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MANSON AND THE TOTALITARIAN TEMPTATION: “The potential for entire social movements to end up sympathizing with visibly pathological murderers with swastikas carved in their foreheads is a persistent potential. All you have to do is let down, for a brief moment, your simplest sense of right and wrong, perhaps because you pride yourself on being upset about some social issue….”

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And as always, like here, some interesting commentary.

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  1. Aristogeiton

    Saw that. Good show.

  2. Roger

    Decades ago now some sociologists – yes, I know, but bear with me! – identified a new social type in the Western world. In previous generations people had been guided morally by the traditions of their society (let’s call this the Catholic ideal), then this type was largely replaced (painting with a broad brush here) by the people who were guided by strongly internalised moral compasses (let’s call this the Protestant ideal). In modern society notions of tradition and objective moral compasses (conscience informed by an external law code) are disdained. People are therefore increasingly guided morally by “the crowd” or, in our more fractured times, their social group. They “like”, i.e. morally approve of or go along with, what their social group likes and by doing so seek further approval and confirmation from that social group. And so the social group becomes its own arbiter of what is moral and, increasingly, nobody questions its direction. It is not hard to see that a social group is much more deficient at determining what is moral than either tradition (the wisdom of our forefathers) or an internalised moral compass derived from religious beliefs and much more inclined to go awry in a disastrous way without the checks of external, objective notions of morality.

  3. Newsweek compared Trump to Manson. The oldest profession in the world has standards, the presstitutes have none.

  4. manalive

    Drugs were probably the principle ingredient, I was around at the time although only as a spectator.

  5. Chris

    A link at Instapundit is high praise indeed. Well done!

  6. Paul

    entire social movements to end up sympathizing with visibly pathological murderers

    I would venture that this could apply to our comrades in the leftist parties, and their associations with dear ‘allahu akbar’ comrades, and the desires to import more with open borders.
    While dear comrades don’t wear swastikas, some of their intentions are plainly clear.

  7. overburdened

    I reiterate, IMO people such as the murderous shitbag in the article should be shunned and forgotten. The reports of crowd funding to give this individual a ‘dignified’ funeral screams out loud how far the concept of relativism has progressed. There is no morality.

  8. marcus classis

    Well done, that.

  9. Bruce in WA

    a ‘dignified’ funeral

    10 litres of diesel and a bobcat for whatever’s left. [spit]

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