Let there be darkness

Comes with the old joke:

Q: What did Victorians use to light their homes before candles?

A: Electricity

You know, Victorians, as in those folks who live in Melbourne.

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  1. egg_

    Does the head hunchback drive hunched over the wheel – is that how he had his accident?

  2. teddy bear

    All I want for Christmas is for the NSW to VIC Interconnector to fail and be out for rest of summer, twould be glorious

  3. Pedro the Ignorant

    Capitalist carpetbagger lurking on the border, rubbing hands together.

    I can do you a good deal on off grid power sources, Comrades.

    Keep voting ALP, you know it makes sense.

  4. Nerblnob

    There are at least ten years of “it’s privatisation, not renewables” first.
    Australia must pass through Greece and Argentina to get to Venezuela.

  5. Oh come on

    Never explain a joke.

  6. Bruce in WA

    But, OCO, it isn’t really a joke!

  7. Up The Workers!

    Goderich Grech,

    Come back, come back, Wherever you are.

    All is forgiven!

  8. Given that we go camping a lot, we are always prepared when the power goes off, all too frequently already, so can’t wait until it becomes the norm.

  9. John Constantine

    The caravan parked in the backyard, equiped for offgrid living is the fallback position for a lot of victorians.

    Deindustrialisation, rationing of power and water and gas by demand destruction of industrial uses will be quicker than many expect.
    When the looking forward signed conventions that yarragrad unswervingly committed to are designed to go full ruinable, it is economic genocide to invest in yarragrad industry that requires cheap reliable electricity.

    Victorian dairy industry is faced with challenging market prices, squeezed by cascading electricity increases. Dairy irrigation was forced by the State to move from gravity flood irrigation to electric pump irrigation for water efficiency, now comes the rationing and power price spurts.

    Deindustrialising dairy, to free up the water and power and gas, comes after deindustrialising metal smelters and fabricators but it is coming.

    We must send all the cows to the knackery, so no cow lives in slavery.


  10. John Constantine

    Once an Australian industry closes, the tyranny of distance means a restart is hard.

    Intensive pig agriculture in yarragrad is under big pressure.

    Gas power and water eternally rising and supply erratic.

    New animal rights department to enforce Stalinism.

    Imports of processed pork from countries without the crazed deindustrialising mindset of Australia are undercutting ruinables pork as made here.

    Don’t have to ban pigs, just insist that all Australian pork is ruinables social justice pork, then open borders to unStalinised pork and see what happens.

  11. John Constantine

    Deindustrialising yarragrad metal smelters, dairy and pig industries may well be enough demand destruction to keep the power on for services Ponzi voteherds this summer.

  12. John Constantine

    Pork barrels [ yes they are a product], the most rapidly saleable part of the pig, are being offered to butchers under five bucks a kilo, versus sides of lamb at over fifty percent higher.

    Largest yarragrad pig operation being hawked around as a hope to float on the sharemarket to suckers that don’t see that agriculture is hitting a profitless boom, the demand from the population ponzi scheme is one thing, but the imported voteherds allow crippling ruinables and Stalinist regulations that destroy the economics of private agricutlural production.

    Profitless boom, Comrades, we will be laughing all the way to the gulags.

  13. yarpos

    Generator installed, already on tank water, extra gas bottles laid in, already for summer in VIC.

    Worst outcome is a mild summer which lets them kick the can down the road yet again

  14. John Constantine


    20 billion dollars bled out to organised crime to present the State with a desalinisation plant ruinables cannot run and organised crime can’t maintain.

    Water Security to come from deindustrialising agriculture to destroy demand for productive water use.

    Demand destruction through deindustrialisation through ruinables is the answer for lower power supply through ruinables.

    Stalinist power supplies 100 percent of the power rations of people and industries that can survive under Stalinisation.

  15. Tel

    Pork products are pretty good value for the consumer right now, I used to eat a lot of lamb but they priced me right out of the market.

    What’s weird is that the price of the electricity to cook a meal is creeping up to become a significant percentage of the meal itself, then you factor in the time spent making the meal on top of that. Thus, eating smoked salmon, pate, and a nice camembert, is economically comparable to a pot of slow cooked lamb shanks.

  16. John Constantine

    The importation of solid electricity in the form of precooked pork products is another way ruinables electricity forces the destruction of the Australian pig industry.

    Overseas pork grown, processed and cooked with non ruinables power can be imported into Australia, and our ruinables produced food cannot compete.

  17. H B Bear

    Democracy. Good and hard.

  18. Up The Workers!

    I see that Queensland is in for another game of “Chook-Lotto”.

    How did the old advertising jingle go?

    “Ahh Queensland – Chook-house one day; Poor-house the next!”

    A.L.P. – Always Looting the Peasants.

  19. duncanm

    John ,

    I think you failed to mention the high ‘organic’ end of the market which will be produced locally.

    The Nomenklatura will continue to consume from those sources, rather than the cheap (affordable) imported stuff; they can continue to sneer at the greedy masses who eat the ‘dirty’ stuff.

  20. RobK

    I’m amazed at how often I hear on the news that a house burnt down and the cause was a candle. Who does that. We will likely get more of it.

