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We’ve read about Hollywood’s response to the election of Donald Trump, the ridicule, the cheap shots, and they’re relentless. They cater to a Clinton audience, yet they’re indirectly target the Deplorables who took away the promised fifty years of Democrat ascendency. With the launch of George Clooney’s new film Suburbicon, Hollywood has taken off the gloves, and ‘identity politics’ becomes weaponised.

George Clooney makes no apology for using the using the film to highlight what he sees as the rise of white nationalism. In fact he was so concerned about the Trump rhetoric in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election, you know the promises about building ‘the wall’ and his emphasis on loyalty (a dirty word) and patriotism (even worse) that it got our Hollywood boy thinking about the past, the bad old days pre civil rights movements: “I started looking back at moments in our history, and I found this story in Levittown, Pennsylvania’.

I’m not sure how much our readers know about Pennsylvania, but this is ‘Bible Belt’ territory. Quakers and Methodists settled in Pennsylvania, and if you read Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We, he describes the definitive, conservative understanding of ‘The Creed’, of American identity, as he tells us that back in the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries, ‘Americans defined their mission in the New World in biblical terms. They were the “chosen people” on an “errand in the wilderness” creating “ the new Israel” or the “New Jerusalem” in what was clearly the “promised land”’.

For much of America ‘The Creed’ is little changed, but for the globalists in their midst, for Hollywood and the other Hillary acolytes, talk of The Creed, loyalty and patriotism is deeply disturbing, because it translates as ‘white nationalism’.

No doubt you can see where argument is going, but when you disregard the fact that sixty per cent of the American population is still white, that 85% of the electoral land mass is red (in a peculiar American political inversion, Red equates to Republican and Blue to Democrat) and that the reason for the frustration amongst the ‘fly-over’ folks, is that they had been taken for granted, and worse, thrown on the scrap heap. And now, it appears George Clooney has deliberately set out to poke a stick at them.

It’s a credit to his astuteness that Trump understood the depth of middle America disenchantment with the establishment and the MSM was borderline explosive. The classist and conservative, Dr Victor Hanson colourfully remarked: “Donald Trump was the scab that ripped off and looked at the wound underneath. He didn’t create the wound”, though clearly he intends to do something about healing it.

All Trump had to do was enunciate some of the issues using the language his supporters could respond to, hence his powerful one-liner ‘Make America great again’. In that one phrase, he acknowledged the fact that their jobs had been out-sourced to Asia: that the high incidence of Methamphetamine abuse had a collective cause; that being a middle aged white male, was considered a term of abuse by a majority of those supporting Hillary Clinton, particularly her Hollywood ‘Klingons’ , like Clooney.

Just a few days ago, Steve Bannon, in response to George W Bush’s comments insinuating, though he didn’t specifically name Trump, that the president elect was encouraging ‘nativism’ and ‘bigotry’, and claimed that he was putting international trade in jeopardy (think ‘globalisation’) Bannon lashed out at the 43rd President saying he had no idea whether ‘he is coming or going, just like it was when he was president’.

In using the pejorative expression ‘nativism’ Bush hoped to curry favour with the progressives, both Democrat and neo Republicans (RINOs) who had supported Obama’s agenda of high immigration, identity politics and farming out American jobs overseas . . . the exact same policies that ‘gifted’ the Donald the presidency.

Clearly Hollywood feels threatened by a return to genuine conservatism. When their poster boy, Barack became America’s 44th President and first African American to boot, there were a number of books that came out signalling the ‘next 50  years of democratic reign’ or ‘The new Democratic supremacy’, but it never happened, and so the glitterati felt compelled to throw their toys out of the cot.

Johnny Depp spoke about ‘killing the president’; Kathy Griffin found it immensely funny to hold up a mock severed head with orange hair; and night after night a Trump look-alike was stabbed multiple times in a Broadway production of Julius Caesar.

And now, Suburbicon, which purports to draw comparisons with the 1950s mindset, by applying 21st Century values to a period of time quite unlike the one we are living in; yet one we must rake up, and endlessly apologise for.

Clooney may get you to weep for the African Americans William and Daisy Myers living next door to the ‘racist’ Lodge family. But remember there is considerable artistry giving rise to the buckets of vitriol you are expected to pour on the far from palatable white family. Clooney tells us it is based on history, but doesn’t explain whose history, or how easy it is to impose those 21st Century progressive values on an American mind-set that had its own origins, its own rational. It is a mind-set that deserves to be understood, but then stepped over, as we look to the future.

