a uni professor who dumbs down students and makes them stupider. An “acadumbic statement” can then be an allegedly intelligent sounding statement which is actually incredibly stupid and devoid of facts or reason. Mr. Rusty.

Accelerated Nation Ruin. Myrddin Seren.

Accusuals – The usual accusers. Steve.

Alt-Racist – Reactionary throwback who believes that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin. Iain C.

Allaholic Frenzy. (1) – Display of highly agitated behaviour, often in a crowd setting. Can be triggered by almost anything that can be interpreted as disrespectful to Islam, esp. cartoon. Frequently seen in Islamic areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and England. Patients suffering from Allaholic Frenzy are advised to be cautious when operating machinery or motor vehicles. References: (1). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 6th Edition: DSM-6. Eddystone.

Alutheran – A forward-thinking progressive who thinks a man should be judged by the colour of his skin, not the content of their character, and who is thus supercilious and condescending towards an Alt-Racist.” Mr. Rusty.

Antigagnostic – A leftist who becomes agitated and hostile when faced with knowledge and facts. Mr. Rusty.



Balance of poorer – To control the votes to ensure Australia’s prosperity is never realised. ‘By holding the balance of poorer Senargy defeated the bill once again.’ Winter has come.

Balancers – Those who always look on the bright side of any beheading or car crushing event. Iain Russell.

Billabonk – “Having a root next to a waterhole. Phill.

Bolshie Ballet – The carefully choreographed routine employed by all leftards when the hideous crimes and failures of socialism are brought up. Responses such as “but that wasn’t real communism”, “but Scandinavia” and “but outside forces” are very common. Mr. Rusty.



Canoebaya (noun) – A metaphorical or imagined state in which all parties are in the same boat, but that’s OK because equality and that’s fantastic, man. See also “we are us.” 132andBush.

Catalexicon. Rasputin.

Castrocian – the end of the Cuban dynasty. Rasputin.

Catributors. Tintarella di Luna.

Christianists – They did the Crusades and the Inquisition. They’re not real Christians, like the Islamists aren’t real Islamics. [email protected]

Cleft Parrot – A jibbering, dribbling, unintelligible member of the collectivist left that is unable to form proper sentences or coherent words. Mr. Rusty.

Climatocracy – The upper echelons of the climate science and activist fraternity, made wealthy as dauphins by immeasurable government largesse and whose interbreeding extends to mutual peer review of each others’ work. New members can only be by anointment by fellow Climatocrats or by marriage (joining the reseach group of a Climatocrat). Iain C of The Ponds.

Climatrocity – The catastrophic exploitation of CO2 by enemies of the people as a means to grab power via a one-world government. Faye.

Cultural guilticide. Calli.



Derection– What you get when a left wing female takes her clothes off. Shy Ted.

Delection – The subtle art of going to an election, losing seats, but managing to hang on to power. Shy Ted.

Dhummi – A leftist who promotes Islam and wants mass Muslim immigration to Western countries. Mr. Rusty.

Dimformation – Propaganda disguised as information spread by the Marxist Stream Media to the low information, low engagement populace designed to dumb them down even further. Mr. Rsuty.

Dimwitterati – Our energy policy masters. Geoff Derrick.

Dingoat. Stimpson J. Cat.

Alternative definition: Dingoat I suppose could be applied to all LNP members of state and federal parliament save those who voted for Tony Abbott- my local member is a dingoat. Tintarella di Luna.

Dodgeridoo – A fake Aboriginal artefact. Phill.



Endocrime System – AKA “politics.” The system of exploitation, theft, corruption and nepotism that results in the phenomenon of politicians and senior public servants becoming incredibly rich via the political system. Mr. Rusty.

Erdogang – The group determined to take secular Turkey back into the dark ages. Herodotus.



Farticulation – Talking cr*p. Calli.

Feminein, Femineins. Faye.

Foregasm – Another wonderful feeling one gets when Treasury forecasts a balanced budget sometime in the next 20-30 years. Captain Crunch.

Flannery – A unit of measurement of rain. “I think we’ve had over 75 ‘Flannerys’ in the past week.” A Flannery being 50 gigalitres. Wivenhoe Dam [in south east Queensland] at 1,165 GL is…23.3 Flannerys. Bill Thompson. Definition: Entropy.

