Five Years Later

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  1. Baldrick

    Fudging the figures and cherry-picking the data to produce a desired outcome seems to be a common practice inside government departments.

  2. Rabz

    Sinc, I admire your tenacity and integrity in regard to exposing this fraudulent idiocy, but you may as well go and bash your head on brick wall – repeatedly.

    The jihad against tobacco smokers isn’t going to let up any time soon.

  3. calli

    Good stuff and bookmarked for use on zealots. If the books are being cooked on pp, what else is being sautéed to suit?

    The graphics are very good. I particularly liked Pinnochio from Treasury.

  4. entropy

    At least a Sinc isn’t wearing a bow tie.

  5. Warty

    Well, I’m glad Sinc did the stats, not me: my brain would have short circuited. But I grant the overall inference: nanny states are beyond repugnant, as they emasculate all concerned. The question is, would the libertarians do a better job at reintroducing ‘factory settings’ or the conservatives: I’d put my money on the latter, because they better understand the concept of ‘considered change’. The Australian Conservatives, for instance, are looking to the longterm future, whilst still being opposed to ‘big government’.

  6. RobK

    It is good work. Put the power euphoric zealots in their place and show how dangerous and costly they are getting off on their power trip leading nowhere, other than to usurp acknowledged property rights. They are infact the rot costing society dearly. Keep up the good work Sinc.

  7. RobK

    No mention of chop-chop sales?

  8. thefrollickingmole

    Another way for the anti tobacco zealots to justify keeping the money rolling in though, so its worked that way excellently.

  9. Boambee John

    The jihad against tobacco smokers isn’t going to let up any time soon.

    But strangely, there won’t be a jihad against mariahuana smokers any time soon.

  10. Up The Workers!

    Come to think of it, shifty Neville Wrans’ self-proclaimed former “…Best Mate – never had a better one!”, the A.L.P.’s planted Prime Quisling, Halal Mal Turncoat, is the epitome of a “plain paper packaged Prime Minister”.

    He is a no-name brand, bland, inoffensive man-for-all-seasons, reasons, sexes, faiths, sides of politics, jack of all trades and master of none, dining with gays and then with 6th century “religious” leaders who see something “sacred” in murdering them, and attempting to appease them both. He evidently enjoys burning both ends of the candle against the middle. Happy to lose nearly 30 consecutive public opinion polls and shed more than one million first preference votes that Tony Abbott brought his Party, and then admit he’s “never had more fun” in running things the way he is.

    He will happily spend $50 BILLION of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash to save a “Mincing Poodle’s” seat, but not a cent to save any Australian lives by deporting thousands of known terrorist-supporting illegal immigrants.

  11. Tel

    I saw a poster put up by the NSW government with a young woman, looking unhappy, standing in the street smoking and it says, “Quit Feeling Judged”.

    Just imagine if it was a couple of guy guys under the same headline?? Whole different story depending on whose lifestyle you want to dis, isn’t it?

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