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  1. Entropy

    I am sure that if people in Pennsylvania and red states have trouble recognising the Lodges, at least the Hollywood elite and the DNC won’t have any trouble at all.

  2. Suburban Boy

    I suspect that the ability of Hollywood types (and especially those close to the Clintons) to pose convincingly as the moral superiors of their countrymen has been diminished (if only a little) by the Weinstein scandal.

    It will be interesting to see how the box office numbers of Suburbicon compare with similar propaganda pieces of previous years.

  3. Dr Sir Major General

    The classist and conservative, Dr Victor Hanson…

    Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and usually, I imagine, a classicist is not the same a classist.

  4. Mpee

    The intent of Suburbicon, and movies of the same ilk, clearly demonstrate that Progressivism and/or Cultural Marxism, is/are not predicated on anything of objective or intrinsic merit/value, rather on the undoing of the old value system – the family.

  5. OneWorldGovernment

    I turn off anything to do with ‘clowny’.

  6. The most powerful word in “Make America great again” is “again“.
    That’s the word that says something that seems to be lost is only a temporary apparent loss.

  7. RobK

    Some interesting observations Warty.

  8. Howard Hill

    It’s time we went back to the old days when jesters were locked in stocks and rotten fruit thrown at them when they didn’t perform. I’ve got a box of rotten tomatoes here, anyone interested?

    Anyway, I love it what these clowns are doing. It was said only about 5 movies actually made any money last year. It would seem they want to better themselves and go for Zero!

  9. struth

    Clooney is a goose.
    People that think being photogenic is anything other than ………being photogenic …are usually photogenic.
    The rest of us understand that asking a beauty pageant contestant a question doesn’t mean we are looking for a solution to a problem.


  10. Ah George Clooney, or is that George Looney?

    Firstly, as an ardent supporter of refugees, he leaves his hallowed Italian villa because of refugees flooding the place.

    Secondly, he demands to know everything about the Weinstein situation and who to blame, as if he wasn’t aware, but he wants to look like a good guy.

    Now he makes a movie that gets crap rating , just to try and make out that he’s a really good guy with America at heart.

    He should go back to advertising coffee. And so should De Niro.

  11. AinsleyH

    Suburbicon sounds as horrible as a standard serve of Robert Redford’s agitprop. I read somewhere that George is box office poison inside the US but still brings in the bucks in other markets. Who knows but he sure is a wanker.

    My brother, unfortunately, looks a lot like Clooney which I find disturbing. OTH he doesn’t have a face like a dropped pie like old Bob so that’s something.

    Personally I’m looking forward to the first season of ‘Uranium One’ starting soon.

  12. Diogenes

    After watching the Matt Damon & Clooney interview about Weinstein the other night Mrs Diogenes has struck Georgie off her “free” list. Its not often she yells ‘bullshit’ at the TV, but he and Matt had her doing it – either she did not believe them, or I am a bad influence 🙂

  13. Rabz

    clooney, apart from being an utterly vile narcissistic imbecile, is an enabler of sexual harrassment and the exploitation and degradation of women.

    So sorry, Hollyweird dickheads, but you don’t get to lecture us anymore – not that you ever had any right in the first place, you pretentious, preposterous, sanctimonious hypocrites.

  14. Mother Lode

    George Clooney’s reputation as a movie big hitter has always puzzled me.

    He is not much of an actor – his movies don’t do well unless there is a drawcard in there – and the movies he directs are crap.

    I can’t think of a single memorable role he has played.

    I think he just tries to fit into the shoes of Cary Grant – suave, elegant, and with flair. But he has nowhere near the wherewithal for it.

    And, as you would expect when you see someone wearing shoes far to big for them, he walks like a clown.

  15. Tel

    I’ve got a box of rotten tomatoes here, anyone interested?

    On that note, the TOMATOMETER rates this movie at 37% which is rotten enough to be stinking up the place.


    Critics Consensus: A disappointing misfire for director George Clooney, Suburbicon attempts to juggle social satire, racial commentary, and murder mystery — and ends up making a mess of all three.

  16. Rabz

    Suburbicon attempts to juggle social satire, racial commentary, and murder mystery — and ends up making a mess of all three.

    LOL. Colour me completely unsurprised.

  17. stackja

    #2533353, posted on October 26, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Box office figures will tell the real story.

