Celebrate Communism

Yesterday evening, your intrepid correspondent ventured to Sydney University for an event hosted by the US Studies Centre.  The event was to hear ANU Professor Hugh White speak on his latest quarterly essay called Without America.

Though Spartacus has not yet read White’s essay, he did read Paul Kelly’s review (of sorts) in the Australian:

At last there are signs of a tough, even brutal, debate about the ­implications of the rise of an ­assertive and Leninist China and its consequences for an Australia that merrily assumes it can stay ­independent and live by values ­repudiated in Beijing.

It was thus with the ultimate iron that Spartacus was handed the below flyer when entering the building hosting the event.

There you go.  The Socialist Equality Party in Australia and the Socialist Equality Group in New Zealand want to celebrate the birth of Marxist-Leninist communism.  Woo hoo.  And not just celebrate.  Resuscitate, renew and rebirth Marxist-Leninist communism

Clearly the deaths of some 100 million plus deaths caused by Communism are not enough.  Cuba and North Korea should not be vilified.  They should be revered.

So sayeth the Social Equality Party:

The essential task for all those coming forward to fight for socialism is to study and assimilate the immense lessons that have been derived by the Marxist movement from the experiences of Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution.

Like a plague of rats in the sewers.  They never die or disappear.  They just wait for the opportunity to come to the surface to spread their disease and pestilence.

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30 Responses to Celebrate Communism

  1. dopey

    “Equality may have been a pillar of communist ideology, but all communist states built elaborite hierarchical orders on the ground.”
    Frank Dikotter: Mao’s Great Famine.

  2. MPH

    There’s a cover charge for the meeting…?

  3. dopey

    I wonder who gets the $5 concession.

  4. sabena

    Hugh White’s opinions are generally worthless.
    Obviously there are substantial dangers from the course China’s leader is now pursuing,but White underestimates the US.He also ignores the reaction of China’s 2 closest neighbours Japan and Korea.And of course the ASEAN countries are no fans of Chines foreign policy either-they want US involvement in the region to continue.
    China’s continued road to economic prosperity is undoubtedy going to slow.Their economic growth to date reflects the low base from which they started.The rate of economic growth is like travelling faster-the resistance increases with any increase in speed,so the power needed to do so increases at an unequal rate.
    Combine this with a conformist culture and the lack of the rule of law due to a one party state and it becomes clear that economic growth in China will rise to a plateau and then may even decline.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Surely socialism will work this time. Sadly every previous attempt was unsuccessful. It’s a mystery.

  6. Diogenes

    Boy I wish my Oma (an official EotS and gulag inmate 1919-23) were alive today to give theses wankers a sense of true history.

    The tongue lashing she gave a very leftist ALP candidate when I was little was awesome. The one she gave my oldest cousin when he joined a socialist society at uni in the 60s was even more awesome, as it it involved a fennel switch. Image if you can a strapping 6′ 19 yo being chased around the yard by a tiny 4′ nothing 70 yo lady.

  7. Driftforge

    China’s continued road to economic prosperity is undoubtedly going to slow.

    I love this sort of unfounded, tremulous assertion. It’s a convenient way of escaping the real questions that China’s continued and continual growth poses. There’s even a restatement of the religious beliefs of the modern day:

    – a ‘One Party State’ will lead to decline.
    – central planning is always is a negative.
    – a conformist culture is always a negative.
    – the rule of law is always a positive.

    when none of these mantras are consistently true. If anything, the results of the last century suggest that democracy always leads to decline; that our capacity to effectively centrally plan has collapsed; that diversity leads to war; that the rule of law tends towards tyranny.

  8. tgs

    Hugh White is a feckless appeaser.

  9. meher baba

    At least the brochure featured an excellent quote from Sheila Fitzpatrick, whose writings are always well worth reading.

  10. struth

    All I see is proof they know what the arguments are and know they are therefore, lying.

    Communists aren’t dumb, they are pure power grabbing evil.

  11. thefrolickingmole

    “Equalidee”, the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  12. sabena

    Rubbish Driftforge.
    If you assert that what I have argued is incorrect,you should provide examples.
    Russia,Cuba,Venezuela etc don’t support your theories.What results of the last century are you talking about in your last sentence.

  13. entropy

    Do the socialist equality party talk to the socialist workers party, or the socialist alliance, or the CPA? They’re Splitters!

  14. I am Spartacus

    Rubbish Driftforge

    Sorry Sabena,

    I have to agree, in part, with Driftforge.

    Russia, Cuba and Venezuala are not relevant comparisons. There is no comparison to China. The economy of the Soviet Union on its best day was never even close to that of the United States. The Chinese economy will surpass the US’s very soon. With that will come geopolitical heft that Russia, Cuba and Venezuala never had.

