It’s not all Harvey Weinstein

I guess it’s kinda like a lottery. With so many targets in the world and with North Korea realistically having only a single opportunity to shoot off a missile before their world caves in, the possibility of any of us being personally at the other end of that one missile is very remote. So why worry since no one else seems to be, other than PDT.

NKorea conducts mass-evacuation drills…
MATTIS: Threat of nuke attack accelerating…
China warns Kim to STOP tests…

It’s like Dirty Harry said. “Feel lucky, punk.” Most likely it will be someone else somewhere else so why worry?

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  1. John Constantine

    Until the norks sell a few nukes to an investment cartel that massively short sells major markets, then sets off the nukes in ships in ports.

    Vulture funds really mean something, once the shorters that profited from the two towers going down kept the profits, untouchable.

  2. John Constantine

    Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Yemen.

    Lot of places run by blokes that saw Gaddafi Co-operate with the Clinton crime family, avoid nukes, then get a knife up the jacksie as payment.

    The only way to keep your arse safe from the democrat left is to own some nukes.

  3. Tel

    The only way to keep your arse safe from the democrat left is to own some nukes.

    Pakistan seems to get a lot of respect.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    May not be all Harvey but Harvey ain’t all invisible white rabbit either.

    I’m enjoying the awesome faceplanting of Hollywood going full lefty SJW preachiness in their movies just as Mr Weinstein weiners them all.

    Harveywood Backlash Sinks George Clooney: ‘Suburbicon’ Opens to Humiliating $3 Million

    Even the estimates of a $7 million to $10 million opening weekend for Suburbicon felt generous. And were they ever. Despite a ton of publicity and placement on over 2,000 screens, George Clooney’s embarrassing attempt at being a third Coen brother went down in flames. Placing in ninth(!) place, Deadline projects a devastating opening weekend of just $3 million.

    Ouch, that must hurt.

  5. Shine a Light

    We Weinstein is ancient news, which underscores the fact that he is left leaning, in a horizonal way.

  6. a happy little debunker

    The Trouble with Harvey.

    “The quirky residents of a small hamlet near Hollywood CA, are faced with the freshly dead body of Harvey Rabbit, which has inconveniently ‘appeared’ on the hillside above the town. The problem of who the person is, who was responsible for his sudden death, and what should be done with the body is “the trouble with Harvey.”

    The Commander (George W H Bush) is sure that he killed the man with a stray shot from his rifle while hunting, until it is shown he actually shot a real rabbit. Bovina Cash (Lisa Bloom), Harvey’s estranged wife, believes she killed Harvey because she hit him hard with a lemon wedge. Miss Virtue (Meryl Streep) is certain that the man died after a blow from the heel of her hiking boot when he lunged at her out of the bushes (still reeling from the blow received at the hands of Bovina). Kurt Barlow (Matt Damon & Goerge Clooney), an attractive and nonconformist screenwriter, is open-minded about the whole event, and is prepared to help his friends and neighbours in any way he can. In any case, no one is upset at all about Harvey’s death.

    However, they all are hoping that the body will not come to the attention of “the authorities” in the form of cold, humourless Deputy Sheriff Voluminous Shrew (Rose McGowan), who earns her living per agreement.
    Bovina, Miss Virtue and Barlow bury the body and then dig it up again several times throughout the day. They then hide the body in a bathtub before finally putting it back on the hill where it first appeared, in order to make it appear as if it was just discovered.

    Finally it is learned that Harvey died of natural causes; no foul play at all was involved. In the meantime, Barlow and Bovina have fallen in love and wish to marry, The Commander and Miss Virtue have also become a couple. Barlow has been able to sell all his screenplays to a passing Disney millionaire, although Barlow ‘refuses’ to accept money, and instead requests a few simple gifts for his friends and himself.”

    It almost writes itself!

  7. Malcolm

    Trump is a lech like Weinstein. He, like Weinstein, will soon feel the pain that he has inflicted on women over decades. Trump will be hounded out of office. It can’t come too soon.

  8. Defender of the faith

    Kates: you are a true dingbat. There are people within range of kim’s Conventional weapons who feel the angst every time the pussy grabber taunts the dictator. Japanese who feel trump has dumped them for a cosy commercial trade off with Xi also have reason to worry. Yet you make light of it. Numbskull.

  9. Up The Workers!

    Has anybody thought to instal sensitive microphones in the office of the Mayor of Pyongyang, so that this time around, we can properly record his brief last words for posterity, rather than merely relying anecdotally on the tale that the last words of the Mayor of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 were:

    “What the f*ck was that?”

  10. Up The Workers!

    I hear that poor, newly-celibate, human tripod Harvey Weinstein went around to his old Leftard pal, Bonking Billy Clintons’ place, and while puffing away on one of his hosts’ jumbo-sized “Lewinski” flavoured cigars, asked Bonking Bill for the charitable loan of a few lazy million, just to tide him over until he can get back off his feet.

    Hillary reckons it was all Trumps’ Russkies who caused poor Harvey’s problems.

  11. cohenite


    #2537237, posted on October 30, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Trump is a lech like Weinstein. He, like Weinstein, will soon feel the pain that he has inflicted on women over decades. Trump will be hounded out of office. It can’t come too soon.