Alternative definition: An actionable noun. ie, There was a good ten minutes of solid mutual Flannery from Richard Di Natale and Fran Kelly this morning … meaning, moralistic green-left overstatement, verging on catastrophism, with no apparent embarrassment or acknowledgement of past gaffes. Dave in Marybrook.

Faulty-cultural – A multi-cultural society gone wrong which tends to occur after importing a backward 7th Century culture incompatible with your societal norms. Mr. Rusty.

Faulti-culti – (See above). A particular culture that, once introduced, will eventually corrupt and destroy a host culture. Mr. Rusty.

Fauxboriginal – White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA or ‘how they feel. Carpe Jugulum.

Fauxb/Fauxbia/Fauxbic – The dishonest and slanderous labelling of an individual who publicly questions the narrative imposed by a self-selected moral elite regarding specific favoured groups which share characteristics such as race, gender, sexual preference, religious or cultural belief. e.g. Homofauxbia, Islamofauxbia. The labelled individual is portrayed as suffering from an irrational fear, akin to a dangerous mental illness, of one or more of the favoured groups, thus consciously separating themselves from the societal ‘norm’ and voluntarily surrendering any rights, protections or privileges. This pathologising of dissent is analogous to the historical concept of outlawry, wherein an individual was legally stripped of the rights enjoyed by fellow citizens as the result of an alleged crime committed by the accused. Said outlaw could be ‘hunted’ using means not otherwise permitted by the contemporary legal system. The Post-Rational branding of an individual as a ‘fauxb’ presently submits them for hunting (by any and all persons who express an interest) in a reputational and social sense only, though Self-Elected Retributive Justice Magistrates (SERJMs, or simply RJMs) aim to progress legislation to the point where the hunting of fellow humans is again sanctioned by society as a whole, or its unelected representatives.

Fleffers – Far-left activists who routinely are stacked into the audiences of panels and TV shows (see Q&A) in order to whoop, cheer and vigorously applaud their ideology and its espousers. This has the effect of keeping them pumped up and excited until the other people’s money shot is reached. Mr. Rusty.

Fridgicide – Thanks to a US intellectual we now know that this, not Islamic, terrorism is the real threat to western civilisation. Adelagado.



Gangreen – A member of the minority watermelon party. Rasputin.

Grateness – Turnbull: Greatness into Grateness. Mother Lode.

Gaypr – An abbreviation of ‘Gay Privilege.’ Muddy.

Gayredherringcrumb – People discussing something someone else doesn’t want them to discuss. Notafan.

Grammargasm. Chris.

Grotesque National Product – New monetary measure describing the shrinking difference between the slightly increasing Gross National Product and the out of control total Federal and State Government debt. Iain C.




Homopath – A gay person who wants to harm to anyone deemed to be “homophobic”. Mr. Rusty.

Hyperhyperventilist – A person who hyperventilates at the slightest statement or action that could be considered politically incorrect e.g. someone who is incensed that President Trump complimented Macron’s missus on her appearance. Mrs Bouquet in Keeping Up Appearances would qualify if she were more left-wing rather than a conservative. Philip Dowling.

Hypertainsion – The nervousness felt between a terrorist incident and the confirmation of which group or ideology committed the act. Mr. Rusty.

Hysteractomy – A barren, soulless, progressive female who goes on a hysterical rant of fake outrage at the tiniest of slights. (ref. Gillard misogyny “speech”). Mr. Rusty.



Indanity – The mentally disturbed behaviour of Victoristan’s premier. Incoherent Rambler.

Insulterati. Viva.

Intaxication – That wonderful feeling Government gives you when they spend $ on you. But you know a headache is coming. Captain Crunch.

Interchangeable Filthcog. John Constantine.

Interruption Lotto – A conservative version of the traditional game of ‘Chicken’ wherein a small group of genetically unique Catallaxians regularly and voluntarily expose themselves to psychological trauma by watching an extreme-left propaganda broadcast from the taxpayer funded Ministry of Truth. The Catallaxian who can demonstrate the lowest level of mental disturbance at the end of the program each week is declared the ‘winner’ and is awarded an imaginary pair of ‘chaps’ to use as they please until the following week. There is at present no mandatory drug testing of participants.    Carpe Jugulum.



Journolice/Journolouse. Snoopy.



Kleptocrony. John Constantine?

Kleptoswampturd. John Constantine?

