Secret recording of Treasurer and Treasury officials meeting

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10 Responses to Secret recording of Treasurer and Treasury officials meeting

  1. v_maet

    Not just limited to treasury/economics, it also applies to current day science.

  2. Spring is coming

    And Shazam , balanced budget by 2030!

  3. H B Bear

    Trending back to 3% growth in GDP and real wages. We’ll just ignore doubling in wholesale electricity costs, 10+ year approval times for new mines, health and education spending growing at twice CPI with nothing to show for it and that sort of thing.

  4. H B Bear

    It would be helpful to have a Treasurer who recognised that most of what the Wombat Whisperer’s disciples come up with is BS for a start.

    ScoMo is barely an improvement on Sloppy Joe or Wayne Goosesteen. When was the last time ScoMo made a valuable contribution to the public discourse on economic policy? He is invisible – and with good reason.

  5. manalive

    The math, the more baffling the better, is merely camouflage for the guesswork.

  6. Leo G

    Is a Treasury budget projection then ascribed to the Treasurer to relieve departmental egos of the intolerable sense of guilt?

  7. Rafe

    Check out 2 video interviews with Scott Adams on Trump parts 1 and 2. Brilliant analysis of his appeal in part 1 and super analysis of the derangement syndrome in part 2.
    He has done others as well presmably equally good.

  8. Damienski

    “Today I announce four budget surpluses” – The Goose, 2008.

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