It’s a wonder that Democrats can still show their faces in public

It really is extraordinary how the left is self-destructing but more extraordinary is that there is not a shred of evidence of shame and remorse. A brief round-up from today. Are there any interests of ordinary people that they represent in even the slightest way?

WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller’s resignation and accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion.

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10 Responses to It’s a wonder that Democrats can still show their faces in public

  1. Andore Jr.

    The trick is to have no standards; that way you can’t be held to any.

  2. Legal Eagle

    Personally, I’d rather await the evidence presented in a trial. The links here are mostly to opinions rather than anything new. Even the WSJ Editorial board item is confuised by the fact that it fingers both the DNC and conservative Republicans for financing the dossier: a dossier that has yet to be tested in evidence by a Court.
    As for Mueller, it seems obvious that the noise about his cred has coincided with Friday’s report of an imminent arrest. To which I would remind folk that Gingrich and many other Trump supporters gave Mueller ringing endorsements when he was appointed.

  3. steve

    Kevin Spacey,……Noooooo!!

  4. Paul

    The demorats and the left operate this way:
    Never admit
    Never deny
    Never discuss the outright lie.

    Hillary’s MO consists of “oh that’s old”, ‘I was cleared nothing came of it’, or ‘it’s the alt right republicans, Fox News plot’.
    Move along, nothing to see, next question.

  5. Chris

    a dossier that has yet to be tested in evidence by a Court.

    I could never understand why the militias that were supposedly such a danger under Clinton did not rise up, perform citizens arrests of the heads of Justice, the ATF, the IRS, and try them in people’s courts.
    The charges would be betraying constitutional government and the rule of law. The refusal to be accountable to congressional inquiry and subpoenas, covering up of weaponising of the public sector and justice system against the wrong sort of people.
    The Wisconsin secret prosecutorial raids on Republicans; the Fast and Furious cover-ups; the IRS treatment of the Tea Party groups; the email coverups; Benghazi; the emails; and now its clear they co-opted the security agencies against their enemies. The whole stinking lot need a cleanout. If they cant be jailed or executed for treason, surely their positions can be declared vacant that the sinecures be removed from their grasp?

    Is that country ruled by laws – or an aristocracy of the public sector and media?

  6. entropy

    A came here to read Monty, but there is no Monty. Sigh.

  7. Malcolm Thomas

    LOL. Steve quotes a bunch of headlines from predominantly right wing fake news sites ands thinks that their collective bile means something.

  8. Andre Lewis

    The ‘Russia collusion’ probe indictments are apparently for two lobbyists who laundered into the USA their fees for boosting Ukrainian opposition parties – years before either of them did any work on the Trump campaign. How the anti-Trump MSM will spin this into an attack on the POTUS is anyone’s guess, but you may rest assured they will try!

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