Koraninanity – The argument that Islam is just like Christianity because Crusades. Calli.



Lattesexual – Inner city dweller willing to have meaningless sex with any gender after a couple of shots. Baa Humbug.

Leftwaffe, The – The droning, mechanical formations of SJW’s that carpet bomb social media with hashtags and believe they are superior to all others. Mr. Rusty.

Loan Wolf – A recent arrival to Australia, a previous resident of a caliphate, on loan, at taxpayer expense. Aims to turn Australia into the place they left, fond of truck and car based street performances. Nick.

Luddlumite – One slow on the uptake of essential information while fast talking. Herodotus.



Maloney – Anything our beloved leader says. Captain Crunch.

Mallard/s. (Also Dallard/s). Those concrete barriers our brain dead elites have chosen to decorate our cities with. Can be interchanged as barrier to any future prosperity. Captain Crunch.

ManBunPig – A metrosexual who gets their panties in a bunch for no specific reason. Carpe Jugulum.

Marxist Stream Media – The collective formerly known as the Mainstream Media. Mr. Rusty.

Meducation System – Systematic drugging of our brightest, most active children to be dumber than our teachers. Jumpnmcar.

Methnic – An ethnic addicted to Meth. Stimpson J. Cat.

Monobattery / SAbattery – By using OPM, SA ensures it remains on the bleeding edge of energy technology. Similar to the monorail purchased by the Simpson town of Springfield. Winter has come.

MsGuided – A state of mind whereby a tiny fraction of a percentage of angry, talentless, extremist women with no social skills believe they know exactly what all remaining women think, feel and desire, if only the Patriarchy let them. Iain C.

Musk Stick – What male lefties get when talking renewables; What politicians get after Elon has been to town. Jobsy.

Muskovite – A person who accepts the spiel of a carpetbagger as fact. Yon Toad.



Naggot – A conjunction of ‘nag’ and ‘maggot”: a certain highly paid public servant without whom, according to this same individual, our society would descend into a spiral of name-calling and malevolent staring. Fred Lenin.

Neo-Apartheid – Progressive, compassionate policy that supposes that locking certain sections of the community into their old non-Western, non-technological culture will magically result in improved standards of living. Iain C.



OPMShot/Other People’s Money Shot. The excitement felt by spraying around taxpayers money whilst proclaiming yourself to be the most amazing person ever, screaming “fair share” and reprimanding any dodgers. Mr. Rusty.

Orcleft, Their. John Constantine.



Phallinked – A person associated with the “Safe Schools” child grooming program. Carpe Jugulum.

Pollicock – Political correctness (remembering ‘poppycock’). Faye.

Pollikak – From Collins English Dictionary – C19 from Dutch dialect ‘pappekak’ literally: soft excrement, from ‘pap’ soft + ‘kak’ dung. Faye.

Pollycy. That policy which the average punter knows will achieve nothing and is done purely for political purposes. Shy Ted.

Pregressive – A self-righteous, soi disant ultra-modern thinker who takes his agricultural beliefs from 10,000 BC (pre-farming), social policies from 3000 BC (pre-family groups), marital policies from 1500 BC (pre-Mosaic monogamy), science and technological ideas from 1700 AD (pre-industrial revolution) and economic guidance from 1860 (Marx). Iain C.

Pretard – The extremely rare occurrence of a hot lefty who adopts Progressive standpoints in order to improve their social standing with other Progtards. Mr. Rusty.

Preposterist – Someone who expects others to believe their bullsh*t. Calli.



Quilty – Adjective. After Archibald-botherer and, inexplicably, official war artist Ben Quilty. This is the flashy, mannered impasto now slapped around weekly by Anh Do, and because it echoes the puffed-up comfort of a quilt. Dave in Marybrook.



Rabz Doctrine – Shut. It. Down. Fire. Them. All. ‘Rabz it.’ Rabz.

Robber Baron Theory – A left-leaning vagina is better than a straight white penis. Robber Baron.

Rakeathon – Doubling down on bullshit after being whacked in the face with a rake. Zippy.

Raycism: An inability or unwillingness to judge a person based solely on their shadow. The inability to elevate an individual’s perceived ‘value’ based on supposed racial origin. Muddy.

Rearviewergy – Rear view energy. Politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists decide that the way forward is to firmly fix our sight in the rear view mirror – i.e. windmills.

