Open Forum: December 2, 2017

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  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It gets worse. They are making beer using yeast from womens nether regions.
    You can even supply the yeast from your lady friend for a personalised beer.

    You. Can’t. Be. Serious. !!!
    Candida Albicans Beer???

  2. Snoopy

    Their ABC:

    Victoria weather: Residents mop up after record-breaking rain as flood warnings remain

    Inexplicably the article neglects to illuminate any broken records.

  3. H B Bear

    This is it. I’m feeling Potential Greatness today.

    Yep. Wait and see.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I’m nine months pregnant with Bank of America and XLF. I reckon Bofa could near 42 bucks next year. Buy banks wear diamonds.

    Ooops. There’s that word again.
    Must tell Hairy it’s still on the cards if he buys US Banks pronto.
    He can go through the agony this time though.
    He can transition to the real deal there with JC.

  5. JC

    American Airlines is currently trading on forward PE of 10 when the S&P is currently around 18. larger cap stocks are in the 20.

  6. Snoopy

    This is it. I’m feeling Potential Greatness today.

    Get your hands out of your pockets.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    In my view, Gen X has had the rawest deal. Sold a pup in “a degree will set you up”, high interest, high unemployment, climbing house prices.

    Free market economics is slowly fixing the problem. Millenials who can’t use a hammer have to get a tradie to fix things people used to do themselves. Fewer people become tradies because that is hard work and those sexy degrees beckoned.

    Unfortunately they didn’t realise that all the degrees would set you up for is to pay huge hourly rates to the tradies, who now have vast houses with four cars out front.

    I welcome our new masters.

    And now TAFE colleges are advertising bachelor degrees. I should sign up for the Batchelor of Fashion Design with a Diploma of Sustainable Practice on the side.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    This is it. I’m feeling Potential Greatness today.
    Yep. Wait and see.

    No way. Howard’s backed him, and Malcolm is really digging in.
    He’s going to tough it out. Rat cunning there and too many too scared to change.

  9. Zyconoclast

    He replaced them all with Party members, who didn’t know much about oil refining. The biggest refinery in Venezuela then exploded killing and injuring hundreds.

    It makes you realize how quickly our high tech lifestyle could turn to shit if the morons got hold of the levers.

    No need to explode our refineries, they just shut them down.
    Explosions are reserved for coal fired power stations in. NSW and SA.

  10. egg_

    And now TAFE colleges are advertising bachelor degrees.

    In practical professions, vs “Studies”, presumably.
    The technical trend has been there from Cert -> Diploma -> Degree for the essentially same role for decades.

  11. Snoopy

    Malcolm should wear a red tie every day until the Bennelong by-election.

  12. Leigh Lowe

    A bit fearful of getting into US stocks at this point JC.
    I fear that ship has sailed.
    However I might have a dabble with no more than 2-3% of the portfolio.

  13. calli

    And now TAFE colleges are advertising bachelor degrees.

    And judging by the level of academic rigour in the universities, it will just be a re-hash of the old Cert IV or Associate Diploma.

  14. JC

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    10h10 hours ago

    People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of @ABC News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused – many millions of dollars!
    20,906 replies 26,799 retweets 84,467 likes

    Trumpright. Those ABC scumbags sent the market down 350 points with a false report.

    1. They should be sued by people who lost money
    2. The SEC should look into whether there was any suspicious trading going on from ABC staff.

  15. Geriatric Mayfly

    How did the Age come to run this Michael Leunig cartoon? A fear of not getting some joke it didn’t understand? A contractual obligation? Fear of upsetting this strange man?

    And so asks Andrew Bolt. We know the answer. However bad today’s example is, and it’s pathetic, there will be Lefties busy with their scissors, cutting it out to join the gallery on the fridge.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    In practical professions, vs “Studies”, presumably.

    Decide for yourself:

    Bachelor and Diploma of Applied Commerce
    Bachelor of Business
    Bachelor of Community Services
    Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth–5)
    Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation
    Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)
    Bachelor of Fashion Design
    Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Infrastructure Engineering)
    Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security)
    Bachelor of Property Valuation
    Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies)
    Diploma of Adult Education
    Diploma of Sustainable Practice
    Diploma of Sustainable Indigenous Communities

  17. JC

    JC‏ @jcbm123
    59s59 seconds ago
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump @ABC

    Mr Prez, Someone should look into any suspicious stockmarket related trading – especially by ABC staff before and after the fake news. There could some insider trading going on.

    God I wish Trump used that tweet. Not because of any acclaim or bullshit like that. Accusing those fucks at the ABC for false reporting due to stock market manipulation would annoy the shit out of them.

  18. JC

    I know what you mean, Leigh. Fair point.

  19. Zyconoclast

    You. Can’t. Be. Serious. !!!
    Candida Albicans Beer???

  20. lotocoti

    In practical professions, vs “Studies”, presumably.

    I know an Environmental Scientist who swears by Civil Engineers of a certain age and build.
    The blokes who’ve traded in the dozer for the diploma, bringing a vast store of competency and pragmatism not found in the straight from Uni set.

  21. Mater

    They are making beer using yeast from womens nether regions.

    Seems like a lot of unpleasant bother. XXXX is mass produced and available at most bottle shops.

    It does, however, put a new meaning to ‘Maiden’s Water‘.

