Getting your priorities right

From Drudge, and no doubt representing the news balance everywhere.


NKorea: Trump Has ‘Lit The Wick Of War’…
Threatens ‘Hail Of Fire’…


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10 Responses to Getting your priorities right

  1. Mike of Marion

    Get this bloke but under no circumstanced go near Bill.

  2. Robbo

    If that grubby bastard topped himself it would be poetic justice.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    To avoid “suicide” I suspect he’d be wise to flee to Moscow or Tel Aviv as soon as possible.

  4. LGS

    I remember some years ago when now-Senator Derryn Hinch was still broadcasting on the radio, he responded to concerns that a convicted paedophile might commit suicide, by saying that he “wished he had topped himself many years ago”!

  5. Myrddin Seren

    Why would the FBI be probing an alleged mental health issue ?

    Or is this a Clinton mental health intervention ?

    FBI finds Harvey Weinstein slumped over his keyboard. He was shot five times in the back of the head. The FBI director has indicated no medical examiner is needed – it was plainly suicide. Hillary Clinton has Tweeted that she is relieved we can all put this shameful moment in Hollywood’s grand history of women’s empowerment behind us.

  6. Myrddin Seren



    Two different DM stories.

    FBI on the case for plant molestation – a breach of Federal EPA regs.

    LAPD looking for suicidal Harvey.

    Love this header from the DM scribbler:

    The DOJ’s order is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with President Trump’s defeated rival Hillary Clinton

    Right – hands off the various crims connected to the DNC in case the dots connect too closely. Goddit.

  7. Up The Workers!

    Oh No! Shock Horror!

    “Weinstein Suicide Fears”

    Would they be fears that the cowardly Leftard grub WILL suicide?
    Or fears that he WON’T?

    Maybe the sisterhood at ‘Emily’s List’ could give him a helping hand – after all, death is just as much their business as any Auschwitz Concentration Camp Guard’s, but they are virulent Leftards too, which would explain their utter silence.

  8. Rabz

    Bruce and Myrrds have got it right. Arkancide is what poor ol’ Harvey needs to fear.

  9. True Aussie

    (((Weinstein))) is connected to many powerful people, including Hillary. He could possibly have evidence that can bring down a lot more powerful people than him so long as he does not commit suicide by shooting himself in the back from across the room while being mugged during a weightlifting accident and then falling out a window…

  10. notaluvvie

    Drudge? It was more like a The Onion headline.

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