Art of the Impossible for Christmas

My last suggestion for Christmas present is my Art of the Impossible, a book entirely made up my blog posts that led up to the American election. These posts were focused from the very start on why Donald Trump was, and is, the only person who might just save the American Republic and the civilisation of the West. There is the left, the faux-conservatives, the crony-capitalist Republicans, the Deep State and the media – just to name a few – who had done all they could to prevent Trump from becoming President. This book gives you an almost day-by-day description, commentary and contemporary history on how, in spite of everything ranged against him, Donald Trump ended up as president. The book will remind you exactly what’s at stake because none of his enemies have gone away, but also, everyone who wanted him president still supports him as strongly as ever.

Naturally I have a fondness for all of my books, but this one is the one that has a value beyond anything else I have written. Even to this day, there is almost nowhere you can go to find a good word said about PDT, nor anything to explain why his election is the miracle it was. You look around you and try to find anything anywhere other than occasionally explaining what he has done and why it matters. Here is a cut down version of the post I wrote when the book was first published in March explaining what makes the book so unique.

First, the book is almost entirely about Donald Trump. From the time I saw him speak in July 2015 it was obvious how beyond every other candidate he was both in clarity of thought and his ability to get elected. He was all that stood between us and the election of Hillary.

Second, it is a “blog history”, the first of its kind. It is therefore utterly contemporary in a way that no other book can be so that you follow the drama of the events as they happened.

Third, it is written by a classical conservative. There are plenty of ideologies in the world not based on free markets, free individuals and our living within our own historical traditions, but that is how a genuine conservative thinks. It is this conception that permeates the book.

Fourth, the events as they happened are all there. It not only brings back all of the events of the campaign right up until the election on November 8, but will help you understand what is going on right now which is a continuation of the election after the election was over.

Finally, it is an historical record that can never be re-produced. It is and will remain one of a kind. This is not a retrospective look at what happened then; it is a contemporary account of what happened as it was happening. The book’s immediacy is the book’s most astonishing aspect. You are taken right back into the maelstrom that surrounded PDT’s election.

Only for someone who recognises how important Donald Trump’s election was. No one else would read it, no one else could get past page one even if you could get them to open the book.

The Book Depository price is $30.59, it comes with free delivery, they promise delivery pre-Christmas and you can order the book here.

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  1. Tom

    … what is going on right now … is a continuation of the election after the election was over.

    I don’t know how long ago you wrote that preface, Steve, but it is the most accurate summary you’ll read anywhere of the past year’s US politics.

    Trump’s election is the story of the century that should be motivating journalists to write historic books, but most of them are too busy destroying their credibility as they transition seamlessly from journalism to leftist activism and try to destroy Trump’s presidency.

    I’ll go further: Trump’s election is the most important story in the history of journalism — and most journalists still don’t understand why.

  2. mh

    Andrew Bolt was not a Trump supporter, and Bolt repeated the MSM lies about Trump. (Think Michelle Fields). Yet Steve used Bolt for the Melbourne book launch.

    Now Andrew Bolt is attacking Milo for being “mean”. Fair dinkum, when are conservatives going to realise that Andrew Bolt is a total dud?

  3. Malcolm

    Need some money Kates? Getting desperate that you need to keep begging here at the Cat? Why not set up a go fund me page? No one is buying you’re crappy collection of blog posts. No one is buying you’re crappy macroeconomics text book. Stop saying that they are the best books in the history of human civilisation. They aren’t. They are crap – badly written, full of grammatical and spelling errors, full of pathetic ideas. Let’s face it, you’re not going to become rich by writing such rubbish. If I bought one of these books and gave it to a friend it would kill the friendship.

  4. Malcolm
    #2576090, posted on December 5, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    If I bought one of these books and gave it to a friend it would kill the friendship.

    “If” only applies if you have a friend!

  5. Tom

    Hahaha. You have a real talent for smoking them out, Steve: the same unemployed Brown Shirt rent-a-crowd trolls turn up in their blood-stained T-shirts for every post, parroting whatever was on the placards at last night’s protest. COM-MUN-ISM! When-Do-We-Want-It? Now!!!

  6. Phill

    Oh look. Malcolm is back with his bucket of bile and his room temperature IQ.

  7. egg_

    #2576090, posted on December 5, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    If I bought one of these books and gave it to a friend it would kill the friendship.

