It’s homicide not suicide – let’s get the language right

Language is a very powerful tool and it must be used properly.

The definition of homicide is – a person who kills another.

The definition of suicide is – the intentional taking of one’s own life.

Suicide is the killing of oneself.  Homicide is the killing of another.  The former one does to oneself.  The later one does to another.

We need to stop calling Australia’s energy policies “economic suicide”.  They are not.  They are not.  They are not.  Australia’s energy policies are “economic homicide”.

Spartacus did not do this to himself nor did a vast majority of Australians do it to themselves.  This is an act of economic homicide perpetrated by Australia’s elite.

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25 Responses to It’s homicide not suicide – let’s get the language right

  1. Oh come on

    Sparty, you know there’s an open thread for these kind of thoughts?

  2. Tel

    I would use the word “vandalism”.

  3. Chris

    A mass shooting where the shooter does not expect to survive has been called a ‘parasuicide event’.

  4. Chris

    So the economic vandals are not suiciders but MASS killers. Think of the lives MSF or SCF could save with another trillion dollars saved from Government destruction!

  5. John Constantine

    Revolutionary Economic Genocide is perfectly acceptable to the Will of Stalin.

    (As long as all those gold teeth do not go to waste.)

  6. Crossie

    A mass shooting where the shooter does not expect to survive has been called a ‘parasuicide event’.

    Malcolm, Bill Shorten et al expect to survive every adverse effect of their decisions. It’s the rest of the population that they are not interested in, particularly the conservative leaning people.

    I remember well that We Don’t Matter.

  7. RAZOR

    They are not just economic vandals.
    1. they are vandals full stop. Violence (up to death) is allowed against the conservatives for the greater human good.
    2. they are the intellectual yet idiot class.
    3. they may not in fact be qualified in wordly terms an intellectual , BUT they believe (genuinely) that they are the true intellectual.
    I do not know what we must do to stop this idiocy in it’s tracks – permanently. I have read recently that the latest beyond teenage generation are turning conservative. This in fact may be the democratic world’s only hope.

  8. amortiser

    Linky was a bit of a mess for a first try 🙁

  9. Muzzlehatch

    I am going to build my own light water reactor.

  10. Muddy

    YES! Now we’re getting it. Use our language as a weapon, just like those who use it against us.

    Except that while homicide describes the intention, it doesn’t quite cover the enormous breadth of the result. Economic Genocide covers it but is a little clunky. Suggestions?

  11. I used the term economic suicide in the Just Say It thread less than an hour ago.

  12. Muddy

    Sorry, I just noticed that John C beat me to it.

  13. min

    A group of retired engineers and scientists have sent an open letter to PM can be found on carbon sense .com or in comments in Bolt’s tips for the day. If some one can tell me how to do it I can put it on this post

  14. Ragu

    Such horrible grammar. Barely worth responding to this continuous spigot of crap.

  15. bjr

    Infanticide may be more appropriate. They act like children and they treat us like children.

  16. miltonf

    The political class is trying to crash the economy. Canberra sticking its nose into what was exclusively a state responsibility is a big part of the problem too.

  17. Roger

    The political class is trying to crash the economy.

    No; they’re bosting the economy through artificial means – immigration.

    The crash will inevitably come, though, when the Ponzi scheme becomes unsustainable.

    And with depleted social capital thanks to the multikulti cult we are ill prepared for it.

  18. Leo G

    Economic Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy perhaps?
    Deliberate harm to our wealth, income and articles of commerce at the hands of the representatives we elect to care for our economic well-being.

  19. Beyond the metaphor, in Victoria, the current Parliament is considering a bill that would actually allow doctors to deliberately kill the innocent; that is, to commit murder.

  20. Amortiser, brilliant article.
    It means that when we get the call to turn off home aircons, it won’t make a difference.
    The only thing that will, will be blacking out city blocks.
    Oh dear.
    How sad will that be for all the Inner City Greenies?

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