Let’s get the language straight

Spartacus tires of the lazy use of language in our public discourse.  Can we please get a couple of things straight.

The Prime Minister does not run the country. The Prime Minister, to the extent he runs anything, runs the Government.

The Treasurer does not run the economy. The Treasurer, to the extent he runs anything, particularly this Treasurer, oversees the Government’s revenue and expenditure activities.

The Government does not have any money. It holds money in trust for citizens.

They are not cost of living pressures. They are cost of government pressures. If there was a concomitant reduction of government and taxes, then these so called pressures would ease.

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10 Responses to Let’s get the language straight

  1. Roger

    The Prime Minister, to the extent he runs anything, runs the Government.

    The PM formally heads the government but, really, the public servants run it (‘Yes, Prime Minister’).

    The PM runs the Cabinet and Executive Council and his own department and office…if he is competent, that is

  2. stackja

    #2545540, posted on November 7, 2017 at 10:06 am

    We were assured by MT that he was competent.

  3. Michel Lasouris

    It is NOT Turnbull’s government. He repeatedly uses the phrase ” my government’. No Malcolm it is not. It is the Australian Government, temporarily gifted to you by virtue of an election. It can so easily be taken from you, by us, and given pro tem to another. So let’s get this straight, and stop pretending that you do little more than fiddle around the edges of governance

  4. Fifth point: The PM is also not the leader of the country, he is the leader of the government and the leader of the Liberal Party.

    He is not my leader as in as much as I am not a part of either, he is in no wise the leader of any enterprise in which I am a participant.

  5. Mr Black

    It never ceases to amaze me that water cooler complaints about the cost of living are never connected with the demand for more and more social and government services – by the very same people.

  6. PoliticoNT

    Spartacus – could we please add:

    Government expenditure is not investment; it is simply expenditure.

  7. Bob of Brisbane

    Sarticus, one of your better posts.

  8. Chris M

    Sarticus, one of your better posts.

    Totally. “Cost of government pressures” how true…

  9. Nathan

    Don’t forget…
    ‘The government does not create jobs. Save for the (too many) public servants it employs, it is responsible only for providing a stable legal environment where private capital will be risked to create value, thereby creating jobs’, or something similar.
    (I am sure other Cats could define this better)

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