  21. RobK

    If Australia had allowed nuclear power, all those years ago, things may be different. A smaller, safer and cheaper system might be available, home grown.

  22. marcus classis

    The Truth, Yarragrad, Democratic People’s Republic of Victoriastan

    The People’s News

    Order of Correction of Counter Revolutionary Tendencies
    Comrade M. Hardy

    After a democratic trial before the Peoples Revolutionary Court for the Elimination of Counter Revolutionary Hoarders, Wreckers and Traitors, the convicted counter-revolutionary wrecker and traitor Steve Kates is hereby ordered to be subject to Revolutionary Justice in Stalin Square, Yarragrad. The convicted counter-revolutionary wrecker and traitor Steve Kates confessed to 106,789 counts of use of pre-revolutionary wrongthink. As the convicted counter-revolutionary wrecker and traitor Steve Kates confessed his crimes against the people and under rigorous questioning denounced 1,287 other counter-revolutionary wreckers, wrongthinkers and traitors. The glorious People’s Safety Bureau is currently hunting the counter-revolutionary wreckers and traitors and wrongthinkers the convicted counter-revolutionary wrecker and traitor Steve Kates denounced under rigorous questioning.

    Ever-merciful glorious and radiant supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Victoriastan Secretary General Comrade Andrews has exercised his magnificent mercy in sublime judgement. From Karl Marx room in the Lenin people’s Administrative Complex he has announced that the convicted counter-revolutionary wrecker and traitor Steve Kates will not be dissolved in acid as is normal for counter-revolutionary wreckers and traitors and wrongthinkers but will instead be burned at the stake.

    The people will bring their children and attend this glorious entertainment. Entry is free, with a voluntary Peoples Donation of 12 trillion Blokhins at this mornings 0912:35 rate. Alternatively, a piece of firewood will be accepted.

  23. John Constantine

    Their ABC love cuddle raised, heritage breed, organic, free range, pasture fed social justice pigs, the Waygu of the pork world.

    Their ABC don’t know anybody that would even consider eating non politically correct pork.

  24. manalive

    Even if Turnbull genuinely believes all the Climate Change™ tripe fed to him by his advisors, the people who are most likely to better manage whatever happens in future are the relatively wealthy of the world, so how does his policy which is wealth destroying “well and truly serve the people of Australia”?

  25. Howard Hill

    Generator installed, already on tank water, extra gas bottles laid in, already for summer in VIC.


    Someone needs to take out that Kim Jong-andrews before he pulls the whole cuntry down.
    Stupid.Fucking.Liberals are just as bad :~(

  26. EvilElvis

    Hope you’ve got a camouflage net for the van John Constantine, they’ll come for it in the great caravan reclamation, required to house the imported non pork eating vote herd.

  27. manalive
    #2536334, posted on October 29, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Even if Turnbull genuinely believes all the Climate Change™ tripe fed to him by his advisors,

    Don’t even believe it for a second. All the elites find out it’s a scam early on and get in on it. Turnbull has a son who is making the millions for the family from renewables.
    The only ones who truly believe in Global Warming are youngsters who haven’t woken up to it yet, and those pooffo pinko latte sipping, 3 abreast pushbike racing, sock cucking metrosexual middle-managers who vote Greens in the senate and ALP in the house.

  28. Shy Ted

    And God saw that it was good (for God read Turnbull, Andrews, Weatherill et al). And when the sixth hour had come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. Just carrying out what the Bible foretold.

  29. Shine a Light

    I beleve the back up plan for rolling blackouts, which the soothsayers say is the future for the supply of electricity is wickless candles.

    Heaven can wait for Victorians, whose lifestyle choices are based on the international success of Venezualan model.

  30. OldOzzie

    And I thought my Winter Electricity Bill was large with 4 Adults 2 kids and a Baby – i.e Family of 7 but we were only $834 for 3 months of Winter

    David Penberthy: Power companies are playing us for bloody mugs

    IF you asked Professor Stephen Hawking to explain the workings of the Australian electricity market he would probably fold up his keyboard in bewilderment and ask for an easier topic. Something like the origin of black holes or the probability of extraterrestrial life, or why bread always lands butter-side down when it falls off the kitchen bench.

    Save for vague reassurances about the creation of “downward pressure” on prices, there is not a politician in the land who has yet put a credible and precise dollar figure on the savings they can secure on our quarterly power bills.

    And none of the savings is significant anyway when set against the jaw-dropping increases in the cost of power over the past five years.

    Energy policy operates in an ideologically hyper-charged environment. Politicians of every hue argue over everything from the reliability of renewables and our capacity to store power, to gas policy in the context of exploration and exports, the merits or otherwise of putting a price on carbon.

    In this interminably contested space, we have created a target-rich environment for the energy giants to get away with absolute murder when it comes to jacking up prices, however they see fit.

    They can use any excuse under the sun — and often all of them — to justify price hikes that are sending an increasing number of household budgets down the toilet and forcing businesses to the wall.

    A bit over a year ago, I wrote a column about AGL’s decision to increase power prices by 12 per cent — more than nine times the rate of inflation and adding $230 a year to the average power bill.