  22. Bruce of Newcastle

    not found in the straight from Uni set

    lotocoti – One of the advertising highlights in a TAFE degree ad I saw on tv recently is that their degrees don’t have SAT thresholds. So you can theoretically go straight from Year 12 to a TAFE degree with a SAT score of zero.

  23. JC

    US Dow futures up 187 points on the news. Just opening up in Asia.

  24. v_maet

    The Chinese influence is getting bigger.

    Now we have the advisor of Sam Dastardly’s Chinese friend working on the John Alexander releection campaign in Bennelong…..

  25. Rae

    Special arrangements by the AEC to do the 2nd count and finalize the return of the Prodigal Barnaby? It’s being reported that the Speaker and the Clerks are this morning awaiting the declaration of the poll and return of the writs from New England. If so, that’s about 2 weeks ahead of the normal arrangements. Desperate much to avoid defeat in a motion of no confidence?

  26. Zatara


    I’d be careful with AAL. They have burned me before and I should have known better as I used to work for them.

    Southwest (SWA) on the other hand is finishing off some crap fuel hedging bets which have been holding them back the last two years. Their hedges for next year look great.

    I’m nine months pregnant with Bank of America and XLF. I reckon Bofa could near 42 bucks next year. Buy banks wear diamonds.

    I rolled the dice and bought a big chunk of BAC the day before Trump was elected. I’ve been quietly smiling about it ever since.

  27. Top Ender

    Meanwhile in Victoria-stan:

    The Australian: TESSA AKERMAN

    Immigrants need to be better educated about Australia’s criminal laws to prevent new arrivals from war-torn countries falling into crime, the chairman of a federal parliamentary committee into migrant settlement outcomes has warned.

    Federal Liberal MP Jason Wood said lessons for humanitarian migrants were very basic and more about Australian culture than Australian laws.

    “A lot of migrants have no understanding of the law,” Mr Wood said.

    “I was told by South Sudanese people that … breaking into someone’s house and stealing a car is not a big deal. Where they come from they’ve seen worse and experienced worse.”

    As well as proposing increased education, Mr Wood said warning letters should be sent by the immigration department to visa holders who have been convicted of a crime, stating further infractions would jeopardise an application for citizenship.

    Mr Wood said evidence heard by his committee showed there was an issue in Victoria with South Sudanese crime. Of aggravated burglaries committed by a youth aged 10-18, there was a one in-seven chance the offender was South Sudanese.

    He was told some offenders were “so far gone” they had no chance at rehabilitation, while his contacts in Victoria Police said South Sudanese crime rates were going up again.

    Figures obtained by The Australian from the Crime Statistics Agency show 296 people from Sudan or South Sudan were arrested last financial year.

    While the figure is fewer than the 658 New Zealand-born arrests and the 18,770 Australianborn arrests, when compared with 2016 census population data, people born in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya were proportionally more likely to have been arrested. Sudanese and South Sudanese people were 6.135 times more likely to have been arrested last year than offenders born in Australia or 4.8 times more likely than those born in New Zealand.

    Victorian Federation of South Sudanese Associations chairman Kenyatta Wal said Africans coming to Australia on humanitarian visas arrived with “a lot of baggage on their back”.

    He said children were put through school according to their age, not their capabilities or abilities, and disengaged as they fell behind and dropped out.

    He said sometimes parents lacked a strong or even basic education that would enable them to provide support at home for their children. While organised afterschool programs helped some children, they could be very expensive.

    “We the community are suffering from a lack of employment,” Mr Wal said.

    Australian National University research fellow Ibolya Losoncz said it was important to take into account the age and gender structure of the South Sudanese-born population in Australia.

    “It has a very young age structure with a much higher proportion of young men than in the Australian population,” she said. “There is a much higher offence and arrest rate among young men than the rest of the population. So this explains some of the difference in the arrest rates between [the] selected populations.”

    Dr Losoncz added that any analysis of arrest rates between the country-of-birth categories would be misleading without taking account the age of the people arrested .

    Victoria Police spokeswoman Danielle Fleeton said the majority of offenders arrested were Australian-born with a small percentage of Africa-born residents committing crimes.

    “For those who do, we know there are underlying issues driving these behaviours,” she said. “In some cases this can stem from a sense of disengagement.”

    Complete article from the print edition

  28. BoN

    Who pampered the Millennials?

    The parents that paid the cleaner and the handyman and never taught their children basic skills?

    The ones that decided teaching girls home economics and boys wood working at school was sexist?

    Exactly! Every generation previous to the Boomers taught their kids how to do odd jobs around the house by doing it themselves. Of course, their children were naturally drawn to watching their dad fix a carburetor, or their mother prepare a roast, and so on. If we have a generation that hasn’t learnt the performance of basic tasks it’s because their parents phoned it in.

  29. brad

    “There is something viscerally satisfying listening to him flaying ugly dyke feminists and challenging them to take him on. A fighter.”

    A coward. He doesn’t take anyone on, he simply surrounds himself with fellow cowards and laps up their fawning adoration. The really funny thing is, most of his fans would happily bash him or sign him up for conversion therapy if their dreams came true. And it was so satisfying because there was no confrontation, no need to support bigotry with facts, just a protected audience and speaker dribbling hate and ignorance unoppossed.

    “He is going to keep fighting for his cause because he has found a way to make money out of it. We sure cheered him.”

    His only cause is making money, which you gave him, and cheered him for taking it from you.

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