Red Squirrel – “A distraction released during an argument with a lefty (who is losing the debate).” Mr. Rusty.

Relaxivism – The use of reason and logic to calm a fellow citizen who has become alarmed or agitated by prophecies put forward by special interest groups. Relaxivism strives to remove hysteria and emotion from debates and to replace it with rationality and scepticism. Beliaik.

RoPe – RoP evangelists. Given enough RoPe… pbw.

Ruinables. John Constantine.



Senarchy – The process by which senate minority parties block the mandate of an elected government. Another old bloke.

Senargy – Where the combined power of the Upper House mobilises to diminish any chance of reigning in government spending. Winter has come.

Shutitdownism – The only viable end result after gubberment has tampered, regulated, interfered or taxed a system that should not have been in to start with. Fibro. (See also Rabz Doctrine).

Slacktivist – Someone who only attends demos after midday. Calli.


Socialislam – The unofficial alliance between the left and Islam against Western liberal democracy. Mr. Rusty.

Spitcoin – Their internal currency of choice, the more spitcoins a swampy accumulates, the higher on their virtue ladder they are elevated and the greater the range of lesser deplorable people they can spit down on. John Constantine.

Splodehenge – Recently installed tumescent terror totems, installed across Sydney and Melbourne CBDs. Not related to any one group in particular. (See Loan Wolf). Nick.

Squandermonkies. Thefrolickingmole.

Surfdom – The indolent lifestyle and slacktivist world on the internet … the coming serfdom under leftist rule. Cui Bono.



Tealighting – Acts and deed carried out (such as the lighting of candles) that occur after a terrorist incident involving the RoP by those who wish to deny, misdirect and distort reality. Mr. Rusty.

Testosterdrone – A beta male who can’t resist trolling even when he’s reviled, ignored, chastised, and wrong. Herodotus.

Tollerance – The heavy monetary and social price Western countries have to pay in order to ‘enjoy’ the ‘benefits’ of multiculturalism. A Lurker.

Triggs Point – The realisation that after broadcasting your contempt for someone in the left media for days that you have completely forgotten the facts of the matter. Iain C.

Trumpentia – An altered state of consciousness where reasoned argument explodes in a red mist of mental self-harm. Tom.

Tuppitude – Sexual intercourse involving sheeple. Mr. Rusty.

Two-bagger – Your typical leftist/SJW who is as repulsive in the outside as they are on the inside and thus during tuppitude require two paper bags over the head in case the first one falls off. Mr. Rusty.



Unintelligentsia, The – The “ruling” class, from the UN down to all major political parties and NGO hangers-on. Some History.



Vichy Liberals – Liberal Party politicians who conspire against Australian values. Robber Baron.

Vinegar Tits – An old bagged-out Stasi radical commie disguised as a conservative. Rob MW.

VisOrama – Panoramic Virtue Signalling (anything from the environment to sexuality to electing a black, Marxist homosexual as president). Baa Humbug.

Vomitary Contribution: Payments demanded with a veneer of volunteerism which make you sick. Rasputin.





Youthajism – The smug, satisfactory feeling achieved by SJW students as they march, chant and ejaculate meaningless slogans and platitude. Often used as a substitute for the fact that SJWs are largely incapable of getting laid, or if they are then it’s with a two-bagger. Mr. Rusty.



Zyx – The politically-correct form of ‘Dude.’ i.e. ‘Zyx, check out the pair on that one!’ Muddy.

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70 Responses to Muddy: Catictionary Part IV.

  1. pete m

    Did this site come up with “Allens Snackbar”?

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha


  3. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha


  4. Andrew

    Allahu Akhbarriers

    Recurrent Extreme Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder

  5. Dr Faustus

    Disasterati: the airhead commentariat thrilling about the latest research by [add carpetbagger of choice here] that proves the catastrophic impact of Climate Change on [add object of choice here] will end the world as we know it.

  6. Dr Faustus

    Vote herd: The dull proletariat that, like sheep, reliably feed and clothe the political elite, needing only to be herded into the correct pen at election time by the offer of treats and/or snapping teeth.

  7. Motelier

    I can I am going to have to print a copy of this and leave it on the coffee table when the green/left in-laws come to visit.

    Should be a great conversation starter. 😇

  8. Love it – Some of those made me laugh out loud.

  9. Tim Neilson

    UNuchs – politicians whose modus operandi is fawning obsequiousness at international diplomatic gatherings.

