Tis St. Crispin’s Day

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  1. Jock

    I prefer “The Declaration of Arbroath”.

  2. faceache

    Saint Crispin and Saint Crispian

    Also known as

    Crispinus and Crispianus


    Brothers and members of the imperial Roman nobility. Together they evangelized Gaul in the middle 3rd century. They worked from Soissons, France where they preached in the streets by day, made shoes by night. Their charity, piety, and contempt of material things impressed the locals, and many converted in the years of their ministry. Martyred under emperor Maximian Herculeus, being tried by Rictus Varus, governor of Belgic Gaul and an enemy of Christianity. A great church was built at Soissons in the 6th century in their honor; Saint Eligius ornamented their shrine.

    Because of his association with shoes, shoe-making, etc. a shoeshine kit is called a “Saint-Crispin”; an awl is “Saint Crispin’s lance”; and if your shoes are too tight, you are “in Saint Crispin’s prison.”


    tortured and beheaded c.286 at Rome, Italy

  3. Meanwhile back in England, Shakespeare has been outed as a dead white racist who still talks.

  4. calli

    Familiar in his mouth as household words

    Rather wonderful – the tempering of a language, hot from the forge.

  5. Siltstone

    I prefer “The Declaration of Arbroath”.

    The Scots needed a Shakespeare to improve that dour declaration.

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I prefer “The Declaration of Arbroath”.

    Met a bloke in Edinburgh, who’s got that tattooed on himself.

  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I don’t have a reference, but one of my mob was at El Alamein – 2/32nd Battalion – and the C.O. of one of the Australian battalions paraded his men before the battle and made a similar speech –

    “We’re going in against Rommel, and it won’t be easy – there will be Hell to pay. Any man who doesn’t want to go into battle along side his cobbers, just fall out now – you can go back to the transport lines – and nothing further will ever be said.”

    I’m going from what I read somewhere, so my memory may be at fault.

  8. Up The Workers!


    Is Kenneth Branagh getting his hair cut at Kim Jong Un’s barber these days?

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