Australians – you are all racists – Maley @ Fairfax says so

It is a lovely sunny day in Sydney.  The temperature is a benign low 20 something.  People are out at lunch.  Happy and smiling.  But underneath it all, there is a dark undercurrent of racism, misogyny and homophobia.  Not to mention any other pejorative -ism and -phobia.

Apparently though, we all hate everyone else, and if not for government, the law and the moral left, we would all be killing, vilifying and stealing from everyone else.  At least Jacqueline Maley from Fairfax media would have you believe.

In her latest Sydney Moralising Herald contribution to the public discourse, Ms Maley writes:

Wake up Australia: the Sam Dastyari incident proves you’re racist

There you go.  Ms Maley is of the view that the actions of a couple boof heads in Melbourne translate to the guilt of every man, woman and child in Australia.  And herself also presumably.  Vicarious guilt that would be.  The guilt of one is the guilt of all.

One must wonder if Ms Maley’s writings qualify as Maley Bull S**t?

Not only does the High Priestess Maley declare all Australia’s are racists, she also incriminates the staff at the bar where Senator Dastyari was accosted:

And on Dastyari’s face, the uneasy calculations of the victim: Can I laugh this off? Can I ignore them? Will anyone step in to help?

The bar staff didn’t, but Dastyari’s fellow Labor MP Tim Watts was nearby, ducking in and out of the shakily-filmed video.

The bar staff didn’t help she declares!  High Priestess’ evidence?  The bits of the video where there were no bar staff recorded.  Was Maley there?  Did Maley speak to witnesses?  That requires work.  Moral patronising, especially at Fairfax, is apparently easier and better remunerated.

But also to call Senator Dastyari a victim.   Yeah right.  Maybe he can make an inappropriate video bagging his harasssors and get his daughters to do the speaking for him.  But Priestess Maley goes on:

In any other country, if a dark-skinned man is called a “monkey”, the person labelling him that doesn’t get a platform on which to further publicise his moronic views.

Really?  Has she watched any Palestinian television when that and worse is hurled against Jews and Israelis?  Perhaps not.  That would be contra to the narrative that only white ango males are capable of evil.

(Post script addition:

Thanks to George in the comments.  He pointed out the one where Peter FitzSimons called a black South African official a gorilla.

So to Ms Maley’s comment – about such a person getting a platform “to further publicise his moronic views”, well then that would be the same platform shared by Ms Maley.)

Still not with (metaphorically) inserting her left foot in her mouth, Priestess Maley writes:

Hopefully the wide publication of the incident will serve to remind us why our anti-discrimination laws are more necessary now than ever.

So there you have it.  The laws that Priestess Maley, by own admission didn’t work, are more necessary than ever.  But wait:

The Dastyari incident shows why we can never let that happen (roll back of anti-discrimination laws) – because racism and racist abuse is still very Australian, and if we want to stamp it out, few things have greater moral force than Australian law which strongly condemns it.

Hmmm. Australian law has moral force apparently.  I wonder what she thinks about the Constitution?  Perhaps for another time.

Maybe, just maybe Australia should make murder and theft illegal.  Passing anti-murder and anti-theft laws, with moral force of course, will obviously stop all murder and theft.

In her final coup-de-gras, Priestess Maley goes on to try to (metaphorically) insert her right foot into her mouth:

The only thing that was unusual about what happened to Dastyari was that it was captured on video and publicised by the perpetrators themselves, who posted it on their Facebook page.

Dear Priestess.  It’s not at all unusual.  Not unusual at all.

The perpetrators of the assault on Andrew Bolt posted their video online as did the perpetrators of the BDS brigade assault on Colonel Richard Kemp.  There are plenty such posts.

It’s also not unusual that you, dear Priestess, choose to write about the Dastyari incident, but not the others; you know the ones that demonstrate those, with whom you sit on your moral high horse, are perhaps not so moral at all.

Signed off,

Spartacus – Australian Racist – so declared by High Priestess Maley of Fairfax.

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48 Responses to Australians – you are all racists – Maley @ Fairfax says so

  1. J.H.

    …. and lets not forget the headbutting of Tony Abbott…. Now there is true violence and hatred perpetrated against a politician. Dastyari on the other hand, was not being assaulted, he was simply being insulted.

  2. Mak Siccar

    Moral grandstanding/virtue signalling hypocrite with a selective memory – typical leftie.

  3. Tim Neilson

    Are we supposed to generalise like that about terrorists and Muslims?

    Thought not.

  4. alexnoaholdmate

    I suspect that if one was to take the continuous terrorist attacks on Western nations by the Muslim populations as proof that Muslims have difficulty settling in, Ms Maley would tell us it’s wrong – and probably racist – to tar a whole group with the same brush because of a few idiots in their midst.