  10. notafan

    Vote herd is a John Constatinism.

    Now a commonly used expression.

  11. C.L.

    For a possibly confused party, I defined Hi-Alanism back in 2012.

  12. C.L.

    No reference here to Fisk’s Keynesian Rape Multiplier.

  13. thefrolickingmole

    Mr Rusty is an ornament to the English mangleage.

  14. Rabz

    Bollards of Peace: Ugly (often concrete) barriers placed in previously open public spaces by braindead Quisling politicians aimed at reassuring the proles that attacks by rogue vehicles will be prevented by the bollards presence. Invariably end up covered in graffiti, further contributing to the alienating neo-brutalism that constitutes so much urban public space.

    Erkos: Large soviet style plastic framed glasses worn by (whether needed or not) SJWs. The most popular frame colour is black, but wymminses will often wear frames in colours such as yellow and pink. Named after the inner Sydney suburb that is SJW central. Erko clad SJWs were extensively depicted in Bill Leak cartoons.

    The Mantra™ 2.0:

    Shut it down
    Fire them all
    Mound of skulls
    Salt the earth

  15. Clam Chowdah

    Was going to say, Hi-Alanist/ism was coined by CL…

  16. lotocoti

    I believe Xianist predates Christianist.
    I was thinking of dusting off Bedwetters of the Apocalypse, but it’s a little cumbersome these days.

  17. A Lurker

    ATMs – Australian Taxpaying Machines (otherwise known as taxpayers, that politicians and governments raid/withdraw money from.)


  18. NB

    Flannery is ill-defined (but beautifully so). Should be:
    1) ) Substitute for Hanrahan.
    2) A unit measure for hardness – see Musk Stick.

  19. Pedro the Ignorant

    Beautifully done, Muddy.

    I hereby award you the inaugural Bill Leak trophy.

    Awarded for slaying sacred cows, puncturing puffed up balloon heads and taking the piss out of the politically correct pecksniffs and wowsers that infest OZ.

  20. C.L.

    Was going to say, Hi-Alanist/ism was coined by CL…

    Alas, no. See my link.

  21. pbw

    After gaypr:-
    Diepr: a terminally ill, or simply an ageing, gaypr.

  22. pbw

    Prelapse: a young person confused about his sexual identity.

  23. Econocrat

    Treasurinomics the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about the economy. Also see Astrology.

  24. John64

    Great work!

    I’d like to also see a definitive sub-listing of commonly used names on the Cat that always make me LOL:

    Aardvark of Beaconsfield
    That Wong Chap
    The Nuclear Milkman (magnificent)
    Paul Bungjourno
    Ol’ Leathery
    The Slovenian Hag
    Therapeutic Albo
    Mick Trumble
    Goose Swansteen
    Frank Elly
    Emma Alberscreechy

    Just a few off the top of the head …….

  25. Helen

    What about Tinta’s? Forgettery as in put something there deliberately?

  26. Yon Toad

    Brandywhine: A response from a politician when confronted by a woman who is not a Muslim, wearing a burkha.

  27. Tom

    Dedication above and beyond, Muddy. Thank you. When the current stupid epidemic eventually recedes, such humour and love of language — not to mention rational thought — will be fashionable again.

  28. Real Deal

    This is magnificent. Congratulations to you, Muddy and all the contributors. This should be published for next Father’s Day. Far more worthwhile than any Fitzsimons tome. Great stuff.

  29. Rabz

    Aardvark of Beaconsfield – HB Bear
    That Wong Chap – Muck of GC
    The Nuclear Milkman (magnificent) – Bear (again)
    Paul Bungjourno – Tom?
    Ol’ Leathery – Marcus Classis
    The Slovenian Hag – Tinta
    Therapeutic Albo – ?
    Mick Trumble – Tom
    Goose Swansteen – Rabz
    Frank Elly – Bear
    Emma Alberscreechy – Prof Bunyip
    Snowcone – JC?

  30. Chris

    Did this site come up with “Allens Snackbar”?

    I think you will find snackbarring used in other places where there are people who have had Sandpit time.

  31. Chris

    The Rabz Doctrine.
    Messy – but you know it makes sense.

  32. Muddy

    Did this site come up with “Allens Snackbar”?
    If someone can confirm that, it’s in.

    See above.

