Can reach all of Australia too

Don’t mean to distract you from the important news, but just thought I’d mention it.

NKorea says new ICBM test a success; Can reach all of USA!
Launch Calibrated to Avoid Military Response?
Beijing expresses ‘grave concern’…

As for what the alternative was, this is from one day ago: Hillary Clinton hits Trump over North Korea approach. Or to be more specific:

Serving as the keynote speaker at Caijing Magazine’s three-day annual conference on Tuesday, the former secretary of state called on Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to avoid “bluster” and “personal taunts” when dealing with Pyongyang, according to Bloomberg.

She reportedly criticized the Trump administration for retreating from diplomacy in recent months and said she hoped that China wouldn’t follow suit.

While Clinton focused much of her sentiment on the US stance toward North Korea, she took most of her jabs at the Chinese — claiming they, too, were taking the wrong approach to the situation and making things worse with their “secret” military buildups.

“Beijing should remember that inaction is a choice as well,” Clinton said.

That’s worked so well up till now it’s hard to see why we can’t just keep on being inactive in just the same way as in the past.

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14 Responses to Can reach all of Australia too

  1. stackja

    Yes HRC! Inaction 2008-2016!

  2. Baldrick

    Serving as the keynote speaker at Caijing Magazine’s three-day annual conference on Tuesday, the former secretary of state …

    I think you’ll find the correct name is Ka-Ching Magazine, particularly if the Clinton’s are involved.

  3. Leo G

    Hillary Clinton calls for diplomacy in dealing with Pyongyang, but not with POTUS.

  4. cuckoo

    Serving as the keynote speaker…

    Why on earth is anyone now hiring her as anything other than a Halloween decoration?

  5. Chris M

    Well maybe we can buy some from Kim? After all Australia needs some proper nuclear defences and being borderline broke we can’t afford the US ones. Hey, it’s likely a better deal than the French submarine joke.

  6. jupes

    Never fear, I saw an interview with Tubbsy Paine on Sky this morning.

    She’s all over it. Apparently any war with North Korea would be “catastrophic”, so we should do everything possible to avoid it.

  7. Stimpson J. Cat

    Nothing to worry about.
    If you honestly think the Ratf$ckers would let Kim nuke their picturesque holiday island you are crazier than me.

  8. Louis

    The drawn out game of waiting for them to run out of resources is taking too long and, in the meantime, their capabilities are catching up. I would be far less worried about their nuclear capability and far more worried about their chemical weapons delivery, especially through artillery into South Korea, should USA or others strike first.

    The other reason to end it is that all this success simply becomes Iran’s shoulders to stand on, as we know the two share information. The sooner we deal with NK the more time we will have before the inevitable run-in with IRAN – subject to their success in their proxy wars in the middle east.

  9. Louis

    I haven’t heard any news about what is being done with NK’s ballistic missile sub they are building. I would have thought taking out any second strike capability would have been of the highest priority.

    Nuke Australia? Where do you target in Australia that wouldn’t damage some Chinese real-estate?

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Scrap,malcolm pynes subs , put the money into anti missile defence and our ownICBMs , to respond to attack , develop anti sub missiles to protect trade,simple innit ? Though I doubt any pollie would understand it ,to busy with their miserable little careers .

  11. RobK

    ICBM shields are notoriously expensive and difficult to test. I recall reading one report a decade or so ago saying how advanced stable flight paths were more accurate but also more predictable and infact the crude wobbly paths of an old style missile doing Mach 6+ are virtually impossible to guarantee a hit.

  12. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Why on earth is anyone now hiring her as anything other than a Halloween decoration?

    I hear you want to give me some cash.

  13. Gengis

    As I have said in the past, lets wait until the Dear Leader has a full set of Nuclear Bombs (100) and he then says ‘I want South Korea or Japan’ What would Dear Hilary say then – just go ahead but let us have a round table discussion first!

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