Peter O’Brien: More on the Cash affair

Further to my thoughts on the Michaelia Cash affair, I noticed Brad Norington using a curious turn of phrase in his article on this topic in the Weekend Australian.

“The advisor, Dave de Garis, immediately took a political bullet for his minister by resigning.”

The whole tenor of this sentence seems to suggest that Norington believes that Cash knew of the leak, perhaps even authorized it.

The first odd note that caught my attention was the word ‘immediately’.   ‘Immediately’ upon what?  Immediately upon the first accusation being made that Cash’s office had instigated the leak?  Well no, it was immediately upon de Garis finally outing himself as the leaker.

He took a bullet for his minister.  Really?   Well that might be true, but only if he had been instructed by Cash to leak the information.

If events transpired as Cash claimed then de Garis, on his own initiative, leaked the information then lied to his Minister allowing her dig herself further and further into the mire before finally confessing.  If that is true why was he accorded the luxury of resigning?  He should have been sacked and Cash should have made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was sacked with all that entails.

Her failure to do so suggests that de Garis did indeed take a bullet for her but that sacking would be a bridge too far.

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10 Responses to Peter O’Brien: More on the Cash affair

  1. stackja

    I apply the same principle, never give in to left hypocrisy.

  2. sabena

    This is a case of being too smart by half.Why the need to leak it-the press would have found out anyway.And look what happened- a story that should have assisted the Government goes off half cocked because of what was done in the Minister’s office.

  3. True Aussie

    Chargehim with hindering a police investigation and see if he is still willing to take the bullet

  4. peter cavanagh

    Why sack him for an error of judgement the whole lot leak every day led of course by Turnbull who constantly leaks against Abbott, also the police constantly leak raid details to the press to make sure they have an audiance.

  5. notaluvvie

    No doubt he will turn up in either a gummint funded position or one provide by mates. One assumes it could even be an overseas NGO. Or is that only available to socialists who cause a race riot on Australia Day?

  6. H B Bear

    I would encourage the AFP to put his head on a stick pour encourager les autres. The relationship between the j’ism sprayers and politicians is a major cause of why trust in both institutions are in free fall.

  7. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Cash directed the leak and that this staffer was looking to go anyway, so took one for the ‘team’. Everything that this government does is a cluster and everything they touch turns to shit. How much deeper can Turnbull bury the Liberal Party?

  8. The first question to ask is Cui bono?
    The second question, was there a monetary “bono”?
    Both questions should be asked and investigated by AFP!
    All other is a piss in the wind on a slow news day.

  9. cui bono

    Thanks John L, if I may:

    The staffer claims to have been informed of the raid by the media.

    Why did he then think it necessary to inform others in the media?

    Why did he think it wise to pass on confidential info related to a police op to anyone?

    Why do we still not know the identities of the media who informed Labor?

    It all points to an inbred culture where good governance and the peoples’ interest is not in the mix.
    But we all knew that.
    Money? If not money, at least corruption.
    The caravan has moved on. The dogs are today barking about Turnbull’s golden touch. Their attention span is limited.

  10. cui bono

    True Aussie’s solution would be ideal.

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