    They’d probably recommend you bought some prunes.

  8. mh

    Even to this day, there is almost nowhere you can go to find a good word said about PDT

    I was browsing through the Trump books recently while killing half an hour in Westfield. Many were what you would expect, but there were quite a few that gave a balanced view of Trump. Newt Gingrich’s book was there, but there was another that gave a history of Trump’s political views over the decades and highlighted the constant themes that were expressed by Trump over this time span. There certainly was plenty of good reading material available for everyone, including conservatives and Trump supporters.

  9. Mundi

    Which should one read first: The art of the deal, or the art of the impossible.

  10. Steve Kates

    Let me just reply to a few things mentioned above. Re finding a good word said about PDT, raised by mh, I was referring to the daily media and blogs in general, which as much as it is true that nothing positive is found in the US, it is phenomenally true everywhere else. Try, for example, to find someone saying that just perhaps Roy Moore is almost certainly innocent of the baseless charges made against him, made by the Washington Post, for heaven’s sake.

    And as for The Art of the Deal v The Art of the Impossible, both are fun but The Art of the Deal is somewhat out of date but still a fantastic read. The Art of the Impossible will never be out of date, which is one of the things I was most surprised when I read it myself in getting it ready for publication. And why it works in particular is that it is entirely about Donald Trump with the focus placed on him almost from the moment he nominated for President. It isn’t about the American election in general. It’s about him by someone who understood his attractions because I understood his message.

  11. Gary

    No offence Steve but when I see one of your Trump post I head to directly to the comments to read Malcolm’s head explode. If he’s your sock puppet that’s brilliant. I await iampeter’s weekly declaration that he is the one true conservative…

  12. AF

    Friends of mine who are Republicans at the county and town level are forever pointing out the harassment meted out to them by the IRS. The full gammit of tax audits with 24 hours notice was common amongst registered Republicans. This cohort is without benefits compared to the non cits from south of the border being fitted out with cars, cash, health, housing, educating etc – the resentment to the progressive side of politics is palpable in the extreme. It is why the middle of the USA is one sea of red and not likely to change. And then there is widespread corruption at all levels that is sapping the will of the same population.

  13. Slim Cognito

    Malcolm isn’t “that Malcolm” is he? The soon to be ex PM?

  14. Indolent

    No one is buying you’re crappy collection of blog posts.

    Speak for yourself.

  15. Malcolm

    All of you Trump and Kates acolytes. Fuck off.

  16. Malcolm
    #2576634, posted on December 5, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    All of you Trump and Kates acolytes. Fuck off.

    A very extensive vocabulary. Goes well with your IQ reading,

  17. Malcolm

    JohnL – my vocabulary is so extensive that your puny brain could not even begin to comprehend its scope. Go back to your colouring in of Donald J. Trump poster idiot.

  18. egg_

    No one is buying you’re crappy collection of blog posts.

    Great vocab?
    The Grigbot would be having fits.

  19. Mundi

    I look forward to Malcolm’s book “Her turn. Hillary for 2020.”

  20. As this is a libertarian blog, people are allowed to do (within reason) what they want and shout it out here. The technique of writing up posts to get the punters engaged with opinions that are echo chamber stuff then hit em with the ‘buy my book’ pitch as if it is a favour is hamfisted and imo plays them as fools.

  21. MalChart

    A book of blog posts. “Value beyond anything I have written.” Trump the saviour. What is going on here????
    Personally, I am extremely tired of third rate attention-seeking in the name of popular interest. Governments, media and academe seem all to be populated with vacuous gasbags who can’t see past their next few seconds of fame.
    Where is Judith Sloan when we need her?

  22. mh

    I’d like to point out that Donald Trump’s 1st year anniversary as President is January 20 2018.

    The MSM ran the story of Trump’s first year as President on November 08 2017 in order to help them push the message that Trump has been non-achieving.

  23. Malcolm

    As MalChart points out, Kates says that his book of blog posts has a “value beyond anything I have written”.

    Exactly so – Kates’ entire body of work is less valuable than this silly collection of blog posts.

    Ergo, Kates’ entire body of work is worthless. It is pathetic crap.

    Kates is like William Shanks. Shanks spent a lifetime trying to calculate pi to a large number of decimal places, but got it wrong.

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