President Trump on Thanksgiving

Walks like a President, talks like a President, sounds like a president…

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10 Responses to President Trump on Thanksgiving

  1. politichix

    …because he is the President!

  2. Baldrick

    Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary are strangely quite this Thanksgiving.
    I bet they’ve gone out in sympathy with the turkeys.

  3. stackja

    Washington, Lincoln and Trump give thanks.

  4. Neenee

    If only he could be cloned.

  5. Robber Baron

    Moral leadership and the worship of God. Better than worshipping government like the left statists do. The Donald is The President.

  6. J.H.

    President Donald J. Trump. 45th President of the United States of America.

    It has a great ring to it…… and he is sending the Leftists absolutely bonkers.

  7. Eyrie

    He sure is a FINE President. It is called leadership.
    Donald John Trump 45th President of the United States of America and the Last Knight of America fighting the dragons of the left.

  8. David Brewer

    Trump churns these out every week. They’re great. The tone is always positive and uniting. Quite often they are newsworthy. But I have never seen them covered in any mainstream media outlet, and I have never met anyone who has seen any of them.

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