Is Treasury leaking against the government?

This story reported in the Australian caught my attention:

Labor treasury spokesman Chris Bowen has quoted an email exchange between disgraced former Treasury official Godwin Grech and the government’s preferred candidate for ASIC chairman, John O’Sullivan, in justifying Labor’s campaign against Mr O’Sullivan.

Okay – so the question is: How did Chris Bowen get the email? It seems to me that there are two possibilities.

  1. Someone in Treasury leaked it to the opposition.
  2. Chris Bowen has a stash of documents and emails in his possession from his time in government.

Either way it is not a good look.

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17 Responses to Is Treasury leaking against the government?

  1. stackja

    Treasury leak. I am shocked.

  2. Bear Necessities

    Treasury hasn’t looked good for a couple of decades. Their estimates on Government revenue have been hopeless since the Wombat Whisperer ran it.

  3. Mak Siccar

    But does anyone here seriously think that this would have occurred to the useless LNP pollies and, if so, that they would ask Bowen the hard questions?

  4. H B Bear

    Once upon a time Treasury and the Productivity Commission were about the only two Federal government departments you had any faith in when it came to economic matters. Now that is just a fairy tale.

    Treasury should have been disbanded after it modeled Gillard’s carbon tax.

  5. Philippa Martyr

    My money’s on the stash.

    Just sayin’.

  6. Schultz

    There is a simple explanation – they were released as part of the utegate investigations.

  7. Sparkle Motion

    Not a good look from any perspective – content was a bit disturbing too. Not sure Grech did O’Sullivan too many favours there.

  8. Sergio Jones

    There is a cool new thing cool ‘google’:

    It reveals that: “the correspondence between Mr Grech and Mr O’Sullivan, [was] tabled as part of a Senate report on the affair”.

    So much for conspiracy theories.

  9. Malcolm

    No it’s all above board Sinclair. The Committee of Privileges of the Senate published all of those emails in 2009. See PP No, 396/2009.

  10. Mak Siccar

    Duly noted. Comment withdrawn.

  11. Rabz

    Rat Face Bowen being at large in society (let alone remaining in public office) as opposed to languishing in gaol is not a good look.

  12. Rabz

    Treasury should have been disbanded after it modeled Gillard’s carbon tax.

    Not to mention their sterling work on the Super Resources Mining Profits Tax or whatever the preposterous wombat fondling imbeciles called it at the time.

    Beyond parody.

  13. Econocrat

    Treasury is a Fabian Socialist anti-economic collective.

    Ken Henry and David Gruen have wrecked the joint.

  14. Up The Workers!

    Turtlehead Bowen should stick to drowning refugees for the ‘compassionate’ A.L.P..

    It is the ONLY bloody thing he has ever been successful at.

  15. Cannibal

    Bowen aspires to the dizzying heights of a snakes’s belly.

  16. Craig

    Think Bowen gives a ****?

  17. Up The Workers!

    “Treasury leaking against the Government?”

    No shit, Sherlock!

    They’ve been pissing billions and billions of dollars of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash up against a wall of idiot Brown Movement/terrorist-supportive/apocalyptic catastrophist/Humpty Dumpty causes for decades now.

    What else would you expect when the whole swamp-full of our Public Serpentry is composed of C.P.S.U. members financially affiliated with the awesomely innumerate, illiterate, incompetent Australian LIARS’ Party.

    LABOR(sic) – they have no place for “U”

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