    That announcement coincided with a profit for AGL in the 2015-2016 financial year of $720 million, money which it uses in part to pay its American boss Andrew Vesey a handy base salary of $2.27 million, benefits of $250,000 and bonuses of $4.39 million — adding up to a package of $6.9 million. This is on top of the $1 million sweetener they slung him a few years back for the hardship of moving from the US to war-torn Australia.

    Despite being weighed down by profit, AGL insisted the price rises were essential due to the “cost and availability of coal and gas supply for electricity generation as well as the changing mix of generation output’’.

    One year on and here we go again. AGL, which remains as obscenely profitable as ever with its profit forecast this financial year expected to top $1 billion, announced in June that it needed to increase prices by 18 per cent, adding a further $350 a year to the average power bill.

    This time, amid the continuing orgy of rhetoric over energy policy, AGL found itself in the happy position of having even more excuses at its disposal.

    “Wholesale prices have increased for several reasons, including high gas prices and limited gas availability on the east coast, the closure of ageing coal-fired generators, and an uncertain policy environment,” AGL said in a statement.

    It’s the wholesale price, the gas price, it’s the availability of gas, it’s coal, it’s Mabo, it’s the vibe. Up they went again. A 30 per cent increase in one 12-month period, achieved this time via the cynical, profit-driven means of simply replacing the old seasonal winter rate with a flat year-round fee.

    Ka-ching. The chickens are now coming home to roost in the form of our winter energy bills, and what a scarily ugly bunch of chooks they are. My winter electricity bill last year was an already absurd $2310; the one that arrived in the post last week was $2599.54.

    In fact, the full amount of the new charges in this winter bill were $2942.40, discounted down if I paid by November 2 — even though there’s a separate late fee of $12.73 for failing to do so, suggesting that the so-called “discounted” rate is a bit of a meaningless try-on by a company that’s simply obsessed with its bottom line.

    Every person I know is in a similar boat, proportionally. We are a family of six, which explains the bill always being on the big side, but I know people who live alone, and couples who are empty-nesters, who’ve faced comparable increases in percentage terms.

    It’s beyond a joke. As a free-market person, I would normally argue that businesses perform best and create the most opportunities when given a pretty free rein.

    But when it comes to the actions of these power companies, I have growing sympathy with calls from average and low-income people for draconian intervention in the energy space.

    Now, you clearly can’t separate cost from the policy settings that governments have created, especially in states where pure thinking about the need to act on climate change has gazumped pragmatism, resulting in over-reliance on renewables that don’t yet provide reliable and affordable base-load power.

    But beyond that, with the multifaceted argy-bargy surrounding energy policy, the power companies can cash in amid the confusion of it all, in a perverse triumph of the interests of shareholders over the needs of customers.

    AGL irks me the most because Andrew Vesey has postured as something of a Twitter darling, sucking up to the renewables crowd with his disingenuous boasting about how AGL is “getting out of coal”.

    This is despite the fact that it bought three coal-fired stations in NSW in 2014, derives 90 per cent of its current power from coal and gas, and will be the last Australian power company to wean itself off coal in some three decades’ time.

    The political debate around power is focused on how we make it. The real debate among normal people is a more specific and urgent one — how much we pay for it.

    Well, we pay too bloody much. If the power companies keep playing us for mugs, they should brace themselves for some nasty populist policies. People have had a gutful of their gouging ways.

  31. I think one thing is certain; when the proverbial hits the fan and the silent majority has finally had enough, the first party to promise coal, gas etc will have a landslide victory. The Green-left will have met its end.

  32. mh

    Queensland Premier calls election with a promise of 50 percent electricity generation from renewables.

    The tragedy is, it’s most likely a winning strategy. Still, the Commonwealth can just pay Australians more welfare. But maybe not for much longer:


  33. Tim Neilson

    Q. How many Australian politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
    A. Change a light bulb? What would be the point?

  34. John Constantine

    We cripple our industries with the burden of ruinable electricity, as war reparations for racism and the settler mindset.

    Then we import industrial artifacts, Proudly Made with Coal.

    Pork raised with coalpower, processed with coal power, cooked with coalpower and transported on fossil fuel ships is imported into Australia to price out of existance the Australian windpowered pork.

    Porkbarrel, Comrades.

    Proudly made with coal, by the slaves of the transnational looting class.

  35. John Constantine

    We can’t make cars with ruinables, but we can make catamites out of our boychildren using comfortable ruination.

  36. EvilElvis’

    Hope you’ve got a camouflage net for the van John Constantine, they’ll come for it in the great caravan reclamation, required to house the imported non pork eating vote herd.

    John will be living in the caravan, the voteherds will get his house.
    Because patriarchy/fairness/white male guilt/etc.

  37. Imports of processed pork from countries without the crazed deindustrialising mindset of Australia are undercutting ruinables pork as made here.

    Don’t have to ban pigs, just insist that all Australian pork is ruinables social justice pork, then open borders to unStalinised pork and see what happens.


    Once we rely on foreign meat, access to such meat can be cut off.

    Cockroaches aka soylent green for dinner, here we come!

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