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  1. Rafe

    Right in comrade!
    From Castlemain.

  2. v_maet

    Plain packaging is just another iteration of the “say it enough times and maybe people will believe us” view government holds as we saw with the Montreal Protocol.

  3. Chris M

    Well they need the money right.

    Also bringing in hoards of smoking third world goat herders will surely drive up the numbers, welfare churn!

  4. RobK

    I think this issue as an exercise has more to do with big gov interacting with big business. It seems taken for granted any individuals rights or freedoms are inconsequential and any corporate rights or freedoms are at the whim of the state. As a dis-interested former smoker, this issue does highlight to me the implications of regulation/over regulation and the various doctrines of natural justice and property rights. How much easier things would be if there was less legislation and more reliance on basic common law rather than trying to impose cultural change by usurping rights. To many (including me often) this issue raised by Sinc seems to be flogging a dead horse but it really shouldn’t be left as a lost cause from the point of view of property rights, as much as smoking is a lost cause for most, which makes this more difficult to prosecute (but then there’s always some excuse if you need one).
    Maintain the rage Sinc. Well done.

  5. jupes

    Why are you using a felt pen Sinc?

    You should be holding a lit stogie.

  6. Adelagado

    I can’t get too stewed up over plain packaging. But I would like to see an honest debate regarding the health cost savings that are meant to eventuate when all the smokers are gone. This is a fallacy of course, as smokers pay billions more in taxes than they ever get back in medical care. There’s going to be a big black hole caused by the falling tax take from smokers, but no-one ever seems to write about this.

  7. Tintarella di Luna

    I love the tie

  8. Megan

    I love the tie

    The Ties of the Doomlord are what introduced me to the wonder that is Catallaxy. The man is a Tie Legend.

  9. Baldrick

    #2571167, posted on November 30, 2017 at 2:42 pm
    I can’t get too stewed up over plain packaging.

    Well you should. It’s just big nanny-state crap telling us what we can and can’t see, allegedly for our own good.

  10. Stimpson J. Cat

    That tie makes me want to start smoking and drinking again.
    It’s like a strobe to an epileptic.

  11. Tim Neilson

    That tie makes me want to start smoking and drinking again.

    Well it is now late afternoon.

  12. Real Deal

    That tie! I want one for Christmas. Wonderful stuff, Prof.

  13. Real Deal

    Actually, I think I remember Benny Hill wearing a tie like that in the 70s. With a matching handkerchief.

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