  5. George

    In any other country, if a dark-skinned man is called a “monkey”, the person labelling him that doesn’t get a platform on which to further publicise his moronic views.

    Hmm, what about the red-bandana Pete FizSimons calling the South African a gorilla? Does that qualify as racist?

  6. Tom

    Never forget that everything the left accuses its enemies of it is doing itself. Its virtue-signalling is merely a transfer of guilt and self-hatred.

    That is because the left and its “news” media are an immoral zombie tribe of the middle class’s dregs.

    How long is it since Fakefacts presented an actual factual news story that affects most of the population instead of dressing up its deranged lunatic-fringe opinions as matters of public importance?

  7. Diogenes

    Oh goody I’m not an Australian (for purposes of S44(i), and even have the same nationality (for purposes of Sect 44(i) as Slippery Sam 🙂 ). Therefore it will not be racist of me if I say
    I think he’s smart arse and a wanker, a pipsqueak and looks like an ape

  8. Rayvic

    “You are all racists”.
    So by definition, Priestess Maley is the only one who is not racist.

  9. Jannie

    Sure all Australians are racist, by definition. I am what you say I am, not what I think. There is no point trying to argue against the accusation, it only increases your guilt, and their expected compensation payment.

    Accept it, agree with it, but always add: The word racist is meaningless, I do not accept guilt.

  10. Rohan

    I’ve long suspected that Squalid Ali is a racist. This now confirms it.

  11. WolfmanOz

    Spartacus is certainly on a roll !

  12. lily

    Did this lady of the left write an article in defence of Andrew Bolt when he was assaulted?

  13. candy

    She doesn’t mean all Australians, just the right leaning ones. I’m betting she calls us all “deplorables”, in the manner Hilary Clinton said it.

  14. John Constantine

    Given that racist is considered an insult, do the left expect everybody to lie down and die after one insult?.

    What next?.

    Once people stop caring if some medicated, hysterical and erratic lefty spits “racist” at them, what next?.


    Literally Nazi?.

    Secret is that I don’t care what scumbags spit at me anymore.

    Their hate only registers as a personal accomplishment.


  15. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    I love the smell of racism in the morning.

  16. Snoopy

    If Dastyari’s social licence to drink in bars had been withdrawn this unfortunate incident would have been prevented.

  17. cynical1

    It’s true though.

    Like all pooves are pedos and all Muslims are terrorists.


    Fairfax will never agree…

  18. Empire GTHO Phase III

    More mad rantings from another carpetbagger of the Ism-Industrial- Complex.

    Ridicule, as required.

  19. ArthurB

    Princess Maley is typical of the journalists who infest the media, they are advocates, not reporters.

    Another example (as if one was needed): earlier this week (? Monday) I watched Teh Dumb, with Ellen Fanning as presenter. Philip Ruddock was on the panel, and when the subject of Manus Island and its detainees came up for discussion, La Fanning abandoned any pretence of objectivity, and argued passionately on behalf of the detainees, she frequently interrupted Ruddock, talking over him, and firing gotcha questions. I felt that he handled the situation with tact and patience, I guess he has had lots of similar experiences.

    The SJW’s have attained almost complete control over the media, and the future does not look good.

  20. notafan

    In any other country, if a dark-skinned man is called a “monkey”, the person labelling him that doesn’t get a platform on which to further publicise his moronic views.

    No Sam Dastyari is white and calling him a monkey isn’t particularly insulting, about as insulting as singing happy birthday to you with the lines you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.

    Reclassifying him as ‘a dark skinned man’ simply means the journalist is buying into Sam’s bs narrative.

    Sam is a public figure who lives by the race card.

    Jibes from a few Aussie bogans giving him a bit back won’t kill him, or anyone else for that matter.

  21. Snoopy

    Ill go out on limb and posit that Maley thought the Chimpy Bush meme was a clever hoot.

  22. Bruce of Newcastle

    Good news for the Left. Disney is planning yet another Star Wars trilogy.

    Disney announce new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy(Oz today)

    I predict the heroyxes will include one black woman, one white gay man, one Asian trannie and a Wookie of no known sex.

    They will exterminate hordes and multitudes of old white men.
    After all Stormtroopers are male, white all over, have bad eyesight and move around vewy slowly.

  23. A Lurker

    Jacqueline Maley = Typical projection from a Leftist.

  24. Texas Jack

    Fairfax is disappearing up its own arse. I wouldn’t waste a nanosecond worrying about the views of any of their tribe.

  25. Di

    What is it with the left & wanting to project their own views onto everyone around them?