    Offenderati – Someone has suggested that was not an original. Convince me otherwise.

    Lurker: ATMs – Sorry, no. I’m trying to avoid acronyms. If you can provide a good definition of social(ist) media, yes.

    Forgettory – Someone previously suggested this was a Kruddism. Yes? No?

    Yestapo – Tough one. Clever, but I’m not keen on the whole ‘Nazi’ thing, because it dilutes a word that once had deep meaning. I’ll think about this one.

    Erkos – Cat original? Yes? No?

    lotocoti – Xianist? I don’t follow.

    John64 et al: I love the names, but how do they fit in?

  33. Muddy

    No reference here to Fisk’s Keynesian Rape Multiplier.


  34. Yon Toad

    Arabesk: Line dancing Jihadis.

  35. Yon Toad

    Bombe Arabica: A self igniting coffee based dessert.

  36. calli

    Forgettory – Someone previously suggested this was a Kruddism. Yes? No?

    It’s a Ma Ruddism, quoted by the Milky Bar Kid himself in one of his aw shucks cringathons.

    The Cat, on the other hand, is The Remembery.

  37. A Lurker

    Lurker: ATMs – Sorry, no. I’m trying to avoid acronyms. If you can provide a good definition of social(ist) media, yes.

    Try these:

    Australian Taxpayer Machine – an Australian taxpayer whose only function is to provide $$$$ for the political class to waste and throw at special interest groups.

    Social(ist) Media – Platforms like Facebook supposedly created for people to share photos, news and personal views with family and friends, but in actuality it is used to disseminate and reinforce Leftist ideology and agendas via online Astroturfing and through censorship of alternative views and inconvenient facts.

    p.s. I think Yestapo is brilliant.

  38. 132andBush

    The “Therapeutic Albo ” could be shortened to “an Albo ”

    “Gosh I’ve had a hard day, could really do with an Albo”
    “How much for an Albo in this town?”

  39. TFX

    Mr Rusty’s definition of a two bagger is wrong and has been superseded by three baggers. The first bag is placed over the head of the SJW so you do not have to look at it. The second bag goes over your own head in case the first bag breaks. The third bag goes over your dog’s head so that he cannot see your choice and lose all respect for you.

  40. Faye

    Feminein, femineins: The negative of feminine. They are a certain group of bitter, mostly privileged, women who bitch about how badly off they are. Femineins aren’t to be sneezed at because governments of political correctness, readily legislate the femineins’ worthless whims to the detriment of the sane population.

  41. Snoopy

    Qataris: potential bonzer Aussies

    H/T dot.

  42. Jumpnmcar

    Instagamification- the emotion felt by instagraming fake videos of your Shity existence as evidence of your fantastic existence.

    From this 13 year old mental freak ( I say that with admiration)

    { language warning }

  43. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Wamens – this is Stimpson J Cat’s word for ladies of the left and other females being wamenish.
    I think it is an original of his.

    Well done, Muddy. What a fantastic collection from great minds thinking fun things up in order to skewer the left good and proper.

  44. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Tom speaks of a ‘stupid epidemic’, and there is also ‘peak stupid’ (as in ‘peak oil’)

  45. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Is ‘gaystapo’ a Cat original? Also ‘Greenfilth’?

    And did Tinta invent ‘severely educated’? I love that one, meaning someone who has been very strongly indoctrinated in leftish bulltish (my polite way of saying bullshit), especially at school or in some form of tertiary training.

  46. This is getting to be a work of considerable substance. Some really brilliant stuff there.

    Is copyright a consideration?

    mizaris #2518480, posted on October 9, 2017 at 12:27 pm


    That is brilliant. A person with a good nose for spotting the ideologically unreliable.

    The NDSAP association is not that crass, we need to get over that and see the humour, and I doubt it brings disrespect on those who suffered the real thing. It’s not to diminish or make light their suffering, its better to honour it and remember it, even if it’s by jokes. Consider the imagery of Bill Leak’s goosestepping rainbow worriers. Remember the posh Democrat who said to Mel Brooks about The Producers: ‘I have to tell you, Mr. Brooks, that your movie is vulgar.’ Brooks smiled benevolently. ‘Lady,’ he said, ‘it rose below vulgarity.'”

    Lurker: ATMs – Sorry, no. I’m trying to avoid acronyms. If you can provide a good definition of social(ist) media, yes.

