Wednesday Forum: December 6, 2017

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  1. The bad news out of the Australian Human Rights awards Night:
    “End rape on campus” protesters switched their rage to treatment of asylum seekers.
    The Australian Disability Discrimination commissioner Alastair McEwin proposed to his same-sex partner in the US via FaceTime on stage.

    The good news:
    Johnathan Thurston won an award for promoting NRL Cowboys House, which helps young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from remote areas in Queensland complete their education and find jobs.
    On ya Johnathan.

  2. Escalation in Perth.
    Schoolboy fight in a park.
    Adults get called, fight moves to a Maccas carpark.
    2 students are knifed.
    Crowd disperses, some boys go to nearby bus stop.
    20 year old female drives car into the boys, kills one.

    What have we come to?

  3. Escalation in Perth.
    What have we come to?

    Aboriginals versus Somalis.
    Natural selection at work.

  4. Fisky

    Gay genes found!

    To this, as an HBD blogger, I say duh! But strangely, every time the topic comes up, there are commenters who insist that gayness isn’t genetic.

    I’ve also previously written that there must be some sort of benefit from gay genes that outweigh the obvious survival disadvantage of not being interested in sex with women, otherwise the genes would have be culled out of the gene pool long ago. For example, gays dominate in certain activities (such as theater), and I assume the gay genes make them better at those activities.

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