The value free politics of the left

The latest headlines at Lucianne. They all tell the same story. You have to wonder how anyone can any longer admit to having voted for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians
to Rig Election Against Trump 

A headline to be read at least twice before closing jaw.
Russia ‘Collusion’ Story Is
Blowing Up Like the Hindenburg 

Comic book captions (Kaboom! Splat!)will do for now.
More Explosions From That Cigar? 
The bomb throwing isn’t over.
How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia 
What REALLY happened.
Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash 
Fifty years to get roll out right wasn’t enough?
House Intel Committee Announces Uranium One Probe –
Three Distinct Components… 

The dots begin to connect.

On the left,it’s all politics and personal self-interest. If the rest of us get to keep some of what we earned ourselves it is merely because the existing system of graft and pillage had not yet progressed to its highest stage.

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  1. stackja

    On the left,it’s all politics and personal self-interest.

    Yes. Ask Get Up!

  2. marcus classis

    You terrible man, Mr Kates.

    You do realise that poor old Monty will now not stop crying all weekend?

  3. Let’s see, Trump was right about the wiretapping, he was right about the Russian collusion, what else?

  4. I just checked the Age and their ABC, not one word about this.

  5. Tel

    Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash
    Fifty years to get roll out right wasn’t enough?

    Is that really Hillary’s fault though? I’m all for blaming her where blame is due, just don’t quite see the connection on that particular issue.

    Personally I think Trump should have just released the documents on schedule and told the various departments they had their chance … they missed it … try harder next time. I guess Trump is instinctively aware that he cannot make enemies out of everyone, maybe the plan was to see how many lefties give a shit? Trump is a master at juggling public opinion, don’t underestimate what years of reality TV can do to a man.

  6. Tom

    The ABC know about all this Clinton DNC Russia business, because I told them. The reply, crickets! Commenters reply, I was a Fox News watcher. I pointed out the several outlets reporting, not one mainstream media. Then … silence. This is fun, better than going to the movies.

  7. The truth-free politics of the right.

  8. Rayvic

    Off topic …

    SK mentioned in dispatches:
    “Quite suddenly, many of the parochial agendas of business groups in the 1980s and 1990s were overlaid with a philosophy whereby the government was urged to do less other than level the playing field.  It came about as a result of the increased importance of philosopher businessmen like Arvi Parbo and Hugh Morgan of Western Mining, John Ralph of Rio and the Commonwealth Bank, farmer representatives like Ian McLachlan and Don McGauchie and people like Steve Kates, now teaching at RMIT, who was chief economist at the Australian Chamber of Commerce for 24 years.”

    Source: Alan Moran, ‘Australia’s Crony Capitalism Inc.’, Quadrant Online , 25 Oct 2017

  9. Boambee John

    #2535422, posted on October 28, 2017 at 11:45 am
    The truth-free politics of the right.

    A classic example of leftist projection.

  10. Tiny Dancer

    Another rake injury

  11. LOL, Mueller has started on the indictments. So much for the Breitbart narrative.

  12. LOL, Mueller has started on the indictments. So much for the Breitbart narrative.

    It sounds like panic has set in with the revelations about the true Russian conspiracy, which includes Mueller. The heat is on.

  13. mh

    Things 2gb’s Richard Arnold will never mention.

  14. And the Age is finally reporting on the Russian conspiracy, but guess which one.

  15. Snoopy

    And the Age is finally reporting on the Russian conspiracy, but guess which one.

    This is a soft ball for Monty’s benefit, right?

  16. marcus classis

    #2535422, posted on October 28, 2017 at 11:45 am
    The truth-free politics of the right.


    It’s being reported on those notoriously RWDB debbil debbil outlets, CNBC and the New York Times….

    C’mon, Monts, tell us again how Trump colluded with da Wussians and will surely be impeached any moment now.

  17. max

    Please, don’t start calling me Nostradamus. A blind man could see what was happening. Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump was obviously negotiating all week with the CIA, and he was obviously pushing to get what he wanted all the way up to the very last day. On Thursday, the deadline established by law for releasing the records, the CIA undoubtedly blinked and Trump presumably got what he wanted in return for granting CIA request for continued secrecy.

    CIA put in its request to Trump for continued secrecy of its JFK records long before yesterday. But “Art of the Deal” Trump obviously sat on the request, undoubtedly hoping that he could get what he wanted in return if he just continued holding out and conveying that he was ready to release the records.

    Instead, it is a virtual certainly that when Art of the Deal Trump sent out those two tweets, he was sending a message to the CIA as part of the negotiations: Give me what I want or I will release the records. In the negotiations, both Trump and the CIA knew that Trump was in the catbird seat.

    Trump knew that he had the CIA over a barrel. As I indicated in my two articles this week, the CIA was between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, it could refuse to grant Trump what he wanted and let the records be released, which it knew would point to the CIA’s guilt in the assassination. On the other hand, it could give Trump what he wanted and have to suffer the obvious inference that people would draw — that the CIA was continuing to cover up incriminatory evidence.

    What did the CIA give Trump in return for Trump’s extending the CIA’s 50-year-plus secrecy? We don’t know, but my hunch is that it pertains to Russia. Here’s my next prediction: the congressional investigations into Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia are about to fizzle out. That’s because I believe that the CIA, as part of its deal with Trump, will order its assets in Congress to cease and desist with respect to that investigation. In my opinion, that’s the price the CIA had to pay in return for its continued cover-up of its U.S. regime-change operation in November 1963.

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    You will find that the newly released Kennedy papers will strongly implicate Trump and Abbot in the plot to destroy the progressive Kennedy / Mafia coalition those two are like pepper and salt they are in everything , wonder how long it will take the gangrene alpbc and fauxfax to think this fake mews up ?

  19. Zatara

    #2535951, posted on October 28, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    There is a “Quote” button on the posting window. You might want to learn to use it when you cut and paste someone else’s words. (Highlight the text, then press quote).

    Quotation marks would be appropriate as well.

    Because what you are doing is tanamount to p

  20. Fisky

    There are no values. We have to stop talking of values. They do not exist, if they ever did. There are only tribes now. The only way to get in trouble is if you betray your own tribe. Or if your tribe is completely wiped out.

  21. Fisky

    It’s hilarious to look back on the kinds of “scandals” that serious centrists used to stroke their chins over, in an age that has vanished forever. Now, it doesn’t matter if Mugabe completely destroys the economy, so long as you are a Shona like him, you will keep voting for Mugabe.

    That’s where we’re going. Get used to it.

  22. Fisky

    Anytime some Leftist who pops up calling for “consensus”, “compromise”, “shared values” etc. Just look at their Twitter archives and count how many times they call for Republicans to have their free speech taken away, white men to be castrated, etc etc.

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