Off conferencing

I’m off to Cyprus for 3 days and flying for about 3 days.  Posting will be light. Checking the spam filters and auto moderation queue will be even slower. The regular posts will appear at the regular times.


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8 Responses to Off conferencing

  1. calli

    Bon voyage Doomlord. The Med is lovely this time of year.

  2. Tom

    Sinc, Since it is located in the eastern branch of the current Third World invasion of Europe, I’d love to find out whether Cyrus is caught up in the Euro immigration crisis. Since you are an Australian media mogul, I’m sure the locals will help you get the story. Have a great trip.

  3. True Aussie

    So how many taxpayer dollars have been funded on this junket?

  4. Rather than think of 3 days flying time, think of it more as a chance to sample the odd whiskey or 2 (or 3).

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    What do they talk about at all these “conferences” ?do they ever actually DO anything > who pays for a;
    All this gasbagging? If all the papers written about this stuff were laid end to end they would go a bloody long way, .stay here and see if you can sort out your useless mate turnbull , before he condemns us to years of union dominated socialist crap . and a islamofascist dictatorship while he and the other career political quislings enjoy the good life in exile in a pleasant environment .{ living off the Cayman Islands accounts }

  6. John64

    Looks like those examinations will have to set themselves.

  7. Sinclair Davidson

    It’s many many years since I have set an exam (strangely in Australia called writing an exam). But they would have been set some months ago.

    I usually have Honours/Masters students and work on an assignment model.

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