  18. JohnA

    For much of America ‘The Creed’ is little changed, but for the globalists in their midst, for Hollywood and the other Hillary acolytes, talk of The Creed, loyalty and patriotism is deeply disturbing, because it translates as ‘white nationalism’.

    Correction: “because they translate it as ‘white nationalism’ “

  19. Warty

    An important qualification of yours JohnA: it is indeed ‘they translate it’. One of the great positives for conservatives is the constant engagement in overreach on the part of the Left. As you no doubt know, ‘racist’ is now thrown at anyone that disagrees with a Left activist, as with ‘homophobe’. The Pussy protests, the screeching from Hollywood, the UC Berkeley rampages all show the vindictive, irrational, nasty side of the Trump opposition, because they simply don’t ‘do’ finesse; they are incapable of rational debate; and they can’t comprehend that middle America is fed up with being thrown in the recycle bin. Worse than all of this is Hillary’s snow queen disdain: that is divisiveness with a capital ‘D’.

  20. PoliticoNT

    Anyone who has watched the trailer for Suburbicon, but then heard that a key narrative element of the film was issues of racial hatred in 1950s America; would be left wondering if we’re talking about the same film.

    Could be why Ainsley H above notes Clooney does alright in overseas markets. Dendy/Palace patrons will probably lap it up (on the false premise given by the trailer), and it’ll get a good run in the summer outdoor seasons (when the distributor percentages are lower and a higher return can be made).

  21. True Aussie

    Clearly Hollywood feels threatened by a return to genuine conservatism.

    Genuine conservatism would see a deporting of all the ethnic hordes and hanging of all globalist bankers.

  22. AinsleyH

    ‘ One of the great positives for conservatives is the constant engagement in overreach on the part of the Left’

    Yes and no, Warty.

    Yes, it’s a positive that they overdo it all the time because they so perfectly unmask their deeply weird, ignorant selves and it’s humiliating and it gives us all a laugh.

    However, the zeal for organised overreach is also a tactic in social revolution. By pushing, pushing, pushing the Overton window all the time they slowly move the centre of what’s acceptable leftwards. They wear people down with all the issues all the time.

    Conservatives always look for the ROE or starting gun but there are none here. Nor are there many positives. They’re already at war with us and our foundations and they are scattered all over the map. Overreach in general may not be a fatal mistake but more of a tactical onslaught. I mean the constant crap one sees and hears daily makes one a bit weary, doesn’t it. Easier to give in and go along, isn’t it.

    Well no, f#ck that. As the great Andrew B. once politely said, ‘War’. Others say, and I agree, there’s a renaissance in thought coming and the Left’s howling void that they call their ideology is coming apart again and they know it so the shrieking is getting louder and the overreach is accelerating.

  23. ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’. Why is Clooney so concerned?

  24. Warty

    AinsleyH. There is much I’d agree with regarding your argument about ‘organised overreach’ being ‘a tactic in social revolution’. But you follow that with your comment that ‘the constant crap one sees and hears daily makes one a bit weary, doesn’t it?’. Again I’d have to agree, but that’s also where they shoot themselves in their collective feet. Take the SSM leftish onslaught, and it seems that their constant overreach has been winning votes for the ‘No’ campaign. The same with the whole gender fluid business, it seems to be raising genuine concerns with parents of school-aged children, and yet Roz Ward proudly equates Safe Schools with SSM, something the ‘Yes’ campaign could do with out (on steroids).
    You know what they say about the rabbit caught in the beam of a spotlight . . . the radical left, in its triumphant complacency, is also highlighting its overall agenda, and if one knows clearly what they’re about, then one can take the measures to deal with them.
    What is a lot more difficult to deal with is those who speak half truths, as opposed to those who promote blatant lies. For instant, Sky’s Paul Murray last night told us he was ‘on the Trump train’, as he has done again and again, and yet regurgitates a series of half truths, MSM perpetrated ‘truths’, that are designed to undermine both Trump and his administration. Telling us ‘trust me I’m still on the Trump train’ is designed to make what he next says seem that much more convincing, therefore infinitely more dangerous than if John McCain said it: we’d trust Murray and ridicule the partisanship of McCain (a neo conservative).
    The in-your-face overreach of the radical left and its confected outrage is out there for all to see. Paul Murray’s stand is far more difficult to assess (on the issue of Trump, at least). It’s just an example, that’s all.
    There’s not the space to go into all this in detail, but there is much in what you say, but I believe there is a lot more to it, than readily meets the eye.

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