    & they wonder why alternative opinion is putting them out of business:

  26. Up The Workers!

    And this demonstrably racist character writes for the in-house-propaganda-rag-cum-birdcage-liner of the very same Party which introduced the “White Australia Policy” into this country, and was once led by a “progressive chap” best remembered for his famous quote that: “Two Wongs Don’t Make a White!”

    Speaking as a person of colour (my skin is distinctly flesh-coloured and always has been) AND as a member of the race she has cruelly vilified, I am outraged!

    (Now can I have my compo cheque for $1 million please?)

  27. Rabz

    People are out at lunch. Happy and smiling. But underneath it all, there is a dark undercurrent of racism, misogyny and homophobia.

    Not to mention rampant climate denialism. I had lunch with some young people I work with and schooled them on the facts about the great gerbil worming hoax.

    They’ll probably never speak to me again, but hey, it felt good at the time.

  28. C.L.

    Wake up Australia: the Sam Dastyari incident proves you’re racist

    Midgets aren’t a race.

  29. Squirrel

    Aggravating as the Senator in question can be, there may be something in this – but the standard Fairfax clickbait-with-a-dose-of moral-outrage coverage of the incident will ensure that the battle lines are drawn in the traditional manner.

    A cynic might think that Fairfax will be looking for lots more distracting items like this now that the real estate bubble – or at least parts of it – is starting to look a bit limp.

  30. Dave

    The irony in all this of course was that he actually did feel pressured by these blokes in a way he never has in parliament or during his bribery scandal. The system promotes and protects people like him. He knows full well how to game the system, offer fake remorse.

    These blokes applied the blowtorch in public, without wearing masks. They called him out. They know who he is. What he is.

    I unfortunately don’t forsee these incidents decreasing. The government introduces laws about what you can and can’t say. They protect politicians from genuine scrutiny, and the media like in this article, acts as a praetorian guard. So what recourse does a person who cares about his country have, other than to give such a guy a mouthful on the rare occasions that such a person is in public?

  31. H B Bear

    I love being lectured at by Fauxfacts and the UN. It is the smell of victory.

  32. Roger

    Princess Maley is typical of the journalists who infest the media, they are advocates, not reporters.

    The fag end of the new journalism that appeared in the late ’60s.

  33. Shy Ted

    Sexist. It’s Jacqueline Femaley. But not one I’d barge with a touchpole.

  34. Sydney Boy

    Funny. I don’t recall Fairfax calling ALL Indians racist after a section of the crowd called Australian cricketer Andrew Simonds a monkey during the 2007 tour of India.

  35. Linden

    yes very selective memory indeed, especially when it comes to members of CFMEU and their abuse of ordinary working Australians.

  36. Linden

    I don’t think that he was elected, he got parachuted into it, I may be wrong?

  37. Boambee John

    Ms Maley is of the view that the actions of a couple boof heads in Melbourne translate to the guilt of every man, woman and child in Australia.

    Ms Maley seems to indulge in stereotyping.

    I thought that was a baaaad thing, but she seems to favour it! Perhaps she is a racist?

  38. overburdened

    reports of violent fuckwits accosting people at a Mr Abbott fundraiser. maley will justify this behaviour coz of the plight of illegals on Manus. I think the time is coming to go head on at these pricks.

  39. reports of violent fuckwits accosting people at a Mr Abbott fundraiser.

    And the person who has the high profile and got monstered by the baying and slavering mob was none other than Abbotts sister, she who has so recently been such a darling of the left for being so publicly in favour of the SSM yes vote. How easily they forget who to cheer for and who to brutalise.

  40. overburdened

    These clowns have no principles and devour their own if it suits their purpose

  41. overburdened

    I would humbly recommend Miyomoto Musashi’s Gorin No Sho

  42. BorisG

    People who think it is ok to call a dark skinned person a monkey are racists
    People to think calling a dark skinned person a monkey must be a criminal offense are totalitarians.
    People who think the incident in the bar was a setup need mental treatment

  43. kae

    Dastyari was not assaulted, nor was he insulted.

    The sook was rubbished, and that most deservedly.

  44. egg_

    Asian (Australians) being the most racist – was that noted?

  45. egg_

    Dastyari was not assaulted, nor was he insulted.

    He probably looked like Dicky Knee holding his head above the bar?

  46. BorisG

    Dastyari was not assaulted, nor was he insulted.

    I think he was not assaulted but if you think calling a dark-skinned person a monkey is not an insult, I do not know what is.

    certainly not a civil debate about his policy positions.

  47. Makka

    Dastyari deserves a lot more than he got in that bar.

  48. EvilElvis

    I’m not racist, but I do know what I like.

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