    Australian Taxpaying Mug – A person who is disguised as a phrase to hide the shame of being a TLA to the ATO.

  47. Nopery – Senior Christian clerics who appear unaffected by the malevolence of the Gay and Yes stapos.

    The reference could be just as easily meant to be the various geheime and staats polizei in the Eastern bloc.

  48. A Lurker #2518768, posted on October 9, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Social(ist) Media – Platforms like Facebook supposedly created for people to share photos, news and personal views with family and friends, but in actuality it is used to disseminate and reinforce Leftist ideology and agendas via online Astroturfing and through censorship of alternative views and inconvenient facts.

    That is very good. Should LinkedIn be mentioned?

  49. Faye

    #2518822, posted on October 9, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Feminein, femineins: The negative of feminine. They are a certain group of bitter, mostly privileged, women who bitch about how badly off they are. Femineins aren’t to be sneezed at because governments of political correctness, readily legislate the femineins’ worthless whims to the detriment of the sane population.

    Feminstein – What a cute 21 year old feminist becomes thirty years later.

  50. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    my contribution for the day

    regretchik: spineless conservative who immediately kowtows to cultural marxism when accused of something politically incorrect.

  51. Muddy

    Another great batch to add to the Catictionary. Thanks everyone.

    There are several here that are what I would label ‘redefs’ or redefinitions of existing words or phrases, so as clever as they may be, I will have to executive-decision them.

    Jannie – you make a fair point about Yestapo, which I too think is very clever and catchy, but I’m still undecided.

    Keep them coming please.

  52. Dave in Marybrook

    Don’t forget fauxphobia!

  53. Yon Toad

    Bishoprick: A handbag to cart along with you to ease the boredom of those grueling business class flights between, for example, Canberra and Perth or Perth and Adelaide. It can even be a useful piece of hand baggage for those interminable international business class flights and double as an accessory at photo opportunities with international celebrities.

  54. Stimpson J. Cat

    Wamens – this is Stimpson J Cat’s word for ladies of the left and other females being wamenish.
    I think it is an original of his.

    It’s an Australian variant of Pewdiepies Swedish whamen.
    Respect whamen.

  55. Don’t forget fauxphobia!

    Did I first coin islamofauxbia? As in “the pretence that being wary of homicidal jihadists is somehow irrational”.

  56. I didn’t see this earlier. Inspired by


    What about:

    Handdag – a political accessory of dubious value.

  57. egg_

    Must be an earnest, recent list – sans “meeja” (yours truly purloined from Margo’s blog ‘meejawatch’), “Mal Turnbuckle” (glad to see Habib still uses), Flannercast, Tim Flummery – self explanatory; “clown shoes” (Bolta purloined from yours truly) thrown at JWH, & so on.

    Glad to see a renewed use of “Aunty”, even by Aunty herself.

    I’m sure the Cat is plagiarised by others (particularly Aunty’s writers – looking at you, Micallef) and that’s the greatest compliment.

  58. egg_

    Tractor Kelly/Nanny Franny – JC/Egg
    Ol’ Leathery/Leatherface/The Scrote/(Ron Burgundy) – various/(JC/Egg)
    Tits/Dolly Shorten – various/IT
    Barn door/Bananaby – (JC/Egg)

  59. Tator

    Bugga, Tator’s addendum to Godwins didn’t get a mention.

    The addendum adds that any commentator that resorts to using terms such as “Racist” or “Bigot” purely because they cannot disagree in a normal manner has forfeit the debate completely due to a complete lack of intellectual capacity to participate.

    Can add a few more like JC’s theorem on MMT
    “Fuck of with that rubbish”

  60. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    don’t forget:

    The Great Replacement™

  61. test pattern

    ‘Fauxboriginal – White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA or ‘how they feel. ‘

    No such thing. Hit me with your bigot stick hit me hit me ..

    In the bigots’ fanstasyland,
    And Catallaxy Dixieland,
    Hit me with your bigot stick
    Hit me hit me hit me!

  62. A Lurker

    Cool! I found this old post.
    Here are another three contributions from me.

    SSM = Sham-Sex Marriage

    House of Representatives = House of UnRepresentatives (as in not representing Australians, but in actuality, representing only the interests of the anti-democratic United Nations).

    Termite = An adherent of the Marxist Left who is actively eating away at the strength of Western society.

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