    And it’s not like the US is humming like a fine tuned machine. Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. Obamacara. They are drowning in debt. If there is one lesson from the post WW2 era, it is that the creditor nations tend to win.

    It is not certain that China will win or that the US will lose. But unless we change our direction we will end up where we are headed.

  15. struth

    Regards China.
    It has special globalist socialist privileges with the U.N.
    It is increasing as it becomes more capitalist in nature (even though it’s crony capitalism) compared to the past, yet with a slave labour workforce.
    The west is declining as it becomes more socialist.
    To say capitalism hes failed us in anyway is complete and utter bullshit.
    Our failure can be measured in percentages directly correlating to the growth of government and socialism.

    Same old trick the left use.
    Ruin everything and then blame capitalism.
    Does anyone truly believe we are true capitalist societies?

  16. Rabz

    The US Confusion Centre
    Perfesser Hugh White
    Paul “is wrong (again)” Kelly
    The Socialist Equalidee Party

    FFS, what an unrelenting cavalcade of stupid. It truly is incredible that such imbeciles are even capable of remembering how to breathe.

  17. NB

    No-one is more equal than the hundred million (plus) dead.
    The apogee of the communist dream.

  18. manalive

    Marx thought he had developed a theory of human history comparable with Evolution but disparaged Darwin’s ‘English empiricism’ in favour of the ‘German’ method of starting with the theory and then looking for examples to support it.
    Empirically, on all the evidence of the past 100 years of practice, the failure of Marxism on all measures is self-evident.

    … they resort to the historical lie …. Stalin was the inevitable outcome of Bolshevism …

    ‘… Ideally the communist = absolute equality but if equality can only be attained by enforcement who is to be the enforcer and how then is the enforcer to remain equal? …’ Robert Conquest.
    In fact in Stalin’s USSR and all later imitations there were millions of ‘little Stalins’ driven by power and fear to denounce ‘wreckers’ etc.
    Conquest quotes Norman Cohen on Nazism but equally applicable to latter-day Marxists:
    … There exists a subterranean world where pathological fantasies disguised as ideas are churned out by crooks and half-educated fanatics for the benefit of the ignorant and superstitious. There are times when this underworld emerges from the depths and suddenly fascinates, captures. and dominates multitudes of usually sane and responsible people, who thereupon take leave of sanity and responsibility. And it occasionally happens that this underworld becomes a political power and changes the course of history …

  19. struth

    FFS, what an unrelenting cavalcade of stupid. It truly is incredible that such imbeciles are even capable of remembering how to breathe.

    You let them off lightly.

    They are pure evil.
    Filled with envy and hatred, completely bigoted in their collectivist view of humanity , and lying through their teeth.
    Pure human excrement.

  20. RobK

    In one respect big government is able to reach out further today than ever before because it is enabled by digital technologies to intensively manage massive datasets. To the technocrats this is nirvana and can be fully support by a centeralized regime like never before. It still has all the fallacy and dangers of earlier times, just now it can be done on a grander scale….with grander downside.

  21. jupes

    FFS, what an unrelenting cavalcade of stupid. It truly is incredible that such imbeciles are even capable of remembering how to breathe.


    (But absolutely correct)

  22. Rabz

    No, struth – they are staggeringly stupid and ultimately, completely deluded.

    They will never, ever, be part of the nomenklatura once the glorious communist revolution blesses us all.

  23. struth

    No, struth – they are staggeringly stupid and ultimately, completely deluded.

    They will never, ever, be part of the nomenklatura once the glorious communist revolution blesses us all.

    Yes they’ll be the first victims, I know.

    Let’s settle for “deluded evil”

  24. manalive

    Oops, I had Norman Cohn’s name misspelled.

  25. Mater

    Most of the members were not even alive when the wall came down.
    What would they f$cking know (except what their teachers told them)?

  26. The BigBlueCat

    I don’t understand why they are charging $7 ($5 concession) to get in … are they capitalists? I would have thought that if their message is so important (in their minds) to mankind that they’d make it free to hear what they have to say!

    Maybe I Am Spartacus could go along and spoil their little party …. just a thought.

  27. .

    Only 100 million murdered. We’ll get it right next time.

  28. Charlie

    Universities are nothing but hives of makework jobs for losers who cannot handle making a real living in the free market. Defund all universities and make all academics compete in the free market, offering their services to whoever reckons they are worth reading or listening to.

  29. MPH

    100 million dead? Oh that wasn’t real socialism…

    Most leftists, even intelligent ones, actually have no idea of how to implement the nirvana they purport to believe in – but they are perfectly clear that capitalism must be destroyed (to the degree that we even have capitalism, but I digress). I personally believe that the destruction is their actual goal and the vague notions of socialism is just a fig leaf of modesty to help them live with themselves.

  30. Stimpson J. Cat

    F$cking Commie Scum!!!!!

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