“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four Corners announced to the world that the Northern Territory ‘tortured children’, and engaged in ‘barbarism’ in facilities such as Don Dale”. Here’s how the article ends.

During conversations with Four Corners, I sought and repeatedly was given assurances that the highest ethical standards were being applied. In the opinion of other news outlets, trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake. That trust was why it was given the ­extraordinary access.

Those ethical standards can be found in the ABC’s Code of Practice under the heading Impartiality and Diversity of Perspectives. I believe Four Corners failed all five guidelines.

The ABC is a federally funded public service organisation. It withheld information from a Prime Minister and based on partial information the Prime Minister made a call to spend $50m. Since that time, the ABC has declared its footage unavailable; attempted to suppress evidence before a royal commission; and, when asked, has refused to investigate itself. Even an ABC journalist referred to it as a “hatchet job”.

If the royal commission report does not deliver scalps or, worse still, fails to even recommend criminal investigations and prosecutions, it will be because the information that led to its establishment was deeply flawed and misleading.

“Deeply flawed and misleading” – given the way it operates I thought that was already the first item on the ABC’s Code of Practice in how it presents the news.

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25 Responses to “Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

  1. Driftforge

    Repeatedly, the ABC is shown to represent a soveriegn risk to this nation.

    Shut it down, fire them all may well not be enough. Burn it with fire, salt the remains.

  2. Hopefully the proposed changes to sedition and treason laws will put an end to the ABC.

  3. Baldrick

    The ABC is a cesspit of Socialist scum.
    Rabz the Anyone But Conservative fuckers.

  4. jupes

    … fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister

    What an appalling call the dill made. Seriously, by announcing the RC within 24 hrs of the ABC hit piece, the sanctimonious prick should have been sacked by his party.

    He did this despite witnessing TLS do the same thing with the Indonesian hit piece.

  5. JC

    They are so dishonest and it’s got worse since Tony Jones’ wife, Sour Tits Sarah has been running that show. It’s the biggest fake new operation outside of MediaMatters. A travesty to journalism.

  6. Mother Lode

    Then, of course, there was the wonderful ‘expose’ of the live cattle trade – which spooked a politician into ruining farmers and businesses.

    All in a days work at the ABC.

    Seriously, why would anyone go to the ABC to find something accurate?

    And why would anyone approached by the ABC agree? Do they threaten to do their beat up regardless? Well why lend them any credibility by appearing?

  7. jonesy

    Activism Bashing Conservatism..sums up the reason d’être.

  8. And Another Thing

    Well, paying for the ABC is a rookie mistake we all can’t opt out of. It should be privatised and set up as a subscriber service for those who like conspiracy theories, weather alarmism and gayness news. No conservative should ever consent to be interviewed on any of its fake news shows.

  9. John Constantine

    Cattle, prisons, refugee torture, greyhounds, windmills.

    The new ABC offices that had to be built because the medicated and hysterical ABC wymynsys insisted the old building was a breast cancer cluster.

    Fact checking.

    Sodomy, catamites and the lash of economic genocide.

    ABC genocidal rage towards colonial settler racist culture being literally Russian Nazis.

  10. H B Bear

    The ALPBC staff co-op is in the winners circle, my friends. It is untouchable.

  11. Mother Lode

    The only reason they are so bad at their jobs is because they are so stressed.

    Put Soma in the water supply.

    That is the right way to deal with Epsilon Minus Semi-Morons.

    And stop demanding the skills you would from an Alpha Plus.

  12. iain russell

    ‘A rookie mistake’. WTF?!? Any sentient adult should know that the ABC equals spin, nudge, ‘colour’, fake news and out and out lies. How could he have even thought about a ‘fair go’ from the Great Cancer on Australian Society?

  13. entropy

    He did this despite witnessing TLS do the same thing with the Indonesian hit piece.

    Exactly, Jules. What a maroon. Purple maroon.

  14. H B Bear

    When you are the smartest man in the room there is no need to learn from other people’s mistakes.

  15. DD

    The Royal Commission could issue a search warrant on the ABC for the required material. Why has not this happened?

  16. PoliticoNT

    Rookie mistake my arse. I know Elferink. This was pure hubris and ego tripping the stupid cock up. Just like every other bloody ordinary member of the CLP, I was furious a person as experienced as Elferink would be stupid enough to engage with 4Corners. Even ABC Darwin expressed anger at how southerners magically ignored the previous 5 years worth of serious effort by the NT media, government and bureaucracy to improve the situation.

    4Corners are lying arseholes. What did Elferink expect? Balance and fairness?? Fuck me, what an idiot.

  17. Bruce of Newcastle

    It withheld information from a Prime Minister and based on partial information the Prime Minister made a call to spend $50m.

    The ABC budget should therefore be reduced by $50 million.

  18. Chris

    The ABC budget should therefore be reduced by $50 million 100%.


  19. Driftforge

    The ABC budget should therefore be reduced by $50 million

    Start toting it up.

    Cattle trade.
    Salmon industry.

    This mess above.

    Heading towards a $1B of direct damage caused by merely one program within the ABC.

  20. Dr Fred Lenin

    This mob of traitors are our EU commisars UN unelected fascists , ‘career pollies will not touch them ,the comrades might turn on them and ‘destroy their political careers . The communist giliard jumps on the live cattle fiasco, the “extreme left winger “turnbull sets up an RC about this lie. And ignores the heydon RC stories of gross criminality in the fascist unions . We pobject to importation of welfare supported alp voters Our Sailors burn and torture poor illegal criminal “refugees “ , We are racist to entitled white aborigines.claiming benefits workers don’t get . B We hate oppressed islamofascist terrorists ,and African “refugee” criminals on welfare We fight against progressive destruction of our industries and power ,and raising electricity prices to line the pockets of crony capitalists and corrupt unions . We ,;lock up vicious teen criminals and punish them for assaulting staff. We are a terrible lot ,only fit to work ,pay tax, and keep the useless “elites” talking their bullshit and bludging on us . ABC the voice of the “elite”.

  21. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Then, of course, there was the wonderful ‘expose’ of the live cattle trade – which spooked a politician into ruining farmers and businesses.

    Based on footage brought, and paid, for by Animals Australia. The price of live sheep for the export trade suffered accordingly. I calculated once what the fall in the price of live sheep cost me. (From 0ver $130.00 per head – very nice, than you – to just over $55.00 per head – why bother?) It was an exercise best described as depressing, simply so a handful of inner city Greens could make a statement.

  22. Pickles

    A quarter of a century ago, I was momentarily a NT public servant and my Minister knew exactly how to deal with these scum. Vale Max Ortmann

  23. JC


    The critter just oozes social justice dogma.

    “Having your face on telly doesn’t make you a journalist: a journalist is someone who digs and digs into information to find the truth. The narrative, subjects and sources should be the main focus – the journalist is not the story.”

    “Unfortunately journalists have poor reputations – muckrakers, tricksters, fake news! – but the good ones outweigh the bad. I get my strength from giving a voice to the voiceless, holding power and authorities to account, and making change.

    “Journalists can improve or destroy people’s lives. It’s a big responsibility that I take very seriously. To find people’s stories, tell them and try to make things better.”

    This is extraordinary.

  24. Paul

    Deeply flawed and misleading
    And just in time for the NT election, I think is more to the point.
    We know how much their ABC likes to shape opinions.

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