Poetry evening in Sydney 25th

The Lindt Cafe An elegy
and other poems by Alastair Spate
8pm October 25
Willoughby Hotel 315 Penshurst St Willoughby

– Lyric poems by program and by demand
– An Anglo-Celtic exclusive! Earliest English poem not heard since 732AD! Caedmon’s Hymn recited with harp accompaniment.
– Upstairs in the Henry Lawson room with its own bar

Inquiries to 0432 153362 or [email protected]

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9 Responses to Poetry evening in Sydney 25th

  1. Leo G

    An Anglo-Celtic exclusive! Earliest English poem not heard since 732AD! Caedmon’s Hymn recited with harp accompaniment

    The notation for measured chant wasn’t developed until the 13th century, so the harp accompaniment and the rhythm can only be pure conjecture.

  2. 2dogs

    The Angles had only just converted to Christianity when the Caedmon’s Hymn was created; you can see the recent cultural heritage of worshipping Frey present within the text. A mixing of traditions, almost to the point of equating the two deities like the Romans so often did.

  3. notaluvvie

    I’m sure there is a room of wet paint drying or a tennis match I have to watch somewhere.

  4. Rabz

    A delegation of Vogons will attend on my behalf.

  5. stackja

    I THINK that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.

  6. 2dogs

    I think that shall never hear
    A poem as lovely as beer.

  7. Turtle of WA

    I wrote this a few years ago. Pretty average, but I thought I’d share it.

    With apologies to John O’Brien.

    ‘We’ll all be rooned,’ said Flannery,
    In a tone smug and forlorn,
    Outside a desalination plant,
    One sunny summer’s morn.

    The left wing media huddled about,
    All credulous and green,
    And dreamed of terrifying headlines,
    Such as no one’s ever seen

    ‘The rain we get won’t fill the dams,’
    Said Flannery, filled with gloom
    ‘Global warming will dry the land
    Our water supply is doomed.’

    ‘It’s a moral challenge’ K. Rudd declared,
    ‘That defines our century.
    If we’re ever going to stop this drought,
    We’ll need a spending spree

    ‘It’s Climate Change!’ wept Greg Combet
    ‘Big Business is to blame!
    We need to tax their profits away
    Or it’s never going to rain!’

    ‘Rainfall’s down’ mourned old Bob Brown,
    ‘It’s the Big Polluter’s greed!
    We’ve got to tax them out into the ground
    To make this drought recede.’

    And Australians kept using power still,
    Heating and cooling their homes the same,
    And Lefties talked of carbon, and solar and windmills
    Promoting alarmist claims.

    And rain it did, in God’s good time,
    As it had rained before
    From Towong up to Condamine,
    The rain did pour and pour.

    The rain came down and didn’t stop
    The rivers and the dams,
    Were overflowing to the top,
    All across this once dry land

    ‘We’ll all be rooned,’ said Flannery
    ‘The science is very clear
    This flood was caused by Industry
    Polluting the atmosphere!’

    ‘That’s right’ Professor Steffan revealed
    ‘This flood is what we’d expect,
    For we know that climate change is real,
    And the models are correct.

    ‘We’ll all be rooned’ Said Flannery,
    Ad nauseum, forever changing his tune
    Weather events of this extremity
    Will increase in frequency soon.

    And the climate kept on changing
    Unaffected by Australia’s C02
    Ms Gillard lied and brought in a Carbon tax,
    With a tax on mining too,

    ‘We’ll all be rooned’, said the man on the street,
    Whose bills continued to rise
    The county’s got no money
    We’ve wasted it all on lies.

    By Turtle.

  8. test pattern

    I name this verse
    Patterson’s Curse.
    Ferally may she range
    Over unmoderated pagelands,
    Subvert fenced margins
    And pixel paddocks,
    Ignore algorithmic control programs
    And poison all who would edit her Liberty

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