Another Nobel Peace Prize fail

What is it with the Nobel Peace Prize selectors who seem to have a penchant for choosing people or groups that have done nothing to advance world peace or even have worsened that cause?

We’ve had Al Gore and his climate alarmism. We’ve had Barack Obama for promise never fulfilled.

And now in 2017 it is to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). If this group of nutters achieved their objective, the world would be at war. They attempt to put pressure on the United States to give up its nuclear arsenal. Do they really think Kim Jong-Un , Mamnoon Hussain, Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin will be similarly disposed? It is absolutely ludicrous and the campaign should and will fail.

Nuclear weapons are the key to peace. We have not had World War III precisely because of nuclear weapons.

Rather than listening to the ICAN, the Nobel committee should have read Brad Roberts’ excellent book The Case for US Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century. Roberts’ exposition shows clearly why ICAN is wrong, very wrong.

Rather than eliminating nuclear weapons, the United States should develop a doomsday machine, and announce that it has been deployed. That would enable States to reduce military spending.

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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.
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20 Responses to Another Nobel Peace Prize fail

  1. stackja

    Just a feel good prize.

  2. RobK

    A wonderful film clip of old.
    Alfred Nobel would understand better than the committee.

  3. Jim Rose

    if you want peace, you must prepare for war

  4. mh

    Not sure if anyone should be listening to Quinny on serious subjects. Or any subject.

  5. Boambee John

    There are a lot fewer nuclear weapons in theworld now than at the end of the Cold War.

    Correlation is not necessarily causation, but the world seems much more dangerous now.

  6. Up The Workers!

    The Ignoble Peace Prize was awarded to Obola for no discernible reason other than his skin colour and the fact that he is a virulent Leftard, just like those other 3 great peace-loving Socialist nominees, Vladimir Putin was nominated in 2014 – despite sending his troops into the Ukraine that year; Joe Stalin was nominated in both 1945 and 1948 and his good former Socialist ally, Adolf Hitler was nominated for the same prize in 1939. I seem to recall that Hitler and Stalin BOTH kicked off a little war that year – a bit odd for an Ignoble Peace Prize nominee.

  7. candy

    I don’t see it as a fail. The climate scare has been damaging and Obama received the award before he did anything at all, which made a mockery of it.

    So this one to the ICAN group is actually living up to the aims of the Nobel Peace Prize, surely. What is wrong with that?

  8. Any organisation with “peace” or “democratic” in its name, isn’t. Ditto for “equality”.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Wonder if Kim Jong wassisname was nominated? Wouldn’t be surprised if the maggot was , “services to world peace and stability” ,I shouldn’t wonder , he would join a great mob of useless articles who have been given the Nobble Prize . Old Alf Nobel would be disgusted with the wankers handing out his money .

  10. bobby b

    Soon, they’ll be announcing the winners in the middle of important election campaigns.

    I was actually surprised that Hillary wasn’t announced as an early winner in the summer of 2016. It could have made a difference.

  11. Peter Sellers should get the prize. The funniest scene was when Group Captain Sellers meets the mad colonel and they discuss the theft of bodily essence. Everybody should get the Nobel prize for 15 minutes.

  12. Barry 1963

    I agree. In a perfect world we would not need nuclear weapons, indeed, we would not need weapons at all. Not going to happen 🙅‍♂️

  13. Piett

    Yes and no, Lucius. Right about the lack of major power war for over half a century, which has to be attributable, at least in part, to nukes. But that overlooks the possibility of nuclear war into the future, a very small possibility, but with catastrophic consequences. An Indo-Pak nuclear exchange could easily kill more people than WW2 did, given how densely populated the sub-continent is.

    Imagine I’m offering you a magic box. If you take it into your home, it guarantees security and prosperity for your family, for as long as you have it. But there is a 1% chance per annum that it will blow up, killing your family horribly, and devastating your entire suburb. Would you take the box?

    My view is that nukes will never be eliminated as long as we have tyrants in charge of major nations, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. But they should continue reducing the number — a process begun under Reagan. As long as a nuclear force can survive an enemy first strike, no nation, including the US, needs more than a couple of dozen weapons.

  14. Fulcrum

    Once upon a time the Nobel prizes were highly respected by all. Then they became politicised by the left, lost credibility and are sliding down the slippery slope at breakneck speed.
    They is a recurring theme to this story, but on the positive side, it doesn’t belittle the giants of science of bygone days.

  15. Eyrie

    With few enough weapons, how do you guarantee enough to survive a first strike?
    A couple of dozen might not even survive delivery and if a few get through the bad guys might consider it acceptable.
    Frankly as long as it doesn’t spread, a Pak-Indian exchange doesn’t bother me. Their people, their problem.
    It won’t happen though because both have them.

  16. Rabz

    Nuclear deterrence only works because of the concept of MAD.

    Which is precisely why people should be very concerned if a pack of ratbag millennarian loons like those imbeciles in Iran get their hands on them.

    Thanks to that frigging narcissistic ponce Obongo, this is now an inevitability.

  17. Cynic of Ayr

    Who funds these characters? No one as ever heard of the ICAN mob before they sucked up to get a Kewpie Doll.
    I mean, who is so dumb and stupid that they believe that they, as an unheard of committee, can influence the thinking and mindset of whole bloody nations?
    More like the ICAN’T mob.

  18. Paul

    I now fully understand why OBummer received his prize, allowing fat boy Kim build his nukes, and sign up to an agreement with Iran to ensure they have the money to buy nukes.
    German intelligence ( don’t laugh) have revealed that Iran tried 32 times in 2016, under Obummers watch, to acquire nukes.
    A worthy winner to keep our enemies armed and dangerous.

  19. Titch

    You only have to check out the people on the committee, to figure it out. They are an international version of the silly simpering blondes that infect morning television, but they think they are somehow superior. So sad that a noble award for real contribution to the world has been hijacked by the infantile twits that are on the selection committee. If nothing else, it truly reflects the depth that the award has sunk to, when totally nonsensical organizations are being awarded a prize that once qualified as something that deserved world wide recognition. Pretty well explains the current state of affairs, I would think.

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