The approach to foreign policy America has desperately needed

Via Instapundit whose heading is Ridiculous, it’s not getting any press as if anything PDT did right would ever be mentioned: Trump’s Malaysia Gambit: Call It Another Win. Who would have thought foreign policy would be one of his major strengths? The following is only for those to whom foreign policy counts:

Trump’s Malaysia gambit is an excellent example of the kind of realpolitik approach to foreign policy that America has desperately needed for more than a decade. Rather than coddling tin-pot dictators and terrorists at the White House, we have an administration that is willing to work with leaders who are willing to work with the United States, reach mutually beneficial agreements, and along the way strengthen U.S. national and economic security both abroad and at home. . . .

We’ve seen what happens when we have a president unwilling to defend and uphold our nation’s interests at home and abroad. It will take years for us to recover, but the Trump White House is digging in and rebuilding that trust and that national interest one ally at a time and whether the media elite and its friends like it or not.

It’s not long so you should read it all. As discussed already, the most transformative president in American history. The more you see of what he does, the more vile his opponents become.

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  1. pbw

    A startling number of those who end up assisting Israeli security forces in their enquiries have spent time in Malaysian madrasses.

  2. OneWorldGovernment

    Thank you Steve.

  3. OneWorldGovernment #2533267, posted on October 26, 2017 at 5:08 am

    Thank you Steve.


  4. rickw

    Thank you Steve.


  5. struth

    Let’s just hope that one old American heart keeps beating for another seven years or so.

  6. srr

    Who would have thought foreign policy would be one of his major strengths?

    Me, from the get go, because there was no way he could have broken the US UniParty system without, literally, a world of major, key, world players backing his Presidency.

    Again, he wasn’t just dabbling in movies, pageants, golf etc. along with his hotel and resort building around the world, he was building relationships. Relationships that were tried, tested and proven solid over decades.

  7. Defender of the faith

    Exactly what has Trump “transformed” other than expectations that the US president be a person of good character and great capacity?

  8. John Constantine

    Their hussein obama gloried in the syrian civil war, as it generated a massive herd of demographic change agents he could use to topple other dominos into global totalitarianism.

  9. Kneel

    “Exactly what has Trump “transformed” …”

    Well, …
    Actually trying to do what he said he would seems like a novel – perhaps even transformative – approach in politics. And without having to say “…it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”, and without using “…political reality…” either. He just tries to do it, and if he can’t get it done, he says things like “… they own it now…”, and refuses to sign off on pumping more $ down the bottomless pit someone else created and he tried to fix. Despite the yellow-stream media, people WILL remember these things – most importantly, voters will remember it, and likely “shock” the yellow stream media once again.

  10. test pattern

    ‘an excellent example of the kind of realpolitik’

    No, it isnt. The writer confuses realpolitik with the many schools of US ‘Realists.’ Realpolitik is ‘balancing,’ brought to the US by Austrians who had developed a theory to balance the centrifugal forces within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Mitteleuropa. It worked until it didn’t, and imploded into WW1. Trump is no follower of Realpolitik, he wants to dismantle Obama’s attempted Realpolitik balancing of the ME.

    From your link to Trump’s Malaysia Gambit

    ‘due to a financial scandal in which he is allegedly embroiled, although the Malaysian justice system has yet to find any evidence to charge him with a crime.’

    There’s word for this too. Lies.

  11. Irreversible

    An example of transformation being the withdrawal from US leadership that has left Japan alone and faced with an aggressive Chinese leadership? Or is it the one where Trump business (China, Philippines, Malaysia) determines US foreign policy?

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