    I never can tell when this sort of post appears like a fart out of a fat person whether the author is taking the piss, badly, or it’s a genuine manifestation of TDS.

  12. struth

    There is TDS and then there is Malcom.
    It’s like the difference between modern post traumatic stress disorder and genuine WW1 shell shock.

  13. H B Bear

    George Clooney’s embarrassing attempt at being a third Coen brother went down in flames. Placing in ninth(!) place, Deadline projects a devastating opening weekend of just $3 million.

    Three million?? That won’t even cover the private jet fees from Lake Como to have George lecture us on global warming and poverty in Africa.

  14. Malcolm

    cohenite – the difference between the lech Weinstein and the lech Trump is that the latter is very dangerous and is taking the world closer to a nuclear conflagration. TDS is simply those who glorify and write hagiographies about Trump and are unwilling to examine the evidence that shows that this president is the least capable and worst president in the history of the United States. There is no doubt whatsoever about that conclusion and if you and Kates want to keep the blinkers on to celebrate that idiot you both have TDS.

    TDS applies to those who irrationally support Trump not the other way since the evidence collected about him is so compelling that only a moron would continue to support the lech.

  15. Motelier


    I thought you were heading over to Isreal.

  16. cohenite

    Well mal, that makes it slightly clearer: you don’t like Trump. The reasons I support him (as opposed to glorify and celebrate):

    1 He has forced China to oppose the fat mutant from NK, the most dangerous arsehole in the world and incidentally one of the biggest drug dealers.

    2 He has exposed the corruption of the Clintons and the political and media elite.

    3 Likewise he has exposed the institutional corruption from the FBI to the EPA

    4 He opposes alarmism, the most dire economic threat the West faces and which is the vehicle of choice of communism rebranded

    5 He opposes islam the most dire ideological threat the West faces

    6 He is a gentleman who respects women unlike the filth who oppose him, everyone from the Clintons, both of them (look at how shrillary treated the real victims of her husband), to Hollywood to the screaming fembots who were lining up during the campaign to sue Trump for winks, nods, nudges and other alleged horrific acts of sexual oppression; where are they now?

    What have you got mal outside of lies from the NYT and the WP and CNN?

  17. struth

    Malcom just knows, he feels it therefore it is.
    If you’re not bending over and taking it good and hard from evil little pricks the world over, you’re dangerous.

    Let’s all get behind Libya and NK , they’re just misunderstood.

    Leave them be.

  18. Myrddin Seren


    Most likely it will be someone else somewhere else so why worry?

    Because even if you do worry about it, short of fleeing to the hills to avoid the one-off shot maybe heading to Melbourne, what are you going to do about it ?

    You are a child of the Cold War like me ( born in Canada ). The missiles have been ready to go since the 50s.

    Here is a current list.

    Take it easy – our biggest worry is the collapse of the power system and a dystopian future of the powerful, well-connected and rich with electricity and gas throwing a few crumbs to the Proles, because that sure looks like it is a threat to every Australian community, rather than what would be Phat Lil Beerpig’s Once-and-Once-Only missile launch.

  19. Defender of the faith

    Cohenite: glorious click bait effort for which you get five pussies.

  20. C.L.

    You have to laugh at theatrical luvvies declaring that Weinstein’s crimes are a watershed moment in the history of gender relations. Five minutes ago, they were all campaigning for notorious rapist Bill Clinton to be returned to the White House.

  21. Jo Smyth

    ‘Trump is a lech like Weinstein’. The Democrats threw every conceivable piece of dirt at Trump during the election and he still became President. Get real, Donald is the winner and will be for the next 7 years.

  22. Up The Workers!

    To Jo Smyth:
    “The Democrats threw every conceivable piece of dirt at Trump …”

    Spot on.

    Hillary AND Bonking Billy – BOTH kinds of dirt!

  23. Cassie of Sydney

    To Cohenite…Gold Star!

  24. struth

    Trump talks about the slutty behaviour of some women around power and wealth, privately to other men, and a set of Hillarywood sluts that cried over hearing the truth, set about letting everyone know he was right.

    If you were raped by Wankstain and you didn’t report it immediately, you are accomplice to the rape of the next victim.

    If you were down on your knees to climb a ladder, and had no mind to refuse, you are what is commonly known as a slut.

  25. Jo Smyth

    struth, now you have explained what a slut is, please now explain EXACTLY what you think would have happened to these ‘sluts’ if they had complained about the rich and powerful men in Hollywood.

  26. Defender of the faith

    Struth: I wonder whether you’ve ever met a woman? Either you have not or you’ve never listened in conversation. Your ridiculous remarks are at best a throwback to the Dark Ages.

  27. Cassie of Sydney

    Struth, whilst there is an element of brutal honesty in what you wrote I believe that male/female interactions/relations are never that black and white and are much more nuanced particularly when power is involved. I totally understand how many of those women were sexually and emotionally intimidated, hectored and compromised by such a Hollywood bigwig as Weinstein. He regularly exerted his power to threaten and cajole woman. Women who managed to defy him basically had their careers terminated or diminished.

  28. cohenite

    Jo Smyth

    #2537536, posted on October 30, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    They could have sued for criminal trespass.

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